15 Remote Jobs To Make Money Working From Home

15 Remote Jobs To Make Money Working From Home

We’re in the midst of a revolution. A seismic shift. It’s been underway for years now. But the pace of change has intensified. And the meaning of work is no longer the same as it used to be. Thanks to this thing we call the Internet, we can find remote jobs at some of the top companies in the world while living anywhere we please.

We no longer have to suffer or sacrifice for a standard of living that doesn’t meet our expectations. We no longer have to commute for hours a day just have a decent place to live. Nope. Not at all. Today, we can easily find remote jobs that allow us to make money working from home or while traveling the world. You can be on a tropical island and sink your feet in warm sugary-white sands, or be on a farm in a rural village halfway across the world. It doesn’t matter.

The Internet delivers convenience and real-time communications to people everywhere. That means we can work remote jobs and live in a place that affords us a higher standard of living. But what does it mean to work a remote job? And how do you find the best work-from-home jobs or work-from-abroad jobs out there?

The truth? An endless number of remote jobs exist that allow us to work from home and make money online from anywhere. But how hard is it to find these jobs? And how do you set yourself apart from others who are vying for the same positions? I won’t sit here and tell you that it’s easy. But it is simple. The one thing you must understand is that remote jobs require discipline. If you don’t have the discipline to work remotely, you’ll find it hard to stay on track and get your work done.

What Is A Remote Job?

Remote jobs allow you to work from anywhere in almost any occupation. Today, remote jobs are more common than not. In fact, most of the best organizations have entire teams of skilled remote workers. After all, most work today doesn’t require you to be physically present. Since almost every business system originates online, you can do your job working from home or abroad in almost every industry & niche.

Most people think that remote jobs offer low pay. But that’s not the case. In fact, some of the top remote jobs pay a higher salary than some of their on-location counterparts. Why? It’s because some of the top talent in the world get to pick and choose where they want to work. And sometimes, they can’t easily be in the physical location where the company is located.

Working remotely is an advantage. Not a disadvantage. You just need to know where to look for the best remote jobs. It’s not just about working from home. Today, we want the freedom to work while traveling and to make money from our phones. It’s that laptop lifestyle that has us fixated on seeing the world. After all, life isn’t slowing down for us one bit, right?

How To Find Remote Jobs

You can find remote jobs on many of the popular job platforms. For example, you can use Indeed to find work-from-home jobs. You can also use Monster Jobs, Zip Recruiter, Flex Jobs, LinkedIn and more. You can even use X.com’s new job search system, which gives you access to millions of jobs. And you can also use your social media accounts to let people know that you’re open to work.

However, you don’t need to search on your own. You can also easily find headhunters to help you find great remote jobs. Headhunters get paid on performance. And depending on the type of job you’re looking for, that often means a lot of money for the headhunter. But it also gives you peace of mind and allows you to rest and relax feeling assured that someone is out there searching for you.

Should You Work A Remote Job Or Work For Yourself?

Most people can’t imagine working for themselves. They can’t imagine being self-employed. But so many people are doing it. And successfully. Remote jobs can be rewarding when you can find the right one. If you can’t, it’ll seem like a struggle. That’s why working for yourself should always be on the table. The question is, what kind of business would you start?

It all depends on your skills. I won’t tell you what type of business you should start. I would only tell you to go where the money flows. Where are people spending the most amount of money? What problems can you solve at a high level that people will be willing to pay you for? Those are the questions you should ask. Think about it this way. When you find a remote job, that company is looking for employees who can solve problems in a specific area of their business. That’s all.

Either way you look at it, don’t start by selling inexpensive items. That won’t help you make a lot of money or make it fast at all. Aim higher. Go after big problems that you can solve. Even if you do it on the side. And whatever you do, make sure you build a sales funnel to grow that business fast. Sales funnels (aka marketing funnels) are the most powerful way that anyone can grow their business and make money online. Period.

1—Customer Service Jobs

The most obvious type of remote job is customer service. Every company needs skilled customer service reps. If you’re fluent in English and skilled with typical productivity programs, you can easily secure a customer service job. Customer service requires great communication skills. So if you can effectively communicate with others then consider getting a job in customer service.

