How to Generate Inbound Leads for Free with Nico Moreno

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Short-form video for inbound leads refers to the use of short videos, typically on platforms like Facebook and Instagram stories, to attract and generate leads for a business. In this episode of ClickFunnels Radio, Nico Moreno, a chatbot and funnel builder, shares his expertise on using short-form video to effectively get loads of inbound leads for free.

Nico introduces himself and his background as a funnel hacker for the past six to seven years. He credits ClickFunnels as the platform that allowed him to have his breakthrough in the online business world. Before that, he worked a nine-to-five job that he didn’t enjoy, unpacking boxes at Nordstrom at 5 a.m. He began listening to uplifting podcasts, such as Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki, which inspired him to find a way to make money without trading his time.

After a year of trying various online money-making methods, including publishing Kindle eBooks and affiliate marketing courses, Nico discovered ClickFunnels. He recalls seeing an ad from Russell Brunson that resonated with him, as it addressed the challenge of integrating multiple software tools. Nico had previously spent three weeks figuring out how to create a Wix website, an email opt-in page, and a custom-coded PayPal button, only to realize that ClickFunnels could have simplified the process in just 15 minutes.

Nico’s success in the online business world is evident from the two comma club awards displayed behind him during the podcast. Despite his background in chemistry, with a bachelor’s degree in the subject, Nico found his passion and success in the online business industry. He emphasizes the importance of doing what you love and finding a career path that aligns with your interests.

The podcast transcript highlights the value of short-form videos for inbound leads. Nico’s expertise lies in using Facebook and Instagram stories strategically to attract leads for his clients. He mentions the significance of being strategic in utilizing these platforms, as he had previously used them without a clear plan for lead generation.

The conversation in the podcast focuses on Nico’s background story and his journey to becoming a successful funnel hacker. While the transcript provides insights into Nico’s experience and expertise, it does not delve deeply into his specific strategies and techniques to generate inbound leads through short-form videos.

Watch the full interview with Nico Moreno here:

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