User Spotlight: Interview with Gary Guerrero

User Spotlight: Interview with Gary Guerrero

In the dynamic world of digital marketing and entrepreneurship, Gary shines as a genuine visionary. With more than 18 years of practical expertise, he has not only navigated challenges successfully but also excelled in them. Come with us as we enter Gary Guerrero’s world, where expertise in social media and a strong entrepreneurial spirit come together to craft an extraordinary tale of accomplishment.

With an impressive fan following of more than 350,000 on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, along with an astonishing 490,000+ YouTube subscribers, Gary is unquestionably a standout in the realm of social media. What sets him apart even more is his versatile skill set. Gary isn’t just a digital marketing expert; he’s a thriving entrepreneur with a remarkable portfolio of businesses generating revenues in the seven and eight figures. His accomplishments include the 2CCX award and the title of Entrepreneur of the Year.

In 2018 he got his account with ClickFunnels and that year he won his 2CC award with one of his companies.

“ClickFunnels is the backbone of my business. What ClickFunnels has really enabled us to do is streamline the process from conception to market within days, literally. ClickFunnels helps me to flow better, go faster, and escale higher my businesses. ClickFunnels gives the viewer the opportunity to really, identify themselves with the story and that is the easiest way to convert someone to a buyer”

At Lagshot he has almost 1200 ambassadors and he understood there was just a small group that actually made the sales. So, Gary has dedicated the past year and a half to exploring methods for influencers to generate income from their social media presence. Last February he created an account on TikTok and in 5 months he gained 50,000 thousand followers. Gary now has been writing a blueprint on how anybody in any niche can monetize social media platforms. 

“Literally every single thing that an influencer would want from the very beginning to the very end, I sat down and mapped and framed it out per Russell’s instruction, because I read all the books, went through all his courses and I mapped out perfectly I think”. 

Gary is a specialist in funnels and digital marketing, particularly excelling in ClickFunnels. His expertise is incredibly inspiring, and this interview is guaranteed to provide you with the motivation needed to continue expanding your business and strengthening your presence on social media.

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