Our Affiliates are Making BANK!

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ClickFunnels affiliates are crushing it and have completely crushed it this past year! It has been insane the growth and development that we’ve been seeing through the ClickFunnels community and how many new people have come to find that ClickFunnels for their business endeavors. It’s so cool and we love it!

clickfunnels affiliate making bank

But, do you want to know something really cool? The numbers that our accounting team has been collecting will blow you away when you get a look at them. Our affiliates have been making a killing and if you’re a part of the affiliate team, then our hats are off to you and your hard work promoting ClickFunnels!

Last year, we paid out $11,838,759.95 in commissions to our affiliates! Take a look at that number again! Over 11 MILLION DOLLARS to affiliates and we couldn’t be happier about that! In fact, we’re hoping that we pay out more this coming year to our affiliates.

But, if you’d like to know some more information about our payouts, the average commission pay out is $2,552.56, but the median payout was $458.70. So if you’re just dabbling in affiliate marketing through ClickFunnels, you could have made an extra $400 last year. What could you do with an extra $400 dollars?

If you’re a ClickFunnels user, you can start promoting today through your Affiliate tab right now! If you’re not a ClickFunnel user, you can sign up through our affiliate bootcamp TODAY!

So join the movement and start promoting ClickFunnels and see how much you could be making!

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6 thoughts on “Our Affiliates are Making BANK!

  1. I am just getting started. I am waiting on the DotCom secrets book to arrive and I am signed up for the “One Funnel Away Challenge”. I want to get started actually doing something in the meantime. After I have learned and implemented this program, I want to do affiliate marketing and marketing for local businesses. I really need to start generating an income with all this ASAP.