Funnel Hacking Live 2018 Round Up

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This year in Orlando, Florida, we were able to take over Coronado Springs where we put on the best Funnel Hacking Live so far, and I don’t mean that lightly. Three thousand Funnel Hackers, some veterans, and some coming within days of just hearing about ClickFunnels or Russell, which is astounding! Each and every one of them were treated to the event of a lifetime. This year’s event was one that is going to be difficult to beat next year, but we’re up to the challenge. But, before we dive into next year’s event, I think it’s important to take a moment to reflect on just what and incredible event we all experienced.

It’s hard to break down Funnel Hacking Live into just ten incredible parts, but I’m going to give it a chance. While there honestly wasn’t a moment at Funnel Hacking Live that honestly didn’t feel like it was gold, there were some extremely powerful moments that are hard to top. There were four days of intense and incredible content that could help everyone in their industry and it was so powerful seeing so many people eagerly networking and implementing new skills. It is one of the many reasons why Funnel Hacking Live is one of the most powerful events we have the pleasure of putting on.

What Is Funnel Hacking Live?

But, for those of you who are reading this and aren’t too sure what Funnel Hacking Live is, but are too afraid to raise your hands, let me tell you first. Funnel Hacking Live is the annual event where ClickFunnels and Russell Brunson showcase the information and normally reveals the next steps in the ClickFunnels universe. While Funnel Hacking Live has normally been a three day event, this year we extended the event to four days of information, networking, and extreme excitement. We take a lot of pride in the role that Funnel Hacking Live plays in our community.

It is where our community comes together to learn, celebrate, and network to the highest level within our collective culture. It’s something that we wait for all year like Christmas for marketers and members of the ClickFunnels community. One of the coolest factors in the whole event is the number of remarkable speakers, including Russell Brunson himself. This year, we had numerous amazing and talented Funnel Hackers who have come from the same roots as so many of the entrepreneurs who were seated in the audience. In fact, some of the people who were speaking this year after sitting in the same audience from last year’s Funnel Hacking Live. The kind of growth and change that comes from year to year with the Funnel Hacking Live events. The growth and changes that we get to see every year is part of what makes things so exciting.

So, for this year’s event, there was nonstop excitement for each day of the event and we were able to crush it day after day and top things. Honestly, in preparation to this event, we weren’t sure how the flow was going to work with so many amazing and incredible speakers and sessions in the event, but I think we successfully accomplished amazing things this year, just building and building. So, let me highlight the top moments at this year’s event if you weren’t able to attend, or maybe you want to soak in the memories of what an awesome event we had.

1.) Russell Taking the Stage for the First Time

One of the coolest things for the company and the community is to see Russell taking the stage for the first time in the entire event. It was something truly magical. Russell took the stage like the rockstar that he is and his speech was one for the books. Russell was the perfect welcoming party to everyone who had travelled from all across the world to see everything that ClickFunnels has to offer and showcase.

Honestly, one of the biggest build ups for us at ClickFunnels working in the office every day is to see the impact and the presence that our boss actually has with the community that we are diligently building. It’s awesome to see the value that we provide and when Russell took the stage, he immediately started throwing out knowledge bombs that people were able to pick up immediately and start running with. It was an awesome to see.

2.) Operation Underground Railroad

ClickFunnels is dedicated to helping nonprofits at each of our events and normally we showcase World Teacher’s Aid, but this year we were compelled as an office to support a cause that really came to us and unfolded throughout the year. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Tim Ballard and his team at Operation Underground Railroad as they dive into the darkest parts of the world and help rescue children who have been pulled into the most horrifying situation that I can ever imagine.

Tim Ballard and his team were able to show their documentary Operation Toussaint that was stirring and overwhelming with the kind of power to dramatically and drastically change the lives of everyone inside of the room watching. However, it was the overwhelming response that came in the donations that everyone in attendance provided. It was one of the most powerful moments in the entire event. It was incredible to behold the sheer generosity that Funnel Hacking Live had.

3.) Placard Awards

This year, we brought back out Two Comma Club Award Celebration this year and it was incredible to see just how many people had accomplished the Two Comma Club Award. This year, we’ve been seeing so many of these plaques coming in and we’ve been mounting them on our wall in the office, watching the whole thing grow more and more incredible. Seeing everyone on stage, getting their picture taken with Russell to celebrate their accomplishment, but it didn’t stop there.

This year, we unveiled the 9 Figure Award which came with a massive plaque and a ring, set with a whole bunch of diamonds like the Super Bowl ring for their accomplishment for hitting the 8 Figure Award. The whole thing was astounding to see and help support them and show that we’re proud of what they’ve done. It was so great to see this unfurl and celebrate with.