While most customer service remote jobs don’t allow you to set your own hours, it does give you location freedom. You can work from anywhere as long as you’re available during typical business hours. Even if you live halfway across the world on another continent. That’s the beauty of customer service. But this work is demanding. Especially when you’re dealing with unruly customers.

2—Social Media Jobs

Social media allows you to work from anywhere in the world. This doesn’t just mean you need to get a remote job working for another company. You can do social media for others and still get paid. Either way, if you’re good at social media you should consider this. Especially if you’re interested in doing social media management and running an agency.

Remote jobs in social media run the gamut. You could be in charge of posting new content every day. It might mean that you need to create short-form videos or write great descriptions and post them with photos. It could mean managing a TikTok shop or driving traffic to offers using swipe-up stories. And it could mean many other things.

3—Affiliate Marketing

Every company needs to have an affiliate program if they don’t already have one. That’s because affiliates can drive a lot of sales by tapping into existing audiences. Especially when you’re dealing with super affiliates. You can also find many remote jobs in the affiliate marketing space. You could find something working for one of the big affiliate platforms like Rakuten, CJ Affiliate, ClickBank and others.

Plus, you can also do affiliate marketing by just becoming an affiliate for top companies. For example, our affiliate program has paid out over $140 million to affiliates. To really succeed as an affiliate, you need to build a bridge page that helps you build your email list. Email lists are the most important asset that you can have. Especially in the affiliate space.

4—Phone Sales

Phone sales (also known as telemarketing) is a remote job that could earn you a lot of money. Especially if you’re good on the phone. If you can build rapport and really understand how to listen to prospects, you could do well in telemarketing. Most telemarketers do get a bad rap. After all, it’s a taxing industry that does involve speaking to rude people at times. But then again, most people don’t like being disturbed by sales calls.

However, if you’re good on the phone, this is absolutely one remote job you should consider. You have the potential to earn both a fixed salary and commissions when you sell on the phone. Many companies will gladly pay you a commission on sales. That means that if you’re really good, you could make a lot of money in telemarketing.

5—Writing Jobs

If you’re a copywriter or you’re a skilled writer in another area, you could easily find a remote job in writing. You can write for companies near and far. And you can do it from anywhere in the world. The best part is that you can even mostly do this from your phone. Meaning that you can write content easily on your phone that you can then insert into any business system necessary.

So what types of writing jobs can you find? You can find a job copywriting sales letters, ad verbiage, product descriptions, landing pages, sales funnel upsells, email communications, and more. You can help companies write content for newsletters, ghostwrite books and manuals, and so much more. The options are endless.

6—Web Development

Web developers can make a lot of money working remotely. Everyone knows that. If you’re a skilled web developer, you can live anywhere and earn a good living. You don’t need to be in the United States. You can be on an entirely different continent. As long as you’re a good web developer, you’ll easily find endless opportunities to earn.

Web developers can also monetize their skills in other ways. You don’t only need to get a remote job. You can build online courses about web development, tutor others directly, write books about it, and more. It’s not just about getting a paycheck every single month from a company. Instead, find ways you can leverage time by turning your knowledge and skills into sellable digital products.

7—Graphic Design

Graphic designers can make money working remotely for companies everywhere. Even though AI is starting to take over, companies still need graphic designers (and will likely well into the future). That’s because there’s nothing better than having someone skilled in graphic design to really tackle design-related problems.

Graphic designers can do many things from logos, to brochure designs, sales funnel graphics, print design, manuals, and more. Make sure you have a good graphic design portfolio somewhere online. Today, most graphic designers use Behance to represent their portfolio. Put your best work there and ensure you include a link in your resume when applying for jobs.

8—Prompt Engineering

Prompt engineering is a growing field that will likely increase in size. Especially before artificial general intelligence (AGI) arrives. AGI will likely put an end to most prompt engineering. That’s because AGI will better understand how to serve our needs. Until then, prompt engineering is vital. If you know how to ask the right questions from AI systems like ChatGPT and Grok, you could easily work as a prompt engineer.

