How ClickFunnels is Changing Lives One Funnel at a Time

How ClickFunnels is Changing Lives One Funnel at a Time

I’m sure you’ve been hearing the whispers across the internet, and you’re asking yourself…

What is ClickFunnels? And How are People Seeing Such Incredible Results?

ClickFunnels is a software that lets you design, develop and launch end-to-end sales funnels with ease. Business owners for years have been struggling with setting up old outdated websites which sit there idle waiting for their customers to come see; struggling to generate traffic, let alone sales. Meanwhile, a select handful of business owners have caught up with the times and have realized that a business needs more than a website. A business needs a high converting sales funnel which can bring people to a page on demand, take them through a series of steps and sell the prospect on the products or service.

Don’t believe me?

Beginners all the way through to experts are taking advantage of sales funnels built in ClickFunnels each and every single day…

Take a look at some of the recent results ClickFunnels users have had with their funnels and incredible step-by-step support they were able to take advantage of…


Brian Reese (ClickFunnels Customer, Facebook Group Message)

“Thank you Russell Brunson and the ClickFunnels team! I could not have done this without you. Here’s my story…

4 months ago, I accepted an entrepreneurial challenge to see if I could build a sustainable side business without having to spend a ton of cash out-of-pocket. I love challenges, so I accepted.

BTW, this was starting from scratch, with no email list (not a single person), no authority, limited spare time, and barely any extra money. I was a complete unknown in my chosen niche.

And I’m not talking about joining somebody else’s MLM program (aka…Amway, or other side biz; no offense to anybody doing this, it just wasn’t for me…I wanted to create my own thing.)

65 days later… 

I had 25,000+ member email list, 4,200 followers on Facebook, a paid community of my ideal clients (who I love to work with), and a 6-figure side business that takes me 10 hours a week to lead.

Best, Brian Reese”


Paul Mottley (ClickFunnels Customer, Facebook Group Message)

Another reason I love ClickFunnels.

Being able to knock up a quick leads funnel for my offline business and see these results in less than 48hrs creating an extra £2700 in profit!

Every business needs this!


(Screenshot of Paul’s results)


Anita Speets (ClickFunnels Customer & Affiliate , Facebook Group Message)

Friday morning surprise after last night’s surprise (discovering Wednesday’s)! I want you all to know that I’m not sharing this to brag! 🙂 I’m sharing this to encourage people that money can be made online and definitely and obviously with ClickFunnels! I also am sharing because each time I see my dashboard change or increase, it literally shocks me and I need to put it out there! 🙂 I really struggle with a poverty mentality, so this kind of thing hits me every single time!


(Screenshot of Anita’s results)


Aaqib Ahmed (ClickFunnels Customer, Facebook Group Message)

I used to get 33% email opt in rate with Leadpages.
Getting 60% email opt in rate with ClickFunnels.

Like DOUBLE. Wow. Russell Brunson, woohoo! lol.

My first time using CF for a webinar sign up so I was feeling nervous but glad I switched over to CF.


(Screenshot of Aaqib’s results)


Sonja (ClickFunnels Customer, Clickstart User)

Hi Mark,

The feedback link in this email routes me to my CF account. Not sure if the link is broken or if there is a better place to leave formal feedback?

Let me share that Vince is AMAZING!! I feel very blessed to be connected with him as my Click Start coach. He has brilliant funnel strategy ideas, is super expedient in showing me how to implement, and has been very generous with his wisdom and time. 

Thank you!, Sonja


James, (ClickFunnels Customer)

I want to express my deepest gratitude to you and your team. I am completely outside of my element and at my wits end. The support and efforts are an asset to ClickFunnels. I don’t expect to require your services in the future because I work best independently without support. But I am most pleased to know that if I need your help professional staff is available. By the way, I am connected to Version 2 now. Thank you!


Hamish (ClickFunnels Customer, ClickFunnels Affiliate)

Using Funnel Scripts and The Perfect Webinar, and everything we learned from Russell and all of you guys (and gals). In two weeks we are going to be debt free, and I just wanted to say you guys are truly changing lives.


Pal Av Stal (ClickFunnels User, ClickFunnels Affiliate)

Hi guys. Just wanted to share some lead gen stats with you. I have been testing ClickFunnels vs. another lead gen software. The screenshots are of the exact same ad, same content on the landing pages, but different templates between ClickFunnels and the “other” software.

I wrote the $-amount, since most of you guys don deal in Norwegian crowns.

This is for one of our lead magnets, and I’m hoping to reduce that lead cost further. We’re in the IM niche, and the lead magnet is a video. Working on split testing the ads and targeting now.

Actually, since Frank sent out the run through this autoresponder, I started doing the same. Still to early to say anything for sure, but it looks pretty…pretty….pretty good.

(Screenshot of results posted in group)

As you can see from the many testimonials above, the ClickFunnels team is right by your side every step of the way.

Whether you’re a local business looking to boost the amount of enquiries you get in your business, or you’re selling a service online, you need a sales funnel that can help drive people to what you’re offering.

By working alongside the ClickFunnels team, you’ll be well taken care of so you can feel confident when building a sales funnel.

Here’s Some More Success Stories…

(Just inducted into the 2 Comma Club for funnels which have made over $1,000,000+)

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

Some Fun Facts About ClickFunnels

Let’s take a look at what the we’ve been up to lately:

  • ClickFunnels has created 973,422 sales funnels.
  • ClickFunnels has donated $78, 476 to WTA for each sales funnel built.
  • ClickFunnels has over 27,000+ paying users creating success stories every single day.
  • ClickFunnels has generated over 54,000,000 unique customer profiles (leads).
  • ClickFunnels users have sold products to 5,222,065+ people on the platform.
  • ClickFunnels users have created over 3,700,000+ pages using the funnel editor.
  • ClickFunnels users have uploaded 1,800,000+ images into the editor to design their funnels.

All this, and we’re only 2 and a half years old…

This is only the beginning.

You can begin your free trial with ClickFunnels by clicking here.

Claim your free trial and see what all the noise is about!

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  1. Heads up… “James” is a friend of mine…and not a ClickFunnels Customer… He’s a model for stock photos… May want to remove that image as it’s quite popular…as well as my comment. I’m sure you have enough customers to not have to make this stuff up.

    1. It looks like it is a stock image, however I am guessing that James is an actual CF customer but James didn’t want his image posted so they used that image.

  2. Ok how much is this ?

    I have recently set up a home based business working on animals I need dog owners flocking to my site and booking in

  3. I need clarification about one thing. I am from Canada and want to be an affiliate for CF. I have been told that I cannot exceed $ 500 per month in commissions as I am not an American citizen. Is it true??

  4. Just newly open up a Shopify store, and we have no marketing yet installed,so this will be my first time to set up and looking forward for great results.

  5. I would love to learn how to use clickfunnels i don’t have a clue and I’m afraid of failing and not being successful im on a once a month budget how much does it cost i don’t products or my own business for that fact where do I start

    1. Thank you for commenting, we feel the best way to learn how ClickFunnels can help you grow your business is by scheduling a free demo call. You can book this or someone on your team can by following this link: This software works for all niches and all businesses. We look forward to supporting you!

    1. Thank you for commenting, we feel the best way to learn how ClickFunnels can help you grow your business is by scheduling a free demo call. You can book this or someone on your team can by following this link: This software works for all niches and all businesses. We look forward to supporting you!

    1. Alaa, a Clickfunnels is a sales funnel. It is a series of steps that lead a prospective client through a path of steps that turns them into a happy customer.

  6. HI Guys –

    Newbie here. Trying to learn what this is and if I could use it.

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