Quick Answers: What Are the Best Sales Funnels for Information Products?

Challenge: In today’s world, selling information products is one of the best ways to make money online. Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs are making a living selling courses, books, digital event tickets, and other information products. But still, getting people to buy your information product is sometimes easier said than done.

That’s why we’ve created these 5 different high-converting sales funnels. Check ‘em out below!

Watch the video above to see what Russell Brunson (our founder!) and Jim Edwards (copywriting genius!) have to say about creating an info-product sales funnel. Then check out the funnels below and choose one that fits your business goals.

  1. Tripwire Funnel

    This funnel is extremely effective at selling information products to cold traffic. Even a hefty percentage of people who’ve never heard of your business before will convert.

    The idea is simple. You attract your target market to the sales funnel — typically through advertisements — using a free or heavily discounted offer. This could be a free book, part of a course, or some sort of digital download.

    Once the person has converted, you then offer them the product that you’re actually trying to sell. Since they’ve already entered their shipping and payment information, conversion has much less friction.

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  2. Video Sales Letter Funnel

    The Video Sales Letter Funnel is almost identical to the Tripwire Funnel, except that it uses video content at the top of each page as its main method for encouraging conversion. 

    Again, an inexpensive offer attracts your target market to the funnel. After purchase, they are offered the primary product that you’re trying to sell. Those who don’t purchase the primary products are taken to a downsell page where you offer a slightly less expensive product. 

    This sales funnel makes sure that you make as much money as possible off of every buyer. And since it’s video-based, it’s even more attractive and compelling (people LOVE video!).

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  3. Product Launch Funnel

    The Product Launch Funnel is perfect for… well, launching products. It works great for physical products as well as informational products. 

    The primary genius behind this funnel lies in the lead-up to launch day. For a few weeks before you actually launch your product, you’ll be collecting leads and driving those leads to “Coming Soon” landing pages that build anticipation and increase the perceived value of your upcoming product. 

    That way, when you do launch, people will be waiting in line with their wallets open. 

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  4. Webinar Funnel

    Webinar funnels are one of the best ways to sell online informational products. We do this at ClickFunnels all the time and our founder, Russell Brunson, has personally used this Webinar Funnel to generate millions of dollars.

    There are a few reasons that the Webinar Funnel is so darn effective. First, it’s personal. People get to watch you live as you provide them with free value. This means that they get to know you and trust you a little bit. 

    Second, a great webinar provides real value for the audience. By the end, they should learn something new, be reminded of important fundamental truths, and have a better understanding of how to solve their problem. They should also understand why your information product is the best solution to their problem. 

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  5. Autowebinar Funnel

    The Webinar Funnel is crazy effective, but it can take a lot of time to run live webinars every day or even every week.

    That’s why we also created the Autowebinar funnel. This is the same as the Webinar Funnel except you can use a video that you’ve already created, upload it, and then keep it going on autopilot. This still converts like crazy but it takes way less time. 

    Visitors will go to a registration page where they sign up for your webinar and provide you with their all-important email address. Then they can actually watch your webinar right then and there since it’s just a recording. If there’s a downside, it’s that you can’t interact with your audience during the recording… but that’s a small downside considering the time that this funnel saves.

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