Maximizing Your Sales Funnel with Cross Channel Marketing

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The online world provides many opportunities for business success.

To gain that success, you need to cut through the clutter and reach your customers.

You see, customers have tons of companies competing for their attention. You’ll need to stand out and speak to them directly.

One of the best ways to do this is through cross channel marketing.

A successful cross channel marketing strategy will help you showcase your sales funnel and content like never before.

Understanding and mastering cross channel marketing must then become a priority.

That’s exactly you’ll learn about in this article.

What is Cross Channel Marketing?

Cross channel marketing creates a seamless experience for customers across multiple channels.

It aims to engage with the customer on as many channels as possible, using as many devices as possible.

Cross channel marketing involves developing an integrated experience with a cohesive strategy within all the channels you choose to use.

Customers love this approach. Research has shown that an impressive 72% of customers would prefer companies engage with them through integrated marketing.

One thing to note is that cross channel marketing is not the same as multi-channel marketing.

Lots of people think the two terms mean the same thing, but there’s an important difference.

Multi-channel marketing is basically having a presence on multiple channels. That can be helpful, but the benefits are limited.

Cross channel marketing goes much deeper than that. It integrates all your channels into one seamless approach.

So fans would be engaged on Facebook, through email, on YouTube, and more. It’s a full experience for the customer that speaks to them wherever they’re found.

In other words, the different channels work together to accomplish the goal of converting more customers.

Benefits of Cross Channel Marketing

Now that you know what cross channel marketing is, you’re likely wondering what your sales funnel stands to gain from it.

Well, for one thing, you get more engagement from your customers.

That’s because you’re communicating with them in multiple ways.

You’re not just sending out a single email or posting something new to social media; you’re doing all those things in a coordinated effort.

This all helps to keep your brand firmly on the mind of the customer. And the more that customers think about your company, they more likely they are to buy from you.

Going with the cross channel strategy also gets you more attention and helps brand recognition.

Research from WordStream found that when a company advertises on YouTube, that results in an increase in Google searches for the brand by more than 400%.

Having that many people searching for you can only lead to good things for your business.

Using cross channel marketing also helps you better connect with your customers.

You’re basically speaking their language.

A customer might not use email that much, but they might be very active on Twitter.

If you were only promoting your company through an email campaign, you’d be missing out on that customer.

When you go with multiple channels, you have more ways to reach them at a time when customers are using many devices and channels every day.

This also allows the customer to decide how they want to interact with you.

If they feel more comfortable buying from you on their smartphone, you should have that option available.

If they want to get updates about your products on Facebook, that should be an option as well.

Cross channel communication makes it all possible.

With these benefits in mind, it’s easy to see how cross channel marketing can be so effective at helping customers come back over and over again for your products.

Keys to Successful Cross Channel Marketing

Okay, so you now got a better understanding of how useful cross channel marketing can be.

Now how do you do it successfully?

There’s no single blueprint for cross channel marketing success, but there are several keys you’ll need to keep in mind to increase your chances.

1. Get Personal

To better connect with your audience across multiple channels, you’ll need to speak to them as individuals.

Personalized messages are already a big part of the marketing world, and promoting your sales funnel is no exception.

When you know details about a customer and speak to their tastes, preferences, and life situations, they’ll come to trust you more.

But to do that, you need to gather and analyze the data on your customers.

That’s where Actionetics comes into play.

When you use ClickFunnels, you can craft personalized messages based on the information you gather on your audience.

No more autoresponders or messenger bots.

And if you do this across all your channels, the benefits only multiply.

2. Be Visible

This principle centers around making sure a customer can engage with you in their preferred way.

That means providing a good user experience on multiple devices and channels.

If your sales funnel is easy to read and use on a desktop but struggles on mobile devices, you’re going to have problems converting all potential customers.

The same goes for if you only appear on one or two channels.

To maximize your opportunities, you need to show up on as many channels as you can.

3. Create Liquid Content

Liquid content means content that can go from one channel to another smoothly and easily.

Create content that is equally compelling if it is shared on Twitter or Facebook.

Write a blog post that can be promoted through an email and shared on LinkedIn.

Produce a YouTube video that promotes an upcoming podcast or webinar.

Content that is this versatile will make your job of marketing your sales funnel that much easier.

4. Measure Your Results

Putting your strategy into motion is only part of the process.

You also have to measure how well things are going.

Keep a close eye on what messaging seems to be working and what isn’t getting the job done.

When you know what’s effective, you can keep going down that track.

Less effective strategies should be altered or ditched altogether.

How you measure success may be different for each channel.

You may measure an email’s effectiveness based on the number of conversions you get from it. On the other hand, a Twitter post’s effectiveness may be based on how much engagement it receives.

Just know what you want to get out of each channel and measure your results accordingly.

Cross Channel Marketing Means More Success For Your Funnel

When it comes to maximizing your reach, cross channel marketing should not be overlooked.

It’s one of the best ways to connect with customers.

It improves the customer experience.

It’s also an effective way to get noticed.

Don’t limit yourself by focusing on only a few channels; your sales funnel deserves to be marketed across the whole spectrum.

Cross Channel Marketing

And if you’d like to know more about how customers decide to buy things, make sure to check out this article about the psychology of buying.

What kind of success have you seen from cross channel marketing? How have you changed up your messaging for each channel? We’d love to know — just leave a comment below.

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