15 Ways To Make Money Using Email Marketing

15 Ways To Make Money Using Email Marketing

Emailing was once novel. Unique. Iconic, even. It had an air of newness to it. But not anymore. Today, email is ubiquitous. Common. It’s everywhere we turn. It’s on our desktops. In our phones and tablets. Everywhere. It’s no longer an alternative to mail. It is mail. After all, email is simple. It’s easy. Effective. We prefer it over traditional mail any day of the week.

Gone are the days of so-called snail mail. No more waiting days, weeks or months for returned correspondences. Nope. Today we live in a digital world where email is front and center. And email communications occur in real-time. It’s how we consume content. We talk to friends and family via email. We use it to receive our bills and invoices. And much more. But email goes far deeper than that.

Today, email marketing is the most effective form of customer communication. When done the right way, it can propel your income and your business forward. Email marketing can move mountains. It can transform the topography of your business instantly. It can help you increase your sales and revenue overnight. And email marketing can help you earn more money than you’ve ever dreamed of.

Yes. Marketing via email is everything today. It offers the highest return on investment of any marketing channel hands down for a reason. But not everyone understands how to use email marketing the right way. After all, people are swimming in spam, right? We received endless emails every moment of every day. And we fight to make sense of what’s legit and what’s fake.

How To Make Money Using Email Marketing

Today, email marketing is as much an art form as it is a science. It’s art because the most effective emails stir curiosity. They’re not clickbait. But they do harness powerful hooks to get people to click. Hooks capture our attention momentarily and get us to pause briefly. And when done the right way those hooks can reel people in like fish from the water.

Hooks require creativity. The interrupt patterns. But great hooks can only capture our attention for so long. To keep that attention you must use the power of storytelling. But stories don’t just tell. They also sell. Because stories help form bonds and build rapport. They create an audience. And they trigger mass movements. After all, people don’t want to just buy random things from random people. They want to buy from people they know, like and trust.

Email is a science because it’s not just about telling stories and being creative. Email must be used very intentionally. It’s not random stories that sell. Stories must be told in the right way. They have to help create new ideas in the prospect’s mind. To implant a strong desire to buy whatever it is that we’re peddling. To form epiphanies and spark powerful intentions. That doesn’t happen by chance.

There is a very logical process to sending the right kind of emails the right way. And when you take this approach, email marketing can be used to transform your income. Even if you don’t have a business right now you can use email marketing to make money. Lots of money. And to make it fast. You can use it to make money from your phone. In your sleep. While you’re on the road. As a freelancer. An affiliate. A stay-at-home mom. You can use it in every single scenario.

1—Sales Funnels

Sales funnels are powerful money-making machines. You can use them to make money in your business. Lots of money. That’s because sales funnels are highly effective at converting prospects into buyers. Once a prospect enters your world and is now part of your email list, you can sell any of the products or services that you offer. Add those products and services to sales funnels. Use upsells and downsells. Interweave urgency and scarcity like a pro. That’s where the real magic happens.

Sales funnels hook a prospect in and get them to spend more money with you. They increase your average order value, allowing you to make more money in less time. And that really is the name of the game in business, right? If you’re not using sales funnels in your business then you’re leaving money on the table. Learn how to use email marketing the right way to promote those funnels and supercharge your results.

2—Product Launches

Email marketing allows you to launch new products and services to an existing audience with ease. You no longer have to go out and promote to a cold audience. You’ve already done that and those prospects are now a warm audience who are receptive to what you’re selling. Warm (and especially hot) audiences are the ideal group of people to roll out your product launches to. After all, these are your engaged fans and existing buyers.

Product launches work over several days. The first three days drip out value and promote the coming launch. The fourth day (or email) is typically the launch where the cart opens. People are informed that the launch is limited. It either expires soon or has limited space available. This creates urgency and scarcity. Then, the cart closes and orders are halted. When done authentically, product launches can be used to sell high-ticket products and services with ease.

