5 Elements Of A Cart Abandonment Email Sequence

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You have probably figured out your whole process, organised your inventory, designed and develop a kickass website, a steady stream of traffic, great advertising campaign. You may think you’ve covered all your bases.

Think again.

If you’re losing sales from more than half of your traffic, then that’s a cause to worry. Chances are, you haven’t covered the possible causes and what to do about it.

Let’s talk about cart abandonment.

What is it?

Basically, it’s just like shopping physically and filling your cart with goods and stopping halfway before you go through the checkout counter only you do it online. Now there are many possible reasons for this. The customer may have changed their minds, they may have encountered a cheaper alternative or they may not have been serious about purchasing from the get go.

Now, you can rack your brains into wondering what went wrong or what happened during the customer journey or at what point the customers may have changed their minds. Let’s focus on what you can do to counter this.

We prepared our top 5 elements of a winning cart abandonment email sequence to get you started on your abandoned cart email campaigns to help you save that sale!

Let’s get to it!

What are abandoned cart email campaigns?

These are emails sent to customers who added products to their cart and abandoned their shopping carts before accomplishing the checkout. To understand how to create such emails, you also  have to consider why customers abandon their carts in the first place.

  • The website crashed before they could check out.
  • The site timed out because they took too long to enter their information.
  • The process asked for too much information.
  • They changed their minds.
  • They found a cheaper alternative.
  • They weren’t serious about buying in the first place.

Now that you have a bit of insight as to why a customer abandons his/her cart, you have to consider what elements of a successful abandoned cart email sequence you have to take advantage of.

1. The reminder

The first email of your sequence should always be the reminder. Obviously, you have to remind your customer that they were initially interested in your products and that these products are still waiting to be purchase.

Now, remember not to be too pushy though. Don’t forget that you’re trying to convince your customer to convert into a sale. Include photos of the products and include the price.

If you want to reach out specifically to these customers, Actionetics’ Action Funnels is a great way to do it. By setting custom groups as triggers to your action steps, you can create specific rules to trigger sending your reminder emails for your specific products.


2. Add a sense of urgency and scarcity

Time and time again, urgency and scarcity are both a great strategy to inject to your marketing campaign. By doing so, you will give your customers the impression that they are running out of time before the sale ends or before supplies last.

You can easily create a countdown page on ClickFunnels and link it as a landing page to your emails so your customers would see how much time they have left until your offer expires. Also, mentioning the quantity left of the product or products in question would give the sense of scarcity which compels the buyer to act fast.


3. Winning copy

Of course, what would a marketing email be without a winning copy? Especially if the marketing email in question’s objective is to save the sale from an abandoned cart.

If you have seasoned copywriters in your team, good for you. But if hiring a copywriter isn’t in your budget or if you just don’t have the time to shortlist, interview and review applicants to hire, all is not lost. You don’t event have to be a talented writer yourself to be able to craft that winning copy to save your sale.

Funnel Scripts is a great tool for creating marketing copy for any type of use be it for email, videos, sales, social media, ads, you name it. What’s more is that it is incredibly easy to use, simply choose which script you want to create from the choices on the left in your dashboard, fill in the information asked in the fields, click submit and  you’re done!

The best thing about Funnel Scripts is that you can personalise your email copy and email subject line which works wonders when you want your buyers to click that new email in their inboxes.



TIP: Be sure that your brand is identifiable in the subject line. Email open rates are higher when the brand is identifiable.

4. Great deals or discounts

Another great element to make your email sequence work is to offer great deals and discounts to make your customer think again and consider to finalise the transaction. Here are a few ideas of what to offer your buyers as deals:

  • Give them a limited time discount if they act fast and complete the checkout process
  • You can offer them store credit they can use for their next purchase
  • You can offer them discount codes they can use for their next purchase
  • Offer them gift with purchase

The key here is to convince them to complete the checkout process by offering them deals that are too good to miss.

5. Email Schedule

Obviously, when to send out these emails should be one of the most important elements. Usually, the ideal time to send reminder emails of this kind is an hour or so after the customer abandons the cart and within 24 hours as an additional reminder while the initial interest to buy is still fresh.

What’s next?

The next thing to do is to test and optimise. You shouldn’t be resting on your laurels just because you think you’ve already organised a winning ecommerce set-up. Testing and optimising should be a continuous process.

What are your strategies to lessen cart abandonment?

Do you have an email sequence laid out for this?

Comment down and share with us!




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