44 ChatGPT Prompts To Help You Make Money

44 ChatGPT Prompts To Help You Make Money

The rise of AI is upon us. It’s here and it’s unavoidable. Today these systems seem novel. New. Innovative. But who knows what tomorrow holds? Who knows where the future will take us? Is some Cyberdyne-esque future in the making? Or will humans learn to embrace AI and use it to advance civilization quickly? Time will tell. Meanwhile, AI systems like ChatGPT allow us to enhance and speed up our work. They help increase efficiency and boost output.

However, systems like this are only as good as the prompts you feed them. If you feed ChatGPT the wrong prompts, you’ll get lukewarm answers. Feed it the right prompts and you may just find that proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. So the real question is this. What ChatGPT prompts work best? Which ones help you make money? Lots and lots of money. And how do you structure a ChatGPT prompt the right way to get the right answer you’re looking for?

The answer isn’t as complex as you think. There isn’t some advanced AI prompt engineering at work here. To make money with ChatGPT you must understand some of the parts and pieces that create great prompts. When you understand how to create crystal-clear ChatGPT prompts, you’ll notice a world of difference. The right prompt can help you make money, grow your business, boost your revenue, increase conversions, get customers to spend more, enhance your health, and so on.

How To Write ChatGPT Prompts

Want to learn how to write ChatGPT prompts the right way? Yes, there is a right way and a wrong way. Publicly available AI systems like ChatGPT are only as good as the prompts you feed them. Feed them the wrong prompts and you’ll get questionable answers at best. But if you feed them the right prompts, it could open up new worlds of knowledge and insight that may exponentially increase the quality of your business and your life. Yes, it’s that powerful.

So how do you write ChatGPT prompts the right way? How do you create prompts that elicit the best and most useful responses? To do that you must adhere to four overarching rules. These rules will help ChatGPT conjure up the most relevant and helpful advice. Follow these rules and your prompts will spit out drool-worthy results sure to catapult your knowledge and wisdom in any area of life.

Rule I—Be Clear & Specific

To start it’s simple. You must be very specific and clear. Do not muddy your words. Don’t use abstract concepts or confusing language. Be very clear. Very specific. Direct and to the point. The better you can do that the better your results. ChatGPT thrives on specificity and clarity. So if you want to make real money be real clear and be specific.

Rule II—Use Verbs In Your ChatGPT Prompts

ChatGPT prompts that describe an action will elicit the best response. For example, words like “Write”, “Create”, “Outline”, “List”, “Describe”, and so on work best. Why? Because you want ChatGPT to perform a specific function to give you the best type of information. That doesn’t mean your prompt has to start with that word. It only means you use that word within the prompt to elicit the action.

Rule III—Provide Context For Best Results

Context is important. It provides a backdrop. It delivers an understanding of the existing framework. It’s the difference between an okay answer and an excellent answer. Context describes things like current resources, situations, skills, characteristics, and any other details. It allows ChatGPT to give you the best possible answer.

Rule IV—Input Constraints

You can feed ChatGPT constraints to deliver the results you’re after. For example, you could limit it to writing only a certain number of words or paragraphs. You could tell it to write in a specific style. You could have it assume a certain role or speak in a specific tone. If you’re trying to achieve a goal, your constraint could be time. For example, if you need to make money fast, your constraint could be to do it in a certain number of weeks or months. Constraints are important because they’ll help to deliver the best and most accurate result that you’re after.

Can ChatGPT Prompts Help You Make Money?

Want to make money? Lots of money? Sure. Everyone does, right? Yes. Systems like ChatGPT can help you make money (amongst other things). But only if you take that information and do something with it. If you take action. Do the work. Put in the effort. Information is power when used the right way. You use every ChatGPT prompt under the sun but if you don’t actually take action on that information it’s useless. That makes sense, right? So where do we begin?

15 ChatGPT Prompts For Business

If you’re in business or interested in starting a business, ChatGPT can give you ideas and knowledge to help you start making money fast. Whether you want to start an online business, a side hustle, to make money working from home or while traveling, to buy a boring business, or launch a fledgling small business, ChatGPT can help provide an action plan.