3—Affiliate Marketing

One of the most effective ways to make money with email marketing is to sell things as an affiliate. You can use emails to promote affiliate links and offers to an engaged audience that knows, likes and trusts you. In fact, some of the top affiliates have massive email lists. And they use those lists to promote affiliate offers and make money with ease.

Affiliate marketing is by far one of the fastest ways you can make money. But don’t be disillusioned. You must understand the difference between email marketing and email spamming. No one likes to receive endless emails to purchase things. You have to be tactical. Intentional. And you must approach it authentically by picking affiliate offers that deliver real value to your audience.

4—Online Courses

Online courses allow you to share your knowledge and your wisdom with the world. The right online course delivered to the right audience can revolutionize your income. And email marketing is the ideal way to roll out an online course once it’s completed. Don’t worry if you’ve never created an online course before. You can easily build them using our online course builder. It offers premade templates and a drag-and-drop editor. You don’t need to be a web developer or have any specialized coding skills to build your online course.

What type of online course should you build? That all depends on what industry or niche you’re passionate about. Your online course should help to solve a specific problem for a specific person. That person should also be ready and able to pay you a decent amount of money for your online course. Meaning that you shouldn’t target students who typically have very little money. Instead, target entrepreneurs and business owners to help them solve a specific problem in their business.

5—Discounts & Sales

You can use email marketing to make money by promoting discounts and sales. Although you shouldn’t train your audience to expect discounts and sales, doing this once in a while can be helpful. Especially when you’re in a physical product business. You can also run discounts and sales during the heavy buying season during Black Friday and the holidays.

Discounts and sales also don’t have to be an amount off the product. It can be for additional products and services that customers wouldn’t typically get. For example, you can run sales for paying an entire year of service upfront by providing a few extra months of that service. It’s still a sale but it’s also a way to spur the customer to spend more money.

6—First-Time Purchase Coupons

It’s often easy to get people to download a lead magnet from you, right? Lead magnets are high-value freebies that prospects gobble up. Especially when those lead magnets are presented in the right way to help solve a real problem the prospect is experiencing. But that’s not the only way to get people onto an email list. For example, if you sell a physical product or have a Shopify store you could take a different approach. You could have a pop-up that offers a first-time purchase coupon of 50%.

Most people think that first-time purchase coupons are a bad idea. But they’re not. They spur customers to spend money with you. And once they spend money one time, it’s far easier for them to keep spending. It also reinforces itself with the law of consistency. We like to stay consistent with our prior actions whatever those actions might be.

7—Upsells & Cross-Sells

Emails allow you to offer upsells and cross-sells with ease. For example, let’s say that a customer purchased an item for you. That customer is now a buyer who has already taken the first step of buying something from you. Even if they’ve only purchased something small they still purchased. And that is the key to opening up the door for them to spend more money.

Upsells typically happen within the framework of a sales funnel. But they can also happen via email. When someone purchases, you can offer a higher quantity of products for a reduced rate. You can also offer other products and services that solve different problems in their business. There are lots of ways to approach this.

8—Webinar Registrations

Webinars are powerful presentations that help you sell products or services that are typically more difficult to sell. They work well because they break false beliefs the prospect harbors. Those false beliefs hold them back from buying whatever it is that you’re peddling. And it’s all based on past experiences. Webinars help to reshape those beliefs and get people primed and ready to buy. They’re powerful presentations that last anywhere from 90 minutes and up.

Email marketing helps you make money by promoting webinars. If you don’t know how webinar works or want to create a webinar you can use to sell more products then read this book. You can then use your email list to promote registrations for that webinar. As long as the webinar is aligned with your industry or niche, your audience will gladly register to watch a free webinar presentation.


You can use email marketing to make money by promoting livestreams. If you livestream on different platforms, you can let your list know about it. Livestreaming is a great way to make money by either making money from viewers, receiving gifts, or promoting products or services. It’s popular on platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Kick, and many others.

