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Acceptable Use Policy

Last Updated on Oct 17, 2023


ClickFunnels was created to help entrepreneurs and small businesses launch, grow, and scale their product and service offerings through the most amazing vehicle imaginable–funnels. Our goal at ClickFunnels is to over-deliver on every possible front for our users. Speaking of users, ClickFunnels has users all over the world and we take pride in maintaining a platform that demonstrates respect, tolerance, and acceptance for each and every user on the ClickFunnels platform. To that effect, we have set forth stringent guidelines and requirements through this Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) to reduce spam and abuse on the ClickFunnels platform.


The following definitions apply to our AUP:

  • “Platform” is the entire platform of services, products, and/or other offerings operated and made available to Users through our website, www.clickfunnels.com and any other website owned, operated, or controlled by ClickFunnels. Any new features, tools, or offerings that are hereinafter created or released will be considered as part of the Platform and subject to the AUP.
  • ​“User” is an end user, customer, or subscriber of our products and offerings.

Your Responsibility

All Users are ultimately responsible for their account activity and adherence to this AUP while using the Platform. This AUP, in conjunction with the ClickFunnels Terms of Service and applicable statutes, rules, and regulations govern your use of the Platform and the activities that are prohibited while using the Platform.

Prohibited Activities

The following activities on the Platform are prohibited:

  • Harmful or Prohibited Acts - Any dishonest or unethical business practice; any violation of the law; infliction of harm to ClickFunnels’ reputation; hacking and other digital or physical attacks on the Website; scraping, crawling, downloading, screen-grabbing, or otherwise copying content on the Website and/or transmitting it in any way we haven’t specifically permitted; introducing, transmitting, or storing viruses or other malicious code; interfering with the security or operation of the Website; framing or mirroring the Website; creating, benchmarking, or gathering intelligence for a competitive offering; infringing another party’s intellectual property rights, including failing to obtain permission to upload/transfer/display works of authorship; intercepting or expropriating data; deceptive manipulation of media; and the violation of the rights of ClickFunnels or any third party.
  • “Spamming” and Unsolicited Communications - We have zero tolerance for spam and unsolicited communications. Any communications sent or authorized by you reasonably deemed “spamming,” or any other unsolicited solicitations (including without limitation postings on social media or third party blogs) will be deemed a material threat to ClickFunnels’ reputation and to the rights of third parties. It is your obligation, exclusively, to ensure that all business communications comply with state and local anti-spamming or analogous laws.
  • ​Offensive Communications - Any communication sent, posted, or authorized by you, including without limitation postings on any website operated by you, or social media or blog, which are: sexually explicit, obscene, vulgar, or pornographic; offensive, profane, hateful, threatening, harmful, inciting, defamatory, libelous, harassing, or discriminatory; misleading, false, or misinforming; graphically violent; or solicitous of unlawful behavior.
  • ​Personal, Confidential, and Protected Health Information - You may not post or upload any materials that contain personally identifiable information, sensitive personal information, or confidential information, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, bank account numbers, confidential national ID numbers, or account passwords unless you have consent from the person to whom the information belongs or who is otherwise authorized to provide such consent. You may not use the Platform to collect, store, or process any protected health information subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”), any applicable health privacy regulation or any other applicable law governing the processing, use, or disclosure of protected health information.
  • Illegal Business Activity - Any promotion of illegal business activity, including without limitation multi-level marketing (except in compliance with the FTC’s Business Guidance Concerning Multi-Level Marketing), promoting the sale or use of illegal drugs, or infringing or promoting the infringement of the intellectual property rights of another. You may not offer, promote, or post goods or services that contravene or that facilitate or promote activities that contravene, the laws of the jurisdictions in which you operate or do business, or that are otherwise applicable to you and/or ClickFunnels.
  • PCI DSS Compliance - All activities by Platform Users shall be conducted in compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard requirements. This includes all uploads, communications, and handling and storage of credit card data.

