ClickFunnels Now Integrates With NMI Payment gateway

ClickFunnels Now Integrates With NMI Payment gateway

What Is NMI?

Network Merchants (NMI) is a robust payment solution that lets you act as the gateway to your customers. NMI’s Payments Enablement Technology gives you control of your business – you can be a gateway, without foregoing the typical costs associated with building, operating and securing one.

NMI is a leader among the various payment gateways and is highly regarded for its wealth of features and the flexibility it gives to all merchants, but especially those that have been deemed “high-risk.”

Businesses that have struggled to find a gateway that suits their needs have often found a perfect solution in NMI.

Why Does ClickFunnels Integrate With NMI?

ClickFunnels integrates with NMI as it is a great gateway for funnel builders selling a range of products. When Stripe isn’t an option or if you’ve been shut down by PayPal, then moving across to NMI can be a great alternative.

If you want to manage multiple websites, through multiple merchant accounts, using NMI as your gateway will allow you to use one username and password to access all your gateway activity and report on all your sales activity from one place all while routing transactions to the correct merchant account as mention by Tasker Payment Gateways.

Note: For support through NMI, you will need to contact a reseller as NMI cannot be contacted directly. NMI will not support individual merchants, they only provide support directly to authorized resellers. 

If you’re using an alternative gateway like, you can also easily transfer an existing account over to NMI as needed.

Sounds Great! Show Me Some Examples

If you’re selling something considered “high risk”.

NMI is a great gateway if you’re involved in selling physical or digital products which are considered more “high risk” (please check with the NMI reseller you’re using for exact details on whether or not your merchant of choice is approved however. Some of these “high risk” products (which companies like Stripe and PayPal don’t work with) include:

  • Auto ship products, subscription programs, clubs
  • Auto bill programs: alarm companies, pest control, fitness clubs, online training programs
  • Alcohol, online wine beer or liquor sales – beer, spirits or wine of the month clubs
  • Coaching: personal, business, internet marketing
  • Electronic cigarettes / even e-cigarettes with nicotine
  • FFL gun sales, online, drop shipped firearms, Ammunition, Weapons both non lethal and lethal
  • Garcinia cambogia , straight sale, recurring, or trial
  • Homeopathic products
  • Internet marketing lead generation, traffic programs
  • Magazine Subscriptions, promotional marketing
  • Make money from home programs /biz-ops / business opportunity products
  • MLM / multi-level marketing companies
  • Negative option offers, discounted trial, free trial (with some restrictions)
  • Nutra / Nutraceuticals and dietary supplements such as male vitality, enhancement, DR / Direct response merchant
  • Online tobacco sales, cigar of the month clubs
  • Pawn shops, online pawn eCommerce sites
  • Personal or business coaching seminars, online training, recurring billing
  • Teeth Whitening, continuity or straight sale
  • Travel packages, tours
  • Weight loss products / supplements

As you can see, that’s a pretty extensive list and can be restrictive if your payment gateway and merchants don’t want to work with you because what you sell is against their terms of service.

Merchant Account Balancing From ClickFunnels

NMI allows for account balancing which essentially means you can spread the revenue from your sales funnel across multiple merchants that plug into NMI.

This was not possible until now when using ClickFunnels and can be done to mitigate risk from using just the one merchant.

This All Sounds Great! How do I set it up?

If you have an existing Merchant Account and want it to work with Click Funnels or you need a Merchant Account to work with Click Funnels, NMI Funnel Pros is the recommended solution. Sign Up Now!

nmifunnelpros merchant account

Have technical questions?

You can find more details in the support desk listed here.

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