5 Thank You Page Tips [With Examples]

5 Thank You Page Tips [With Examples]

Bad news:

You are probably leaving money on the table with your Thank You page.

Good news:

Today we are going to show you how to properly optimize it so that you could make the most out of it.

Here’s what we are going to discuss:

  • What is a Thank You page and why is it important?
  • What Thank You page template works best?
  • Five Thank You page strategies.

Want to take your Thank You page to the next level?

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What is a Thank You Page?

Okay, so before we get into optimizing your Thank You page, let’s first define this term:

A Thank You page is a web page that is shown to a new email subscriber either immediately after they have subscribed to your email list or after they have confirmed the subscription.

Its primary purpose is to show your appreciation and welcome the new subscriber to your email list.

But that is not the only purpose that a Thank You page can serve.

You can also use it to grow your social media following, learn more about your potential customers, and even make sales.

And we are soon going to discuss exactly how to do all that.

Why are Thank You Pages Important?

It’s common to treat a Thank You page as an afterthought.

Just quickly throw something together, put it up online, and call it a day. Who cares about Thank You pages anyway, right?

Don’t make this mistake. A Thank You page has the potential to improve your bottom line. You need to give it the respect it deserves.

The reason why these often overlooked pages are more powerful than most entrepreneurs realize is what is known as the Commitment and Consistency principle of persuasion.

As we explained in our recent article, “Sales Sales Psychology: Getting Into The Buyer’s Mind To Make The Sale“, we value consistency in others and we want to be seen as consistent ourselves.

This is often applied in sales through what is known as the “Foot in the Door” technique:

“You get the potential customer to commit to something, then use that small initial commitment to escalate to more extensive commitments.”

Okay, that’s great, but what does this have to do with Thank You pages?

A person who just made a small commitment by signing up to your email list is more likely to make another commitment. But guess what?

You need to ask them to take that next step.

And here’s a Thank You page template that you can use…

The Best Thank You Page Template

There’s no one-size-fits-all Thank You page formula. 

That being said…

A Thank You page should have these three elements:

  • Confirmation – Let the potential customer know that they have successfully subscribed to your email list.
  • “What’s Next?”Explain to them what they should expect going forward.
  • A call to action – Tell them what you want them to do next.

For Example:

The New York Times bestselling author James Clear uses this Thank You page:

atomic habits thank you page

Note how:

  • He immediately provides the first chapter of his book “Atomic Habits” which was the reason why the potential customer subscribed in the first place.
  • He then tells the potential customer that he added them to his email list and that they should expect a newsletter every Thursday.
  • Finally, he invites the potential customer to follow him on social media, check out his blog articles, and buy his book.

Interestingly, James Clear also has a separate opt-in form at the bottom of his Thank You page, which may seem confusing at first. Didn’t you just subscribe to the newsletter?

opt in form on thank you page

But note how this opt-in form:

  • Provides social proof. Over 1,000,000 email subscribers? Whoah, this newsletter must be good!
  • Explains the newsletter schedule again.
  • Explains what other emails one should expect.

This serves as a reassurance for those of us who are already subscribed to way too many newsletters and are worried about cluttering up our inboxes even more.

And the confusion around this opt-in form is presumably intentional as opposed to an oversight on James Clear’s part.

When a potential customer sees this opt-in form, they may feel the impulse to subscribe to the newsletter again, just to make sure that they will get it.

This action is an additional small commitment that makes them even more likely to eventually buy the book. 

Now, your Thank You page may look completely different from James Clear’s Thank You page.

But what’s important that the three key elements are there.

5 Thank You Page Strategies

Okay, now let’s get into the specific strategies that you can apply to get the most out of your Thank You page…

#1: Grow Your Social Media Following

When a potential customer subscribes to your email list, it means that they want to hear more from you. 

Now is the perfect time to invite them to follow you on social media.

For Example:

Brian Dean, one of the world’s top SEO experts, invites new subscribers to follow him on Twitter.

twitter follow button on brian dean's page

Pay attention to how easy he makes it for them. All they need to do is click a button.

Also, it’s best to ask people to follow you on one social media platform, as opposed to listing all your profiles.

That way, they don’t have to choose between several options, which makes them more likely to take action.

#2: Ask for Referrals

You have probably heard the saying:

Birds of a feather flock together.

The potential customer who just subscribed to your email list probably knows at least a few other people who may be interested in your product.

So why not ask them to share a link to your website with those in their social circle that they feel may also benefit from it?