Reporting AUP Violations

ClickFunnels takes reports of AUP violations seriously. If a User comes across content that the User believes is a violation of this AUP, the User can file an abuse report at compliance@clickfunnels.com. To better assist ClickFunnels in its investigation, please include the URL of the funnel being reported as well as any context regarding the User’s reason for reporting the funnel.

Consequences of Violating our AUP

ClickFunnels reserves the right to make final and unappealable decisions regarding investigation, enforcement, suspension, and/or termination of User accounts as an initial matter. This reservation of rights is in addition to all rights and remedies available to ClickFunnels under applicable law.

User access to the Platform, our services, or other features may be immediately suspended by ClickFunnels as a result of such User’s violation of this AUP. Additionally, ClickFunnels may immediately terminate a User’s account when certain incurable violations occur.

If a User is suspended pursuant to this AUP, the User will be unable to use the Platform, including its services and features, until the User has complied with all remedial actions requested by ClickFunnels. The suspension of accounts is not taken lightly by ClickFunnels, therefore we will use reasonable efforts to notify a suspended account holder of such suspension and how such User can remediate the violation(s).

In the event that a User violates our AUP incurably or materially, ClickFunnels may terminate such User’s account immediately, with no right to appeal the decision. In these rare instances, the User will be unable to access the Platform and/or the User’s account. You may not be permitted to access your data stored in the account. Any related accounts of a terminated User, due to a violation of this AUP, may be terminated with such information and data being permanently erased, deleted, or made inaccessible. Please note that we may have an obligation to report certain illegal activities if required by law, or if we believe such infractions are related to, in preparation of, or in connection with other criminal activities.

If you wish to request reconsideration from ClickFunnels regarding enforcement actions resulting as a violation of this AUP, you may make such request by emailing the Compliance team at compliance@clickfunnels.com

Chances are, there are 1 or 2 areas where you have a ton of knowledge, right?

Maybe you know a lot about fitness…

Or how to raise young kids…

Or maybe you could teach ALL DAY LONG about social media…

Whatever your ‘thing’ is, everybody is an expert at something

So why not take the expertise you already have rolling around in your head…and package it up in a way that allows you to actually get paid for what you know?

There are people who desperately need the solutions and knowledge that you have, and are willing to PAY for it!

“But what would I teach?”

You can create online courses that teach just about anything…it just depends on what you’re passionate about, and have knowledge on.

You can create courses on…

  • ​Real Estate
  • ​Parenting
  • ​Finance
  • ​Child Development
  • ​Business
  • ​DIY
  • ​Hobbies (quilting, woodworking, etc...)
  • ​Cryptocurrency
  • ​Cooking
  • ​Home organization
  • ​Outdoor/Survival skills
  • ​Marketing
  • ​Pet training
  • ​Relationships
  • ​Health/Wellness
  • ​Beauty
  • ​Gardening
  • ​Sports
  • ​Technology

And these are just a few - as you can see, the possibilities for courses are practically endless!

Ask your audience what they want to learn about most. Let THEM tell you what your course should be about! And then go create it. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars and months over-producing it.

(In fact, some of the best courses we’ve seen have been created with nothing more than a smartphone or laptop!)

With an online course, you can create a training ONE TIME, and sell it over and over again to many people!

THIS is what gives you the ability to scale your business dramatically!

With ClickFunnels, you can ‘funnel’ your audience straight to a simple page that sells your course 24/7 FOR YOU…even while you sleep!

Inside ClickFunnels, you can create a simple sales page where visitors can learn about your course, sign-up for it, and PAY you for your training!


Here’s What Real Customers Say About ClickFunnels

“We had a Shopify site for years, and yet the funnel was the catalyst for us to grow. We went from $0 to over $130,000 in the first 6 weeks selling soap and lotion. Now we have options and freedom, which is incredible.”

Jaime Cross, Founder of MIG Living

Jaime Cross