How to Launch A High Achieving MLM Sales Funnel

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Launching an MLM sales funnel is no easy feat, especially if you’re starting from scratch. The good news is, that while it’s not an entirely easy thing to do, there are strategies you can do to launch a successful program.

The best thing to do is to outline or map your MLM strategy and design your marketing strategy and sales funnel from there.

Critical Components Of Your MLM Strategy

Marketing Strategy

The first step is to determine how your visitors will find you. This is the time when you raise awareness about your brand and your products or services. In an MLM business, it’s important to be able connect to a wide range of customers.

Your marketing strategy will be the medium that drives traffic to your actual sales funnel. You can choose from different options or make use of all the options according to your marketing budget:

  • Inbound Marketing
  • SEO/SEM Campaigns
  • PPC Advertising
  • Paid Social Media Advertising
  • Influencer Marketing

Whatever you choose, make sure that your advertising copy aligns with the whole funnel. Remember that here should be coherence within the funnel as a whole.

Sales Funnel 

Your sales funnel has the following pages:

  • Optin Page

Your optin page will be where you can ask your visitors to sign up to your mailing list. You can use this for your future marketing campaigns since not 100% of your visitors are sure to convert.

  • Sales Page

Your sales page will feature your sales copy. This page is where you attract your visitors by laying out your offers. To make a successful sales page, consider the following pointers:

    1. Add urgency to your copy
    1. Be clear and concise
    1. Describe the benefits of your offer
    1. Add exclusivity to your sales pag
    1. Match your sales page headline to your CTA copy
    1. Add social sharing icons
    1. Do not overcrowd your sales page with too much copy
  1. Create variations and split test

ClickFunnels offers a wide selection of elements you can use to design your landing pages. For example, if you’re looking to add urgency to your copy, you can do so by making use of the Timer Element. The new version of the editor lets you add different types of countdown timers to your page.

clickfunnels- MLM Sales Funnel

If you’re unsure about your copywriting skills or if you’re not ready to hire a copywriter, a good alternative is Funnel Scripts which helps you generate fantastics, high-converting copies. If you haven’t signed up for an account, you can go ahead and register for a copy here.

  • Product Page

Your product page is where you feature your product or service prominently.  This page is an optional page that you can use if you feel that your sales page has too much content and you want to feature the product or service you are offering in a dedicated page.

  • Order Page

Your order page is where your order form is found. This page will contain the prices of the products you are offering.

TIP: Add a sense of security by making use of security badges to assure your customers that the transaction is secure.

Auto-Responders and Email Broadcasts

Now that you’ve gotten your advertising, lead generation and sales up and running, you have to understand that your work does not stop there. There is also such as thing as lead nurturing. Develop a relationship with your customers through lead nurturing by communicating with them regularly. It can be through email broadcasts, SMS updates or through phone calls.

Actionetics lets you segment your email list for personalised communications with your market. You can also make use of Actionetics for auto-responders and email broadcasts.

Make It Work

1. Use Explainer Videos In Lieu Of Long-Form Content

In this day and age, convenience is one of the top factors in conversion. Pair that sense of convenience with a user’s attention span, and you’ll find it easier to understand why videos are more successful as compared to long-form content.

2. Add Social Proof

Make use of testimonials and feed backs as a form of social proof. You can add your clients’ logos as well if allowed. Also, you can make filling in their phone numbers as optional and ask permission if you can call them in the future to check up on their progress or to ask for feed backs and testimonials.

3. Align Your Copy Throughout The Funnel

When creating your copy, make sure that it aligns to your sales copy, ads, and the whole of your funnel. Remember to make it clear, concise and coherent.

4. Make Use Of A Good Affiliate Marketing Management System

A good affiliate marketing management system that lets you track your sales, affiliate progres, payments due, payments made, etc. is a good start if you want to launch a successful MLM business. Make sure the management system you use lets you integrate to other tools that can help you grown your business.

ClickFunnels’ affiliate management platform, Backpack, is a good example of such tool. Not only can you integrate Backpack to ClickFunnels, but you can also make use of its powerful features in creating effective, high-converting sales funnels. Power that up even further with Actionetics for your communication needs and you’ve got yourself a whole suite of tools in one software.


5. Split Test

Don’t just settle for one version of your pages! Create variations of your pages and split test. Remember to experiment and test different versions of copy and design.

If you want to see examples of funnels you can use for MLM, you can check out these Share Funnels.

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How do you plan out your MLM Sales Funnel?

Comment below and tell us!

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