1—What are the best online business ideas I can start in [industry] with only [money] and [hours per day] to devote to it? Create a detailed list of at least 10 items.

2—Act like a world-famous entrepreneur. Tell me the fastest way I can acquire customers for my business. I own a [business type] and I sell [product or service description]. List out 10 detailed strategies I can use to acquire customers profitably.

3—I only have [money amount] and I want to start a business that makes money fast. List out at least 10 small business ideas that I can launch from [city]. And tell me why they are good options.

4—What is the best service that I can launch in [city] that has the highest profit margins? Create a list of at least 10 different services I can provide to either businesses or consumers.

5—I have a business in [industry] in [city]. I need to accumulate more reviews for my business. How can I get more authentic reviews quickly to grow my business fast? Provide a list of at least 10 different ideas.

6—I want to create a lead magnet for my business. I have a business in [industry] and I need to acquire more customers at a lower cost. Give me 10 different lead magnet ideas for my business.

7—I want to start a business selling [product or service type] in the [industry]. What are the best SEO keywords I can use to organically rank my website quickly? Provide a list of at least 10 different ideas.

8—Act like a top business strategist. Analyze the top 5 competitors in the [industry] and explain how I can better compete with them in my business. List out at least 10 different strategies I can employ to grow my business fast.

9—Provide a list of at least 10 creative business names and taglines that I can use for my future business in the [industry]. Make sure that none of the names impede on existing trademarks.

10—Act like a celebrated business consultant and provide at least 5 strategies for pricing that I can use to sell [product or service type] in the [industry]. Explain the best ways that I can approach this with [amount of money] to spend to acquire customers profitably.

11—My business sells [products or service description] in the [industry] and I want to reach more customers. My ideal customer is [describe customer]. List out 10 ways that I can reach my target customer profitably to increase sales and revenue.

12—Act like a business consultant who consults with the biggest companies in the world. I want to scale my business in the [industry] selling [product or service description]. Give me 10 strategies that I can use to scale my business fast.

13—I want to better retain my employees in my business selling [product or service description] in the [industry]. List out 10 strategies that I can use to ensure that I don’t have a high turnover rate of employees and that they stick around for a long time.

14—I want to use affiliates to grow my business fast. Please describe the best affiliate program structure that I can implement for my business selling [product or service description] in the [industry]. And list out at least 10 strategies for attracting affiliates.

15—You are a high-level business strategist with decades of experience. List out at least 10 different methods that I can use to get customers to spend more money. My business is in the [industry] selling [product or service description].

16 ChatGPT Prompts For Online Marketing

To make money online you must understand how to solve problems. It sounds very basic. I know. But it’s far from that. Solving problems can come in many forms. And the bigger the problem you solve, the more money you can make. It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay-at-home mom, a web developer, a graphic designer, an entrepreneur, or anything else. What matters is the size of the problems you solve and how well you solve them.

1—What is the best marketing funnel type I can launch in [industry] selling [product or service description] to make money quickly? Provide a list of at least 10 different marketing funnels that I can use and how best to use them.

2—Act like a marketing consultant. Tell me the best upsell that I can create in the [industry] selling [product or service description]. Provide a list of 10 different digital or physical items that I can upsell to my customers.

3—I want to grow my email list fast in the [industry] selling [product or service description]. I currently have an email list of [number of subscribers] and send [number of emails per day/week/month]. Give me at least 10 curiosity-filled headlines that will get people to click.

4—I need to create an overarching “domino statement” for a webinar in the [industry] selling [product or service description]. Give me at least 10 ideas.

5—I want to make money as a marketing consultant. Give me at least 10 cold email opens that I can send to local businesses to get them to hire me to work on their digital marketing.

6—I want to create a membership site to make money. Give me 10 membership site ideas for the [industry]. Then, tell me how much money I should charge to ensure a high stick rate.

7—Act like an ad consultant. I want to run paid ads to an offer for a company in the [industry] that sells [product or service description]. Give me 10 offer ideas that combine both physical and digital products and a strategy for pricing them.

