If You’re On The Fence About Funnelhacking Live 2018, Read This Post!

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Last year was my first Funnelhacking Live event. I remember staring at my computer screen, looking at the ticket prices and wondering if it was worth it….

How many hilarious emojis can I add to this post?

I can’t believe I even worried about this for a minute!

Looking back, it was the craziest thing ever to wonder if going to Funnelhacking Live would be worth it. The teaching, the connections, the inspiration…it was a monumental event that not only profoundly impacted me during the three day event, but for months afterwards.

This year promises to be even bigger and more meaningful than any of the years prior, and to help push fence sitters off – I’d like to highlight some of the speakers who will make attending this live event 1000% worth it.

Are you worried that being the “real” you will turn off your followers?

Natalie Hodson built a million dollar funnel in six months…simply by shedding her persona and showing the REAL side of her. The imperfect, raw, and uncut version of herself. The world needs who you really are, and Natalie’s talk will empower you to be your true self 100%!

Learn more about Natalie by clicking here!

Do you feel like you aren’t ready for FHL because your business is in crash and burn mode?

Dean Holland had to literally crash and burn his existing business because the foundation he built wasn’t serving the customers he REALLY wanted. His story is one of rising from the ashes, so if you’re feeling like you’re one disaster away from bankruptcy, you need to hear his story and be encouraged that all great entrepreneurs hit that “oh shoot” moment…and it doesn’t mean you can’t come back stronger than ever!

Learn more about Dean by clicking here!

Are you a local or ecomm business struggling to get new customers through deal sites and constantly slashing prices?

If you’re not sure how funnels work for your ecomm or local business, especially when you’re dependent on deal sites, Dave Lindebaum will show you how he leverages these sites to create massive revenue. The combination of funnel strategy and brilliant marketing psychology will leave you breathless and on the edge of your seat…wanting more.

Learn more about Dave by clicking here!

Worried that you don’t have the tech skills of a 13 year old, never mind a 7-figure funnel builder?

Alison Prince teaches men and women how to make their first $100,000 online, and she has the backup story to prove it. She successfully taught her two daughters how to set up shop and they earned six figures in 9 months…selling something as common as a scarf! Alison’s down-to-earth demeanor and encouragement will empower you to get started, right then and there. I promise (I know, I’ve hung out with her!).

Learn more about Alison by clicking here!

Do you feel misunderstood by family and friends who blame your ideas and endeavors on your ADD?

Alex Charfen discovered that many entrepreneurs have the same problems. They are accused of being too ADD and all over the map. He’ll show you how he discovered the secrets of the entrepreneurial personality type, and how to harness it for maximum profitability and alignment with your true goals and priorities. The first time I met Alex, I burst into tears within FIVE MINUTES of speaking with him. He goes right to the heart of the matter, and it’s profound. You can’t miss his talk!

Learn more about Alex by clicking here!

Lost because you think every funnel must be fueled by Facebook Ads and your people aren’t on Facebook?

Dana Derricks is a multi-millionaire who got there without massive paid traffic. He knows how to find the shortest shortcut to a huge audience, and he’ll explain exactly how he did it. The best part is – it works for ANY BUSINESS in any niche, guaranteed. Yes, even ones where Facebook is virtually useless. He also happens to be the best goat farmer in the world, and if you don’t absolutely love Dana by the end of his talk, I’ll pay you for your ticket.

Learn more about Dana by clicking here!

Wondering how you’re going to scale a service-based business because you’re afraid the market can’t handle another price hike?

Pushing the limits on premium pricing is something Alex and Leila Hormozi know very well. Who would have believed they could charge struggling gym owners five figures to help their businesses, and get an 80% + close rate? If you think your clients are too broke for high ticket, think again. I have Voxer messages on my phone from Alex that I’m pretty sure are worth half a million dollars. His advice is THAT good.

Learn more about Alex and Leila by clicking here!

Thinking FHL is only for entrepreneurs in the money-making biz opp space?

People like Kaelin Poulin and Garrett White and Nick Daugherty all have businesses that are NOT in the money-making niche. You’ll hear how they’ve built multi-million dollar empires in niches that aren’t in the business opportunity space. And yes, if they can, you can. In fact, Kaelin is pulling in not just a million a year…a million a month. She’s going to peel back the curtain on how she builds her incredible cult-ure.

Learn more about Kaelin by clicking here!

Think webinars are done and old news in 2018?

Jason Fladlien is a master at both webinars and affiliate marketing. Learn the strategies he’s using to hold the top spot as one of the highest paid affiliate marketers of all time using webinars.

Learn more about Jason by clicking here!

Tired of wasting time on social media tactics that don’t return an ROI?

Rachel Pedersen is taking aim on the FHL stage to show you how to create content that fuels your funnels! Virality is something we all want, but rarely understand. She’ll help crack the code so your social media efforts are working for you, both with paid and organic viral traffic.

Learn more about Rachel by clicking here!

Stuck at the same income level year after year?

Myron Golden sees patterns and principles in everything. And he’s discovered the four levels of value that help people break out of their income ceiling and create virtually unlimited money and revenue. The first time I heard Myron speak, I didn’t move for the entire talk. And yes, he got a standing ovation. You’ll be mesmerized.

Learn more about Myron by clicking here!

Ready to throw in the towel because you feel physically exhausted by the grind and hustle that is entrepreneurship?

Anthony DiClementi is the biohacking master, who not only built a million dollar business, but teaches people how to create maximum performance in their bodies and minds so they can work smarter than everyone else!

Learn more about Anthony by clicking here!

Wondering if the strategies you’re going to learn at FHL are going to take months and years to master?

Peng Joon will show you how to master traffic…unlimited traffic…within three days.

Learn more about Peng by clicking here!

Are you struggling with eight-million ideas and can’t figure out how to land on just one?

Take a peek into Russell’s past, and you’ll see it littered with business ideas. He’s been there, done that, has the t-shirt. And he understands why you might be afraid to stick with one idea. The secret is tucked away in one mindset shift that will change everything, and created the environment for him to scale to 9 figures in three years.

Wishing you could afford Tony Robbin’s Date with Destiny this year?

Come and hang out with Tony at Funnelhacking Live, and learn how to build a business that will allow you to do any conference you want, any time, without limitation.

That’s what Funnelhacking is. It’s more than a geeky-techy funnel speak event. It’s total immersion in the art and science of being in charge of your own financial destiny through entrepreneurship.

Here’s the secret…all of these people on the Funnelhacking stage…they are YOU…a few months and years later. That’s it. The only difference is they dared believe and hope that it was possible for them. And they did whatever they had to do to get there.

There are very few experiences in life that can really shift your financial and entrepreneurial destiny the way Funnelhacking Live can do. I’ve had the honor and privilege of sharing meals with many of these people, shaking their hands, and learning even just one or two nuggets over dinner. And it’s worth THOUSANDS, if not millions of dollars.

  • If you ever wanted to get a funnel done in one night…
  • If you ever wanted to sneak a peek inside Russell’s Inner Circle….
  • If you wanted to sit and get a multi-millionaire’s brain downloaded into yours…

Funnelhacking Live is the way to do it.

Sell something….and I’ll see you there!

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