8 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Sales Funnels

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How to Drive Traffic to Your Funnels

Traffic is the lifeblood of business. Like it or not, you need to drive traffic to survive. You also need traffic to thrive. And if you want to make money online, thriving is what you need to do. But like most entrepreneurs, you’ve likely struggled with driving traffic to your sales funnels and your offers. Clearly, it’s not easy. With so many traffic-driving strategies, it can certainly feel overwhelming.

If this problem hasn’t plagued you yet, then you’re likely fresh to the scene. If you’re not, and traffic arrives in leaps and bounds, then a BIG congratulations is in order. You’re obviously doing something right. The cool thing about traffic is that it often leads to sales. Not always. But often. If you’ve optimized your funnels, the copy, the up-sells and down-sells, the one-time offers, created sizzling headlines and split-tested to eternity, you’ve likely built a converting offer.

When you have an offer that converts, all you need to do is drive traffic to it, right? Just pay more money and you’ll magically turn $1 to $2 or $5 or $10. Then, you can scale almost infinitely. But getting there is hard work. And, paid traffic converts at a significantly lower rate than organic traffic does. Organic traffic out-converts paid traffic by a multiple of 10 to 19 times. Yes, that much.

Now, whether you’re looking to drive traffic to your sales funnels through paid means or organic measures, I’m going to give you the low-down on just how to do it. There are proven ways to drive traffic. Some take more time than others to implement. But, when traffic is flowing, so are the leads and the sales. Paid traffic is fast and easy. It can be turned on and off like a faucet. Organic traffic is exactly the opposite. It’s complicated and convoluted. But after it starts gushing, it literally doesn’t stop.


How to Drive Traffic

No matter what landing page software you’re using, you’re going to need traffic. Without traffic, you can’t test your offers. It means no leads, no sales, and no way to optimize conversions. It doesn’t matter if you’re using ClickFunnels or one of its competitors. That will always be the same. Traffic comes first. Sales and conversions come later. Focus on the traffic. But don’t ignore the funnel and the overall consumer’s experience.

However, if you’re like most folks, you likely lack the funds to send any significant amount of traffic to your offers. Because, let’s face it, it isn’t cheap to advertise. Often, you can pay upwards of a $1 to $50 for a single click, all depending on the industry or niche you’re in. That’s expensive traffic. Now, clearly, you can advertise online if you have the budget. But that’s not what this post is about. This is about how you can drive traffic to your offers and funnels through organic means.

While I could probably sit here and give you dozens of high-quality traffic-getting methods, the following 8 are surefire ways you can get people to show up. However, keep one thing in mind. In the online world, you either have time or money. If you have both, you’re set. If you don’t, like most people, then the following applies. With money in the bank, you can buy ads and send traffic. Easy. Without money, you need time. We call it sweat equity. Driving traffic will take a lot of your time when you lack the funds to run ads. So don’t get discouraged.

The best part? You can get traffic to your offers and your funnels through a variety of ways that are absolutely free. Some are fast, depending on how much of an audience you’ve created. Do you have a personal brand that you’ve been developing? Or, is this your first time at the rodeo? Have you added a lot of value to that audience? If so, even more of a win. Have an email list? Slam dunk. If you have none of those things, don’t get discouraged. It’ll just take time to build.


1. Create a Facebook Group and add value

Facebook Groups are all the rage. They’re a chance to develop your CULT-ure. It’s a place where all your fans can congregate in one place to share stories and lend advice and help one another. A place where you can communicate and provide updates and give guidance. It’s not a place for a technical support. Rather, a place for people to support one another. Every time you go live or post, it’ll notify the group. Unlike Facebook Pages.

This is a great place to share any type of link as long as it adds value. When you share with a community and culture that’s already been created, you can easily drive traffic to any page or offer you decide to, on demand. This is targeted traffic. People who are already usually loyal fans or followers or members of whatever it is that you’re peddling. However, don’t use this opportunity to spam. Use it to provide relevant updates and add real value to the lives of others.

And if you’re not a member of the ClickFunnels group, click here to join it now >>


2. Leverage Instagram’s hash tags and engage with influencers

Leveraging Instagram to drive traffic to your sales funnels is straightforward. Find relevant hashtags that match your niche and whatever you’re peddling. Search high and low. Then, post valuable content and use those hashtags. However, don’t bomb irrelevant hashtags. Pick one or two per post and that’s it. You won’t gain traction if you post dozens of hashtags at once. Keep it targeted and laser-focused.

You can also use this opportunity to engage with influencers. Instagram influencers are adept at getting a message across to their audience. Find relevant influencers and, not only use the hashtags, but tag influencers as well. Communicate with them and comment on their posts. You might not get an immediate response, but over time, they will notice you. And they might even promote you or talk about you. Of course, you could always pay them as well. That’s one very easy way to drive more relevant traffic to your funnels.


