10 Profitable Online Business Ideas You Can Launch Today

10 Profitable Online Business Ideas You Can Launch Today

You have goals. Dreams. Aspirations. You strive to do more. To be more. And to achieve bigger and brighter things in life. To make money. Real money. Not the kind of money you’re making right now. That’s not cutting it. It’s not enough to support you and your family. After all, prices are rising. Costs are ballooning. Every day life is becoming increasingly more expensive. That’s why it’s no longer enough.

Look, it’s easy to allow your expenses to creep up. After all, you want a better life. A bigger home. Nicer car. But working as an employee isn’t cutting it. That’s just helping you get by. But barely. Because the ice is thinning. So it’s time to wake up. Time to create something that you can sell. A valuable product or service. And it’s time to build that online business and start selling today. Right now. Not tomorrow.

This is a nudge from the universe. A push in the right direction. The truth? You’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, right? So what are you waiting for? The time is now. You can’t wait around for the perfect moment. There is no perfect moment. But what online business will you create? And how will you ensure that your online business actually makes money and doesn’t falter and fail?

What Is An Online Business?

Today, it’s clear that the world is different. We used to live in a physical world. A place where we got in the car and drove to the store to get things. Today? Not so much. The physical and the digital worlds are merging. Reality is augmenting. The physical world and the digital world are increasingly fusing together into this oddly mixed reality. And most physical businesses are quickly transforming into online businesses.

Today, your business must have a digital presence on the internet. An online business is a necessity. It’s no longer an exception to the rule. It’s by far the norm. And if you don’t have a digital presence? How seriously will people take you? Not very seriously, right? After all, this thing that we now call reality isn’t just a physical world. It’s a digital world.

In this digital world, you must have an online presence. It’s a place people visit to transact with you. They visit your online business to buy products or services. It creates convenience and ease. But most people struggle to start an online business. There’s fear and doubt. Sure, you can start an online business. But how do you grow it? How do you ensure it’s profitable?

Yes, it’s easy to launch an online business. It’s easy to create a company and a bank account. And even easier to buy a domain and set up an online business where people can transact with you. But how do you get people to buy? Where does the valuable traffic come from? Gone are the days when you could buy a store in a busy mall and instantly get foot traffic and eyeballs. Today things are different. Very different.

What Online Business Should You Start?

There are only two types of online businesses you can create. There are product-based businesses. Those are businesses where you sell a physical product. Those products can be anything under the sun. There are also service-based businesses. They can be any type of service you can think of. They can be services you provide to consumers. And they can also be services you provide to other businesses.

Everything boils down to those two buckets. The first thing you need to do is decide what type of business you’ll create. Will you sell products or services? You should focus on one or the other. Each one has its pros and cons. For example, a physical product business can be costly because of manufacturing costs, storage fees, shipping costs, and so on.

Can you make money online with a physical product business? Yes. Of course you can. But do you have the capital to launch and sustain it? That’s the question. After all, customer acquisition costs are rising. It’s expensive to acquire new customers. And if you have thin margins, you have to get creative. Can you acquire customers profitably in a physical product business? That all depends on your skill level.

On the other hand, service-based businesses are low in cost to start. Selling a service is as simple as picking up the phone. Is it easy? No. But it is simple. Either online business requires one skill that most budding entrepreneurs lack—marketing. It doesn’t matter what type of business you create. What matters most is your ability to market that business.

How To Market Your Online Business

Ever wonder why some people are so successful while others can’t seem to get ahead? Have you ever looked at someone and wondered how it is that they can make so much money so fast? It’s not because they’re smarter than you. They’re probably not more driven. It’s largely because of one thing and one thing only. Marketing. They know how to market.

But what is marketing? And how do you use it to promote your online business? Marketing isn’t sales. It’s not calling someone or hounding them to buy. Marketing is persuasion. Marketing is getting someone interested enough in you and what you sell to create the desire to learn more and eventually buy. And the best marketers can create a buying frenzy. It’s not because of wizardry or trickery. Not at all.

Think about it this way. People don’t like to buy from companies they’re not familiar with. They buy from people they know, like and trust. So how do you get people to do that? By marketing. And what’s the best way to market? To tell stories. Why? Because stories sell. They’re the bridge that people cross on the way to purchasing anything from us.

