FHL2018 SPOTLIGHT: Natalie Hodson

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It’s very rare that we have the pleasure of witnessing someone exploding into the level of success right in front of us as Natalie Hodson has.

It has been incredible watching her meteoric success when it comes to members of the ClickFunnels family.

She has with incredible insight, extreme risk, taken to her audience with a real and authentic experience that has massively engaged both her followers and anyone new coming to her community.

Taking the fitness and lifestyle industry by storm, Natalie has taken on major competitors and has shown people globally the truth in what we perceive as perfection.

Changing the lives of her community through eating, fitness, and an overall lifestyle overhaul, Natalie is bringing value to her customers the moment they encounter her.

With strong fronts on all major social media fronts, Natalie has helped changed the lives of countless people and isn’t stopping any time soon.

Are you tired of having a stagnant audience? Are you feeling like you’re not engaging them to your full potential? Want them to see you as a real person and not as just a face on the screen that they scroll past?

This year, at Funnel Hacking Live in Orlando, Florida, Natalie Hodson will be teaching you the power of vulnerability!

She will be taking you from the greasy, used-car salesman tier of impact to a human, relatable, and inspiring person that your audience engages with and is genuinely excited to be in a community with.

Not surprisingly, it’s a lot harder than it sounds.

You have to be able to discern when to honestly engage your audience and how to capture the correct, honest moment to deliver the true you to your audience.

And, Natalie Hodson is going to personally reveal her secrets to you!

This is worth thousands of dollars and is immediately applicable to any business with a following!

So, what are you waiting for?!

Tickets are only $997.00!

That’s a fraction of the cost of the value of just Natalie’s training! She’s just one of many that we’ll be having right there in front of you, sharing their knowledge, insights, and wisdom!

This is not an offer to miss out on!

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One thought on “FHL2018 SPOTLIGHT: Natalie Hodson

  1. Great story. I may be missing something or my browser could be off/outdated. As of 0855 AM (EST) today, she uses S2 member and a word press theme … where is her use of the ClickFunnels Platform? Regardless, congratulations Natalie. Great site and business!