8—I want to create a subscription offer in the [industry]. The company already sells [product or service description] and I want to add a subscription to their lineup. List out 10 ideas for subscriptions and the amount of money to charge for them.

9—I want to launch a newsletter to email subscribers in the [industry]. There are currently [number of subscribers] already on the list and emails are being sent [amount of emails sent per day/week/month]. Give me 10 newsletter ideas for a company that sells [product or service description].

10—Act like a high-level business consultant who consults for Fortune 500 companies. I want to create a high-ticket digital product in the [industry] for a company that’s already selling [product or service description]. List out 10 different ideas for digital products to make money fast.

11—I want to launch a coaching service in the [industry]. Give me 10 marketing strategies for attracting new high-ticket coaching clients.

12—Act like a marketing strategist. I want to drive organic traffic via search engine optimization in the [industry]. The company is selling [product or service description]. Help me identify at least 10 high-volume keywords to rank for.

13—Create a one-minute script for a video ad in the [industry] for a company selling [product or service description]. The video must use the Pain-Agitation-Solution framework of copywriting. The problem that we are solving is [problem description] for [target customer].

14—List out at least 10 different ideas for a product launch for a company in the [industry] selling [product or service description]. The product launch must solve [problem] and be geared toward [target customer].

15—Create a 5-day email sequence for new subscribers to an email list for a company in [industry] selling [product or service description]. Use the concepts and principles discussed in Dot Com Secrets by Russell Brunson.

16—Create a webinar outline based on the principles discussed in Perfect Secrets by Russell Brunson. I need to know the three limiting beliefs for the vehicle, internal and external beliefs for a company selling [product or service description] in the [industry].

13 ChatGPT Prompts To Make Money In Social Media

The world is interconnected. And it’s all thanks to social media. It allows you to connect with anyone in an instant. They can be halfway around the world or just a few blocks away. Billions of people use it every single day to consume content. But the ones who make money on social media are not the consumers of content. It’s the producers of content. And the most impactful producers always have a link out to a hero funnel or other type of lead generation funnel.

1—Act like a social media strategist. Create 10 impactful Instagram descriptions for posts in the tone of [Instagram account]. They should be crafted to help me attract people who are experiencing [describe problem] who are [target customer].

2—Write a list of 10 viral Instagram Reels story ideas that I can create to help promote [describe product or service being sold]. Also provide me with high-volume hashtags I can use that apply to the [industry].

3—Create a captivating hero funnel landing page layout complete with headline, sub-headline, and call-to-action button text. Also provide ideas I can use for images that create curiosity.

4—Provide a list of at least 10 Facebook groups in the [industry] where I can deliver valuable content to the group and to solidify my place as an authority. I want to eventually sell [product or service] description to those participants.

5—Create a list of 10 YouTube video ideas I can create that address [problem] for [target customer]. Provide a brief summary of the videos and create a short description that I can use in them.

6—Write a list of 10 ways that I can generate leads from Instagram. I am in the [industry] and sell [product or service description].

7—Create a list of 10 TikTok post ideas that I can create in the [industry] to help me better sell my [product or service description]. Create a description and hashtags that I can use for each one.

8—Act like a social media strategist. Create a 30-day calendar of posts with detailed ideas that would combine posting on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

9—Write a 30-second script for a social media video for the [industry] that helps to solve [problem] for [target customer]. Also create a description and hashtags for the video.

10—Provide a list of at least 20 cold direct-message approaches that I can send to people on social media to get them to buy [product or service] that I’m selling.

11—You are a social media strategist. Create an outline for how best to approach influencers to get them to market [product or service description]. Also create a list of the top 10 influencers in [industry] that might be interested.

12—Create 10 different LinkedIn post ideas to help me better sell [product or service description] in the [industry]. They should be designed to address [problem] for [target customer] to better establish myself as an authority.

13—Provide a list of at least 10 different Pinterest Pin photos or post ideas for [industry] so that I can better sell [product or service description]. Add descriptions and hashtags for each.

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