To get the best prompt engineering remote jobs, you should have experience in coding and AI systems. If you do have some experience, then great. If you don’t, you can easily learn by watching YouTube videos or consuming online courses geared toward teaching these skills. Spend lots of time asking questions in different ways to see how the answers vary. That will give you deep insight into how your prompts can serve the best solutions to any problems.

9—Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vital skill that most companies desperately fail at. That’s because SEO is hard. It takes time and hard work. You must know how to do SEO the right way or else it could lead to disastrous results. The trouble? Most major updates to SEO take months to do with very little results. That’s why you could be doing the wrong thing for months and only later find out down the road. Companies understand the importance of this and some invest heavily in SEO.

Most people approach SEO the wrong way. They look for shortcuts and hacks. Instead, you must deliver real value. If you understand how to do that, you can excel in any SEO-related remote job. It takes consistent effort and determination. And it also takes understanding all the ups and downs of how the algorithm works and not trying to chase after shortcuts and deceptive strategies.

10—Real Estate

Real estate is a great way to make money no matter where you’re from. Plus, you can make money in real estate without risking your capital or your credit. You can do that by doing real estate wholesaling. Wholesaling is the art of finding distressed sellers and properties that you can get under contract for well below market value. Then, flipping those contracts to cash buyers.

Many remote jobs exist in real estate as well. That’s because real estate agents are always on the hunt for seller leads. They’re also always looking for ways that they can market and promote existing properties to find the right buyers. If you understand real estate and marketing, consider looking for a remote job in this industry.

11—Virtual Assistant Jobs

One of the most straightforward remote job types are virtual assistant jobs. Virtual assistants are there to help businesses with time-consuming tasks that can easily be outsourced. Because of that, virtual assistants don’t make a lot of money. But if you’re looking for a job that’s straightforward and doesn’t require a lot of qualifications to do, then this is it.

Keep in mind that most virtual assistant jobs are typically outsourced overseas. That means that it’s easy to find lots of these job types online.

12—Data Entry Jobs

Data entry tasks are often straightforward. If you’re good at typing and you have great organizational skills, then consider this remote job. Data entry tasks are usually simple. They’re not complicated and don’t require a lot of creative thinking. It simply means putting your head down and doing the work. Data entry exists in every industry. That’s because every business is data-driven.

Some companies rely more heavily on data than others. They use that data to make vital decisions about marketing, sales, conversions, and more. It often means combining data from multiple systems or across multiple channels into one area. This allows companies to make more informed decisions in every aspect of their business.


Transcription is popular in a few industries. But it’s primarily something used in the insurance and legal fields. That’s because much of what’s recorded on phone calls and in proceedings must be transcribed to get them on paper. That’s where transcription comes into play. Yes, automated transcription systems exist. But they’re not always spot-on accurate.

Companies will continue to turn to manual transcriptions, especially where it counts. That’s because they can’t risk having something incorrectly transcribed. While AI systems can do some of this, they can also make mistakes. You can find plenty of remote transcription jobs because transcribing primarily relies on accuracy and effort. If you’re quick and you’re accurate, you’ll excel here.

14—Engineering Jobs

Some of the best remote jobs you can find are engineering jobs. They’re also some of the highest-paying jobs. That’s because engineers play a vital role in the growth of companies. They work on systems and tasks that are integral to a company’s survival. And really good engineers can live and work from anywhere in the world, but still make a lot of money.

What type of engineering jobs can you find remotely? IT systems engineers, network engineers, hardware engineers, software engineers, and more. Whatever type of engineering you’re good at can likely produce a substantial amount of income. You can also use headhunters to find the best jobs with the highest pay.

15—Data Analysis

Data analysis is an important role that companies are always hiring for. That’s because the data that comes into a business is important. It helps lead to crucial business decisions. If you understand how to analyze data, you can find remote work doing data analysis. For example, if you understand how to analyze traffic data, sales data, marketing data, software data, and so on, you could find a data analysis job.

You can search for this on any of the popular job sites or you can find a headhunter to help you. Sometimes, headhunters are not willing to help find people jobs. Especially when their pay is too low. But data analysis is an area where headhunters will gladly want to help. That’s because these are some of the highest-paying jobs you can find. Especially when you’re working for some of the big-named companies out there.

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