1—Sell Handmade Products

One online business you can launch fast and profitably is to sell handmade products. You can use existing platforms like Etsy or Handmade. You can also build a powerful sales funnel to sell your handmade products. Whether you like crafting, knitting, woodworking, or anything else, does not matter. You can now turn your passion into an online business by selling your wares on the internet.

It’s easy to build a business when you’re passionate about what you do, right? Instead of dreading your job, you’ll enjoy it. You’ll wake up every day excited to work on your business. That doesn’t mean it will be easy. There’s still a lot of work involved. But this niche is easy to market. Why? Because you can document your work and post those videos on social media.

Tell stories about the first time you discovered crafting. Talk about how your mom or grandmother or someone else first introduced you to the idea. Share stories that get people to know, like and trust you. Sure, you can run ads. But ads are expensive. Instead, get on social media and start talking. Talk to the camera as though you’re talking to a close friend. And watch and the sales start to materialize.

2—Apparel & Merchandise

It’s easier than ever to launch an apparel business or to merchandise your brand. Why? Because print-on-demand (POD) companies like Printful and Printify make this so easy. All you need to do is create the digital artwork. The POD company will do the rest. Yes, you need to get people to buy what you’re selling. But think about it this way. You’ll never have to create, store, or ship the products yourself. Ever.

POD allows you to build an online business selling products you’ll never touch. This is ideal for brands that want to launch merch fast without all the typical hassle. You don’t need to buy machines. There’s no warehouse to lease. You’ll never have to personally ship anything. All you need to do is market your products. That doesn’t make it easy. But it is far simpler.

You can connect most POD platforms to existing online storefront builders. For example, you can Etsy, Shopify and even Amazon FBA to them. That gives you an outlet to sell your products. You can also sell your products directly in a sales funnel and add upsells and downsells to the purchase process. This way you can increase your average order value.

3—Sales Funnel Designer

Sales funnels are the single most powerful tool in business. Today, traditional websites are dead. So if you’re thinking about building a regular website, don’t waste your time. Instead, build a sales funnel. A sales funnel converts at 137% higher (on average) than websites. Why? Because sales funnels have a singular focus. Websites overwhelm you with choices. Not sales funnels. Sales funnels have one direct path forward. That’s it.

Most people refer to sales funnels as magic little money-making machines for a reason. Yes. They’re that powerful. And the beauty is this. You can design sales funnels and sell those designs. You can either contract directly with a business to do this on platforms like Upwork and Freelancer. Or you can create your designs and sell them in the funnel marketplace.

Either way you approach this, it makes a great online business. Especially when you sell your designs in the funnel marketplace. That turns your business into a passive income machine. Why? Because those designs sell around the clock. You do the work one time and you get paid repeatedly. It’s like making money in your sleep.

4—Affiliate Marketing

Some don’t look at affiliate marketing as an online business. They don’t think that promoting affiliate links accounts to a business whatsoever. But it does. And affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable online businesses that you can build. Why? Because there are no costs and no overhead aside from your time and efforts to market that business.

To make money as an affiliate you have to create value. That’s where most affiliate marketers fail. They go on social media and try to pitch their affiliate offers again and again. They spam the world with those offers. That’s not how you make money as an affiliate. You make money by creating value around the product or service you’re selling as an affiliate.

There are two ways to approach this. The first way is to educate people about the affiliate product or service and help them solve problems related to it. If it’s an online system, teach them how to use it by creating video tutorials. The other way is to roll the whole thing into an offer. Provide bonus products and services to anyone who signs up with your affiliate link.

5—Sell Digital Products

You can sell digital products to make money online. Today, it’s commonplace. Your entire online business can involve creating simple digital products that solve problems that people are struggling with. Look at the three overall markets and see where you can fit in. There’s health, wealth, and relationships. Pick one market and look for a problem you can solve. Then, create a digital product that solves that problem.

Build your digital product by asking the public what they’re struggling with. Use social media to poll your audience and figure out where they need help. Then build a digital product around that. This is sometimes referred to as an Ask Campaign. That’s because you’re asking people what they want. Then you’re delivering the solution to that problem.