Livestreaming is a great way to continue the rapport you’re building with your audience via email. Except now you’re doing it almost in person. It’s live and in real-time. You can share stories that you share via email and use tonality in your voice to convey more emotions. And you can share links in your livestreams to get people to purchase products, visit a sales funnel, or take some other action you want them to take.

10—Premium Products & Services

Your email list is an engaged audience. When you approach email marketing the right way, that’s always the case. It’s a more intimate environment than a blog or a video. That’s because you’re speaking directly to that person. And your email should be written in a friendly tone. A tone that’s designed to convey that you’re friends. You do that by skipping the formalities and making it sound like an actual letter to a friend.

And the more you build up that friendship, the more likely they’ll be to purchase premium products or services from you. You could be a roofing company for all that matters. And based on your approach to email marketing, you can substantially boost your income by selling premium roofs, solar, and more. It doesn’t matter whether you sell premium products or services, you can sell more of it via email.

11—Ascension Funnels

If you’re approaching your email marketing the right way then you’re segmenting your email lists. Segmenting just means that you’re organizing contacts based on actions. One of those actions should be a purchase action. Meaning that you should have a buyer’s list. Buyers have already spent money with you. And they’re likely willing to spend more money with you. That’s where ascension funnels come into play. Ascension just means that you’re getting them to elevate (or spend more money) the relationship with you.

Ascension funnels can take on many different forms. But the basic understanding is that a customer is ascending your value ladder. That just means that they are purchasing products and services that deliver more and more value to them. Remember that a buyer can simply mean someone who purchased a low-ticket product from you. And email marketing is a way to bring awareness to the products and services you offer that deliver higher value.

12—Limited Time Offers

Limited-time offers create urgency. Think about sales that only last so long. Imagine a countdown clock that’s ticking down toward the end of something. It could simply be that the cart is closing soon. And the countdown clock is a reminder that the offer is coming to an end. Offers that do this create something called urgency. Urgency is another human psychological lever that’s used in business often. It gets us to take action by setting some impending deadline.

Even when a deadline is arbitrary, the mere fact that there is a deadline gets people to take action. Sometimes you have to give people a reason to take action or they just won’t do it. And that’s what an impending deadline can do. Think about ways you can roll out limited-time offers by using email marketing to help you make more money in your business fast.

13—Depleting Inventory

Depleting inventory is a way to position your products to maximize sales by using the scarcity tactic. People always want what they cannot have. This is basic human psychology. And as inventory depletes, sales frenzies occur. We’ve seen this happen many times in the past. When concert tickets are selling out, prices skyrocket and demand shoots through the roof. Toilet paper shortages of the past also paint a very stark picture of scarcity in the real world.

Scarcity is used by companies like Amazon. They’ll display that a certain number remains in stock. That spurs people to place their orders before inventory is depleted. And you can use email marketing to make money by promoting your depleting inventory. Let people know that only a select number of units or spots remain. And that will give people the motivation to complete their purchase soon.

14—Live Challenges

Live challenges offer a unique opportunity to make a lot of money in your business. When you run a live challenge, you are engaged with an active audience. Especially when that audience feels like you can solve their problems. Email marketing is an ideal way to promote any form of live challenge. That’s because your audience should already know you. And you can use that challenge to get them to know you even better.

You can run paid challenges and free challenges. It all depends on your primary objective. Paid challenges help you qualify prospects quickly. That’s because people who pay are always willing to pay more attention. And they’re willing to pay even more money later on for higher value. That’s where the real magic happens.

15—Coaching & Consulting

An engaged audience is ready and willing to purchase premium services from you. Especially after you establish a solid relationship with them. Remember that people purchase from others that they know, like and trust. And email marketing allows you to establish that rapport with a prospect. Rapport is built over time so don’t expect that to happen instantly. You must share valuable insights and stories with prospects to solidify that rapport.

Stories are important. But they must be shared the right way. They have to be used to not just build rapport but to also overcome limiting beliefs the prospects might still have. Email marketing also helps you build authority with your audience by sharing the results you’ve gotten for others. And that authority helps you sell premium services like coaching and consulting.