4 Sales Funnel Questions That 40k People Are Dying To Get Answers On From Russell Brunson 

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I polled over 40,000 marketers for one reason. I wanted to find out what they knew or didn’t know about sales funnels. Specifically the question was, “What would you ask Russell Brunson if you knew he would answer.”

Ground Rules For The Epic Question Battle

  • This was a business focused question. I will not ask anything to do with his personal or spiritual life.
  • This question is going to presented or on the Clickfunnels Blog if it is amazing.
  • I will give the winner (questions that make it into my post) a shout out tweet and post on my website Feedster.

I want to follow up to that and ask that you tweet or share this post. . I want to know the biggest question you would ask “Mr. Clickfunnels Russell Brunson.”

 Here Is How to Get the Best Sales Funnel Questions Answered:

 Step #1 – Follow Russell on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/russellbrunson/

Step #2 – Make a video asking your #1 question

Step #3 – Tag @RussellBrunson and #AskRussellAnything

Now let’s get to the meat of the topic.

How Are These Questions Helping You?

Questions are problems that people are asking about. If you don’t have the results you want then you should ask a better question. When you start looking at your audiences pain points then there will be major questions.

The person that answers pain questions the best gets the business. Great answers give customers an “epiphany” moment which gains their trust. That trust turns into loyalty and interest. That is what offers do.

Clickfunnels provides a way to systematically answer complex questions in stages.

  • Top of the funnel or General Audience Questions. These customers are unaware. They are starting to identify that they have pain.
  • Middle of the funnel or Solution Aware Questions. These customers are aware of the pain and what is causing that pain.
  • Bottom of the Funnel or Solution Aware Questions. These customers are aware of the pain. The know that there is a solution and are considering which product to buy to solve their pain.

Your entire job as a marketer is to take someone through these stages. You build funnels to take people to the ultimate level of Product Aware. That means that the customer has all the qualities of the above prospects. That customer also knows enough about your product to make a decision.

These three questions relate to the sales process in sales funnels. Focus on providing excessive value at each stage of the sales funnel. Value will lead prospects through a funnel to your product. Have an amazing product and great story and you will convert customers.

Now that we have that understanding let’s dive into the Questions.

Those Pesky Three Questions That Every Wants To Know!

Question 1:

What does it take to make my first break even funnel? Why is my funnel not working? Where would you turn to fix it?

This question came in a few forms so I grouped them together to make one large question. I am not Russell Brunson and I do not play one on T.V. but I think I can help a little here.

It takes an amazing offer to make your first break even funnel.

Too many clickfunnels customers get caught in the magic of how to use the software. Which is a technical skill. You have to focus on your target audience. The congregation that you are going to market to.

Funnel Hacking starts by finding a converting offer. If you have not found the competition then you are a pioneer or have not really done your homework.

Model your offer in the same way that your compeittor models theirs. Go after the same audience. Use the same email styles. That is funnel hacking.

Here is a quick checklist of items I would look at on my sales funnels if this were my question:

  • Have I identified every competitor?
  • Have i bought their products and taken screen shots?
  • What is different about my offer?
  • Have I tested offers?
  • Am I targeting the same traffic?
  • Have I really taken this step seriously?

If this is your question then post some comments below and ask for better clarity. There is a lot to learn and plenty of us want you to succeed.

Question 2:

How Would You Pitch A CEO That Doesn’t Know Anything About Clickfunnels On Sales Funnels? Watching A Clickfunnels Video Is Not An Option…

This is an amazing question. Part of that answer  is one of the most shared post on this blog. Funnel consultants make the most money is the most shared post for a good reason. The most active clickfunnels customers are funnel consultants.

I would personally use the briefcase approach. I would also related everything I talk about back to revenue.

The briefcase approach goes like this:

  1. Make a comprehensive overview of that CEO’s site and business.
  1. Understand their business model. Find the answers to the easy questions. Revenue questions may be a guessing game but there are industry averages. You can cite where you are getting averages from to show the research level you did.
  1. Breakdown an attack plan into number of months and revenue goals.
  1. You want to cast a vision during this process. You show them when they will be like their biggest competitor. You show them why that is possible.
  1. Backup everything with revenue and why that is accessible revenue.
  1. Bundle the breakdown of their business, website and all, into a clean powerpoint.
  1. Put the powerpoint in a folder and put it in your briefcase for a meeting. Go pitch.

There are several more steps to that process. It takes time and effort. It is also what will set you apart. You are not pitching features or explaining details. You focus on actionable details. The CEO feels like he has potential ROI on the investment.

Qustion 3:

As A Beginner: How Would You Structure You First Cold Traffic Sales Funnel? With A Minimal Investment…

I would personally not take on cold traffic as a beginner. Cold traffic funnels are creative works or art. They hold my astonishment in the same way that captivating art amazes me.

If I had to build a cold traffic funnel then I would think of the food court. What general term will bring in the masses.

I would focus on assets. Emails and opt ins is all that matters when it comes to cold traffic. You want to have an amazing email sequence to warm that traffic up and segment them.

Your goal is to take the person into email and then drive the Hot traffic through to the next stage. That means that you are warming your traffic up with emails.

The funnel itself would be something as in “Do you want to make more money.” Very general and a simple download or whitepaper to give away for opt ins.

I would also try running viral contest. Do giveaways with items related to my niche and congregation. Make the giveaway go viral by working it like a funnel hack.

Question 4:

What Sales Funnel Can Make Me The Most Money? How Do I Build Funnels On Limited Budgets For Maximum Profits?

I posted these two questions together because they are the same question.

The sales funnel that makes you the most money is the funnel that works. That all starts with the most compelling amazing offer ever. Look for a product and how you can make it amazing. How can you communicate that value better than anyone else out there?

What is your competitions offer? How can you beat it? Can you sell two for the price of their one? Can you double the price and make it a premium product with better value?

The funnel that will make you the most money has the most value to your customer. Value often comes from the copy you write to make the offer. The person that understands their audience the best can write the best copy. That all comes from asking and answering the best qustions your customers have.

Now let’s look at the limited budget. If you do not have money to fund the traffic then you are going to have to get creative. You need to find a super hot niche and learn to produce content.

You will need to get viral. I don’t mean the sickness type either.

You need to make amazing content that answers questions. Then use outreach as your method for getting that content in front of your audience. That means you will need to write post on other sites. You need scan hashtags on social media. Contact anyone that hashtags interest in your niche.

The budget is there to jump ahead of your competition through paid media. That does not mean that good ole’ guerrilla marketing can not be an effective strategy.

Final Conclusions From These Four Questions In My Opinion

We are all on the same track. We want to create wealth through helping our customers. We have not all done this for twenty years like Russell.

If you have questions or think you have a better question then comment below or tweet to me. I would love to pick Russell’s brain and get answers.

Remember that you are just one funnel away!

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