You can sell digital products in many ways. You can use all the popular platforms to do it like Etsy, Shopify and others. But the most powerful way you can sell a digital product is through a sales funnel. After all, sales funnels are the secret to success. They offer the highest conversion rates. They also help increase sales, boost revenue, and get customers to spend more money.

6—Launch A Membership Site

Membership sites allow you to charge a fee for people looking to consume organized knowledge and information. Membership sites update their content regularly. If you’re in an industry where you can provide content and updates regularly, consider launching a membership site. And if you think membership sites are difficult to build, they’re not.

You can build a membership site easily using our software. It has premade templates and a drag-and-drop editor to make it easy to build. Simply connect your payment gateway and set up subscriptions to get people to purchase. Plus, you can add different tiers to your membership site. This way, you can make certain content only accessible to certain tiers.

7—Become A Copywriter

The world needs more copywriters. Especially copywriters who are good at what they do. Most people who try to write copy aren’t highly skilled. But they still make a lot of money at it. But this is a trade that every single business needs. Why? Because, when you can craft drool-worthy copy and get prospects to take action, you can change the trajectory of any business.

That’s why businesses are willing to pay a lot of money for expert copywriting. This is an online business you can create and manage from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter where you live. As long as you can craft great copy, you can make money with this skill. Before you attempt to build a business like this, learn copywriting and get very good at it. Understand the frameworks that create great copy.

Copywriting involves understanding the ideal customer of a business. And you must understand the problems that customer faces. Then, you must speak to that customer directly. Use curiosity and agitate their pain. Then present the solution. Offer social proof of others who have used the product or service and have loved it. And bake in things like urgency and scarcity to get people to take action.

8—Create Online Courses

Online courses offer the potential to generate a serious income online. Why? Because people always want to learn. Sure, information is readily available everywhere for free. That’s obvious, right? But that information isn’t organized properly. And people are too lazy to search and find everything. They much rather prefer to purchase high-quality information that’s well-organized.

When that information solves a problem they’re experiencing, that’s even better. What type of online courses can you sell? You can literally sell anything. The best approach? Solve a persistent problem that people are experiencing. And make sure that you’re solving a problem for people who can afford to pay for it. Meaning that instead of targeting students, target entrepreneurs who are already making money.

Most students don’t have money to spend. But entrepreneurs and professionals do have the money to invest in their education. Take the time to first understand the problems. Then think about how you can solve those problems in the format of an online course. Sell your course using our software or pick another platform you can use.

9—Vacation Rental Management

Vacation rentals are booming. No matter what you see in the media, the truth is that people are constantly traveling. And those people always need a place to stay. Oftentimes, staying in a hotel just isn’t pleasant when you have a larger group. So most opt for vacation rentals (aka transient rentals). These are fully furnished properties that you can rent out to vacation-goers looking for a more home-away-from-home experience.

Most would be shocked when they see the amount of money being spent on vacation rentals. Especially luxury vacation rentals. I’m talking about high-end homes and villas in the most sought-after destinations on earth. Even private islands. Yes, people are spending a lot of money on these properties. And you can turn this into an online business.

Most vacation rental companies take in anywhere from twenty percent to forty percent of the gross rental rates. Plus, most of the biggest villas have an entire staff dedicated to them, like this one that was recently featured on Amazon Prime’s Epic Villas show. All you need to do is promote those properties. You can use existing platforms like VRBO, FlipKey and even Airbnb to promote your rentals.

10—Social Media Management

Social media connects us all. It’s now easier than ever to reach people online thanks to platforms like TikTok and Instagram. And many companies understand the power of social media. They just don’t know how to harness that power. They’re too busy working in their businesses to actually work on growing those businesses. That’s where you come in.

This is one of the fastest-growing types of online businesses you can create. But you must be good with social media to succeed. You have to understand how to create powerful hooks that engage your audience and keep them watching. That’s what helps accelerate your views. And you must be able to do this for others. Not just for yourself.

You can charge a lot of money for social media management. Yes, it takes a lot of work to create short-form videos that lock viewers in and keep them watching. But that’s the trick. All you need to do is obsess over the content of some of the top creators to see what works. Then, start testing and prodding. It takes time and effort. But it’s well worth it.

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