3. Use the power of authority sites to drive traffic

I’m a firm believer in something called authority marketing. Some call this content marketing. It’s a simple, yet powerful, method for driving traffic to any website, page or offer, anywhere. Hands down, this is the best free tactic you can use to gain visitors and increase the overall visibility of any page on the internet. It works like this. Build great, high-quality anchor content on your site or page or blog or wherever.

Next, build high-quality authority content with a single link back to the anchor content. When done the right way, this can produce massive traffic. It doesn’t happen overnight. Don’t expect it to. But, over time, when leveraging the right sites to configure this, you can literally revolutionize your sales funnel’s traffic.


4. Create a podcast and document your journey

I’ve been listening to the archives of Marketing In Your Car, the predecessor to Brunson’s Marketing Secrets podcast. Brunson started the podcast just before ClickFunnels was live. When it did go live, he talked about it going to a beta group of 30 and he documented the entire journey. You really get to know him during that podcast. You peek into his mind and understand him. And it helps form a bond while also delivering real value.

Marketing in Your Car wasn’t just about ClickFunnels. It was about Brunson’s journey through the world of online marketing. It’s something he’s devoted much of his life too and what he shares here delivers incredible value. If you’ve never listened to it, I’d highly suggest going back through these archives. And, on your side, create your own podcast. It’s a great way to drive traffic and you don’t need to be technical. Just hire someone to publish it for you. Plain and simple.


5. Make educational YouTube tutorial videos

YouTube is a massive platform. It’s also the world’s second most popular search engine behind Google. And, by making educational videos on YouTube, you can drive near endless amounts of traffic while also building an audience. What can you help others with and how can you document that? What kind of videos can you create that will add massive amounts of value to your audience?

Making educational videos on YouTube isn’t hard. But the first few might not be great. That’s okay. Keep going. The whole key to success is just showing up. As long as you show up and you’re consistent, and you take the approach of a sincere desire to help others, you can drive interest and traffic to your offers and funnels with ease. It all starts with having that audience. Nurture and grow it over time.


6. Find your Dream 100 and work for free

Brunson often talks about something he calls the Dream 100. Find your Dream 100 people you would love to work with, and collaborate and connect with them. Go out there and help them for free. Add value. When you do that, some incredible things begin to transpire. It won’t happen right away. It never does. But good things do come to those who wait.

I know that when I started doing this, some incredible things began to happen. It takes a lot of work and effort. However, it results in the coolest collaborations with the most amazing people. Can you drive traffic from your Dream 100? Yes. Not right away. But when the right opportunity or collaboration comes together, it can result in floods of traffic, leads, and ultimately, sales as a result of that work.


7. Guest blog on niche websites

Guest blogging is not dead. However, it needs to be done the right way. It shouldn’t be done with the sole purpose to rank content. It should be done to add sincere value. Yes, it’s a recurring theme. But as Google gets smarter and RankBrain and its A.I. platform gets more intuitive, it will better understand the sincerity of content. Don’t try to buy links or purchase a guest post. Don’t trade links or posts either. Reach out in an effort to help create amazing content on the blog as a guest writer.

Yes, have a link back to your own content. But don’t try to spam links or make it unnatural. Find a niche site that has a relevant audience to whatever it is that you’re offering. That niche site should be one of the more popular ones online. That popularity translates into domain authority. That domain authority translates into a powerful link back to your site and ultiately loads of great traffic and visibility to your funnel and offers.


8. Use Pinterest to create pins and boards

Pinterest can be used to drive massive amounts of interest in whatever you’re selling. Use Pinterest to create pins and boards that are topical and relevant to one another. Ensure that it’s done within your niche. Studies show that 93% of Pinterest users have purchased something online in the past 6 months. Not surprised? One thing that might surprise you is that Pins with prices actually get 36% more likes than those without them.

Pinterest is like any other social network. You won’t gain traction immediately. It only happens over time. But that traction equates to traffic that you can drive to just about any offer or sales funnel. When your Pins or boards go viral, that’s when the real magic starts to happen. But you have to start somewhere. Don’t be afraid if no one is watching at the outset. Keep at it. It builds steam over time as long as you don’t give up.

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  1. Hi Robert,
    I would like to ask/inquire about this click funnel. Is this only to build business or he will help us promote or advertise our affeliate business? if we join this click funnel no need to go to facebook ads then or any other solo ads? am i right..hope to hear from you

    1. Hi Luz, you can use them to promote your own service or business or promote any affiliate program, and if you don’t have one you can promote CF too.

  2. #3 is my favorite. I think this method will always play a part in google algorithms and is a very solid long term marketing strategy.

    Pinterest Marketing is probably second and definitely overlooked by too many people.

  3. Taking advantage of social media platforms is very necessary in order to bring traffic to the sales funnel and convert prospects into loyal customers. You have explained the use of social media sites in a very well profound manner.

  4. Fantastic tips. I do believe #5 and #6 are the best ones, but all works great. The easiest way to find out what to do is to figure out what traffic source you are good at and enjoy and just go for it.