For Example:

Nick Stephenson, a bestselling author and a writing coach, encourages new subscribers to “Invite a Friend”.

This makes perfect sense because writers often hang out with other writers online. And who doesn’t want to get their first 10,000 readers?

Again, pay attention to how easy he makes it for the potential customer to share the link, all they need to do is click a button.

social share button on a website

#3: Provide More Resources

You can also use your Thank You page to add more value.

Your new subscriber probably hasn’t had the opportunity to read your best content yet.

And this is especially true if that best content is buried somewhere deep in your blog archives.

This applies not only to blog posts but also to various other resources such as ebooks, reports, templates, etc.

You may think that they are easy to find, but the potential customer may not even be aware that they exist.

That’s why you may want to share those links on your Thank You page and encourage the potential customer to explore them.

For Example:

Optimizely immediately gives the new subscriber the download link to the freebie that they promised:

freebie download page for new subscribers

But then they also provide three links to other resources that add even more value:

freebie download page additional resources for new subscribers

Note that each resource also comes with a brief description that allows the potential customer to immediately understand what they are about.

Moreover, it’s clear that Optimizely updates their Thank You page on a regular basis since we can see a timely Covid-19-related ebook.

#4: Conduct a Survey

Did you know that you can use your Thank You page for customer research and content personalization?

You can create a simple survey that allows you to both understand your potential customers better and offer content that is tailored specifically for them.

For Example:

Brennan Dunn, who teaches freelancers how to grow their businesses, has a survey on his Thank You page.

survey setup for new subscribers

Note how he explains why he is asking the new subscriber to take this survey. It will allow him to give them exactly what they need.

This is important because people aren’t particularly keen on spending their free time taking customer research surveys.

The survey itself features a variety of questions:

  • What best describes the maturity of your business?
  • What kind of work do you primarily do?
  • Are you happy with the number of clients you have worked with over the last year?
  • If you could change just ONE thing about the clients you work with, what would that be?
  • Let’s talk money. Are you happy with your income?

…and more.

Once the potential customer has completed the survey, they are presented with a personalized message based on their answers:

personalized message for survey attendees

Now, if you are a freelancer who is struggling with generating leads, you will probably be super excited about Brennan Dunn’s free email course you have just signed up for.

After all, it’s not generic, it’s tailored specifically for you!

#5: Present Your Front End Offer

You are probably already familiar with the sales funnel model that we promote here at ClickFunnels.

Here’s a quick reminder of how it looks like:

traffic segmentation illustration

It’s called the Value Ladder because you are offering more value to the prospect at each step.

Here’s an easy way to visualize this:

the value ladder illustration

When you are showing a potential customer your Thank You page, they have already taken the first step.

They have downloaded the lead magnet that you give away for free.

You can use your Thank You page to get them to take the second step and buy your frontend offer.

As a reminder, a frontend offer is your least expensive product, the aim of which is to get the potential customer to buy something from you.

You want to make this offer a no-brainer, so the cheaper it is, the better. You can even sell it at a break-even price.

What matters is that you convert a potential customer into an existing customer.

For Example:

Jon Morrow, a popular blogger and a renowned writing coach, immediately let’s people know that their freebie is on the way.

message for new subscribers after filling an opt in form

Then he invites them to watch a short video:

jon morrow video page

In this video Jon Morrow:

  • Welcomes the new subscriber.
  • Lets them know that the freebie is on the way.
  • Asks them if they are interested in freelance writing.
  • Explains to them that the SmartBlogger team’s specialty is training some of the top writers in the world.
  • Tells them that the first step for many of their most successful students is freelance writing because it pays the bills in the meantime.
  • Mentions that they have a program for absolute beginners that is amazingly cheap for what you get.
  • Invites them to click on the button below to learn more about this program if they are interested.
  • Reminds them to check their email in a few minutes to get their freebie.
  • Lets them know that they are going to be seeing a lot more of him in the future.

And if the new subscriber clicks the “Learn More” button, they are taken to the “Paid to Write Club” sales page where they get a limited-time offer.


You shouldn’t treat your Thank You page as an afterthought.

It provides a great opportunity to deepen your relationship with the potential customer.

Think about it:

They have just signed up for your email list. They are excited about whatever it is that you offer. They want to hear more from you. So why not use this momentum?

Decide what is the next step you want them to take and present them with a clear call to action.

You may be surprised by what an impact this can have on your bottom line in the long run. 

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