Building Stronger Relationships With Prospects Using Live Streaming

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Are you looking for new ways to interact with your audience?

Are you looking for the next big thing to stay ahead of the competition?

Live streaming will certainly help with both of these scenarios.

You may have heard through the grapevine about Periscope and Facebook Mentions but aren’t exactly sure what they are.

They are live streaming networks allowing you to publish broadcast content to viewers in real time.

It is almost like they have taken webinars and have turned them into these social network channels.

In today’s blog post, I’m going to go through the 5 reasons why you should be focusing on live streaming to build stronger relationships with prospects and the benefits of live streaming.

No time like the present, let’s get started.

1. Great Opportunity To Establish Yourself

One of the best reasons why you should sign up to a live streaming network such as Periscope is because it is still fairly new.

This means it is the perfect chance to snap up all those followers before the competition arrives.

It can be hard trying to establish yourself on Facebook and Twitter when others have already established themselves and dominated the following.

Signing up to Periscope is your perfect chance to dominate the following on your niche.

Of course, just because you have signed up doesn’t mean users are going to start following and engaging with you.

You need to plan what type of broadcast content you will do to build a following.

Posting valuable and helpful tips is a great way to do just that.

These live streaming sites allow you to host live Q&A chats with followers which is what will help establish yourself on this channel as well as build strong relationships with prospects.

2. The Ability To Tell Stories

stronger relationships with prospects and the benefits of live streaming

One of the best ways to build stronger relationships with prospects is through storytelling.

Storytelling is much a better sales tool than the traditional sales pitch… as long as it is a good story and relevant though.

Live streaming now makes it possible to tell your story in real time while interacting with prospects.

This gives a much better interaction level than if you were to create a video story on YouTube or a blog post shared on Facebook.

In order for this to work though, you need to base your story around your prospects problems and goals to reach out to their emotions.

You can use your different personas to find prospect problems to base your story around.

If you haven’t created your different personas then read our Your Sales Funnel Will Fail If You Don’t Do This blog post.

3. The Sense Of Urgency Is Already Created

You’ve probably heard before that creating urgency around content and products is what will help sell.

This is very true and is something we always recommend dong when applicable.

One of the best things about Periscope is that it already creates urgency around your broadcasts as followers only have 24 hours to replay your broadcast.

While this is great for creating urgency, you need to plan how you’re going to promote each broadcast before it happens as doing at afterwards will be too late.

Let followers know in advance that a broadcast about how you’re going to help them increase conversion rates will be coming soon.

Building hype around your broadcast will draw attention and I recommend starting to promote the broadcast around 2 days before the live stream.

4. Build A Loyal Community By Answering Questions

There is no better way to interact with prospects than by answering their questions and providing help that is valuable.

Even though you’re teaching them, more than likely they haven’t got the time to do it themselves but want to understand so they can make a better buying decision.

If it is you that is always there to answer their questions and educate them, they will naturally come to you once they have decided to buy.

While Twitter is a good source to host live Q&A chats, it is nowhere near as personable as broadcasting a live streaming Q&A chat.

Having a person explaining a fix to a problem can be more easily digestible than reading text, especially if that person demonstrates on a whiteboard or something similar.

5. Audience And Prospect Research

You will never know your audience and prospects better than interacting with them through live streaming broadcasts.

For example, during a live Q&A session, you might find that your audience need more education around a particular subject.

You can then use this intel to create a complete guide eBook, a live streaming tutorial or any other form of content.

This is definitely a good way to stay ahead of the competition and make them jealous of your 360° content strategy and prospect research.

Comments on your live streaming broadcasts could even help with your organic and paid search strategy.

If you notice a common phrase in comments from your audience that you are not yet targeting, then it give you good reason to start targeting it.

The Benefits Of Using Live Streaming

fb mentions

These are just 5 reasons of many why you should start planning and incorporating a live streaming strategy.

By now you should be feeling excited and having a million ideas running through your head about how you can better connect with your audience and prospects and I don’t blame you.

It is a very exciting concept for you take full advantage of before your competition does.

While you can interact with your prospects and audience through the likes of Twitter and Facebook, it isn’t as personable as live streaming.

Live streaming allows you to connect with your prospect like never before.

If you’re still not sold on live streaming though, then here are 3 benefits to live streaming for solo entrepreneurs and businesses.

Richer Content

You have probably already started branding yourself and your content so that your prospects and followers instantly recognise your content.

While this is great and you shouldn’t stop doing this, sometimes your prospects and your audience want to get more from you.

This is where love streaming comes into it.

Live streaming not only offers a more personable approach to your content but it also offers prospect with more valuable rich content.

While an eBook is great for educating prospects, it can be hard to digest for some.

Hosting a live Q&A chat on Periscope or Facebook Mentions will not only help educate prospects but will also build a strong relationship with them.

An eBook can help build relationships but not on the same scale as hosting a live Q&A chat on Periscope or Facebook Mentions can.

Better Audience & Prospect Interaction

While social media in general is great for interacting with your audience and prospects, there is always a delay in communication.

With live streaming however, you are interacting with your audience and prospects right on the spot.

This is what makes it the perfect tool to build strong relationships with prospects while educating them with your expertise.

You are undoubtedly passionate about your business and so there is no better way to instil that excitement into your audience than directly speaking to them yourself.

If not for that then it is yet another format of content you can offer your audience.

Everyone likes to digest information in different ways; some like to read, some like to watch and some like to talk.

Providing different formats of content for everyone will naturally generate a wider audience.

Repurpose Content

The great thing about live streaming and interacting with your audience is that you can use information gathered from your broadcast to repurpose for another form of content.

For example, I might do a live Q&A broadcast and later type the questions and answers into a blog post to share on my social networks.

When sharing the blog post, I could promote my live streaming profile to encourage fans and followers to join in on the next live Q&A broadcast.

Repurposing content and promoting your live streaming profile will drive loyal fans and followers from your Facebook, LinkedIn etc. to your Periscope profile where you can better interact with them.

You can then work to build stronger relationships with your following so to generate more prospects.


I know you are highly eager to get started on setting up your Periscope or Facebook Mentions but before you run away, let me round up what you need to know for easy reference.

  1. Start today on building your live streaming profile to establish your brand ahead of competitors.
  2. Use broadcasts for storytelling and not selling.
  3. Spend 2 days before your Periscope broadcast to promote it as your audience can only replay it in the first 24 hours.
  4. Regularly host live Q&A broadcasts and educational tutorials to build a loyal community.
  5. Learn from your broadcasts what your audience and prospects want to learn more about for future broadcast and other formats of content.

Have you started live streaming yet? What would stop you from implementing a live streaming strategy?

Leave all your comments below.

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