4.) Round Table Discussions

We had a lot of incredible and powerful people in the audience and on the stage that people were overly eager to meet. At Funnel Hacking Live, we know that there are a lot of people out there that want to have a chance to speak with some of those people. After all, you’d see some of our speakers walk only a few feet without people wanting to ask them a question or thank them for what they shared with the audience that it just seems like an obvious decision to give people the chance to meet some of the speakers and members of the audience who were killing it.

The Round Table Discussions are one of the best roll overs from last year that we implemented again this year where we set people down at tables and give people the chance to sit with them, listen to their information and knowledge. This was one of the closest interactions that they were given in a structured environment to pitch questions and issues and have some top of the line advice being given to them. It was a cool moment of people being highly engaged and captivated by the whole event. It was awesome to be a part of.

5.) Marriage Proposal on Stage

While this wasn’t necessarily business related, it was extremely cool when we were given the opera performance of a lifetime only to have it revealed that it was a marriage proposal staged for one of the attendees in the crowd. It was one of the coolest moments in a lifetime and it really helped put you on the edge of your seat and wonder what was going to be around the corner at the event. It was extremely cool to witness and we were all extremely happy for them.

6.) 2 Comma Club X

One of the coolest things that we’ve had the opportunity to unveil a coaching program for the attendees at the event called 2 Comma Club X, which will help take those who signed up on an incredible coaching journey. With the opportunity to work with five astounding coaches, those who signed up for the 2 Comma Club X program are going to get the opportunity of a life time. Whether they are just starting their journey toward the Two Comma Club Award or whether they are rushing for the 8 Figure Award, they’re going to have a chance to really dig deep and develop their company.

7.) Vender Speed Dating

This year, we had something new that we implemented that we had really wanted to make a part of Funnel Hacking Live before, but this was the first time we actually had a chance to use it. Vender Speed Dating was a chance for us to go through a lot of companies that we use, respect, and implement in our businesses. We wanted to help people find companies that were useful for them and possibly help them solve problems or take them to the next level that they’re searching for.

Vender Speed Dating turned out to be an awesome success with networking between people attending the event, engaging with companies that offer valuable services and features, and just a chance to mingle and discuss issues that they’re facing or triumphs that they’ve had. It was cool to see everyone interacting and getting together for a night. It was a hit.

8.) ActioneticsMD

If you were lucky enough to get to Funnel Hacking Live, you had a chance to get a glimpse at the newest feature that was showcased during the event, ClickFunnels’ new ActioneticsMD. It’s our newest feature with incredible integrations and features to help make your business run smoother. The whole program was unveiled and offered to our attendees, something that is still unavailable for those who did not attend. It was one of the coolest features unveiling that we’ve had at an event.

We’re excited for the feedback that we’re going to be receiving from out attendees and look forward to unveiling to the rest of our community. Keep your eyes open for announcements coming soon for those of you who did not attend the event.

9.) All the Amazing Speakers

This year, we were packed full of old and new favorites that came to the stage to speak about what they’re finding to be innovative and useful in their businesses and each of them dropped pure gold. It was incredible listening to all of them and seeing just how they’re working through their own businesses with ClickFunnels. The men and women who took to the stage this year were so diverse as well. Some were chronically successful, killing it at everything they touch and now using their knowledge and wisdom to inspire others who are just starting. On the other end of the spectrum, we had the new blood injected into the conference, people who have risen within the year to heights that others in the audience can’t quite comprehend. It helped people see just how attainable all of this truly is.

Another great aspect was the number of women who took the stage this year to help motivate and inspire those who are looking to climb a ladder of personal achievement in their lives. Each year, the number of women who are coming and joining the ClickFunnels community grows and grows, so seeing so many women taking the stage was really something that made us all proud, making us all feel empowered.

10.) Tony Robbins Closing Out

As with last year, we had the awesome opportunity of having Tony Robbins come and speak to all of us. Honestly, what is better than having Tony Robbins inspire three thousand people in a single room? It’s the stuff of magic. He took the stage and four hours, Tony Robbins inspired and motivated all the entrepreneurs that were given mountains of incredible information that will change their businesses.

Tony is one of those speakers who you really haven’t experienced the kind of motivational power, the level of energy that is produced in that room, then you need to. If he ever speaks at Funnel Hacking Live again, be sure to get your tickets, because this whole event was incredible and he was the cherry on top of it all.

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