What is Split Testing and How to Incorporate it into Your Sales Funnels

What is Split Testing and How to Incorporate it into Your Sales Funnels

What’s a common trait with any successful business?

They’re always evolving.

Whether big or small, this evolution is all intended to add value to the customer and help develop a strong relationship.

One way to make sure your sales funnels are evolving and trending in the right direction is to split test the landing pages.

From split testing, it not only increases content engagement but helps you connect better with your target audience and establish trust.

Having a strong customer relationship is what will help keep your business flourishing.

This article will discuss what split testing is, the benefits that come from it, and how to split test your current sales funnels.

What is Split Testing?

Split testing is a marketing tactic that helps determine what web design, messaging, or other web page aspects get the best conversion rates.

The most common device to split test is a landing page. It works by creating two different types of landing pages — one slightly different in content from the other — and tracking which one gains more conversions.

The differences between the landing pages should be minimum, so you can determine what is keeping your customers on the page or bouncing them off the page.

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In short, split testing is a great way to refine your sales funnels so you’ll continue to see conversions.

5 Benefits of Split Testing

1. Grows conversion rates

If you feel stuck in growing your customer base, split testing is an easy way to get you unstuck and help grow your sales.

Taking the time to make a simple tweak to a landing page and properly test it — can pay big dividends.

2. Increases engagement & reduces bounce rates

If your landing pages always stay the same within your sales funnel, you run the risk of disengaged customers and worse, a higher bounce rate over time.

Think about your favorite online store — how often do their landing pages change? Once every couple of weeks? Once a month?

Your favorite brands do this to keep you engaged and show you what new products or deals they have.


So take the time to first research your current and target audience along with competitors to see what they’re doing.

Use their likes (or dislikes) to your advantage in order to increase their engagement.

Especially if you have a landing page with a high bounce rate, split testing is the tactic you need to use to win customer engagement back.

3. Adds value to your organization and product

By split testing, you are refining your landing pages over and over again, which yields a higher quality sales funnel.

As mentioned above, this can help grow the customer relationship with your brand and can help instill trust with your business.

Once that trust is established, you won’t only have a stronger customer base, but those customers can also become advocates for your business and bring new, unique customers to your sales funnels.

4. Testing is simple

This marketing tactic is simple enough that anyone can do it!

Deciphering your metrics can be as simple as comparing conversion rates, clickthrough rates, bounce rates, people reached, and total time spent on the landing page, along with other sales funnel metrics.

Plus, with ClickFunnels, you’ll be able to see your testing results right on the landing page within your funnel dashboard.

With split testing, it will get you the quick results you need in order to boost your conversion rates.

5. Risk is minimal

Finally, there is no major brand/product revamp and the labor and cost that comes with it when you split test is minimal.

Once you have established the key concepts of your sales funnel, split testing takes those key concepts and finds the best way to display and articulate them to help increase customer engagement.

Plus, when a change from a split test doesn’t work out, you can use it as a learning experience and return to the original landing page messaging/design.

How to Split Test in Your Sales Funnel

It’s easy to become a landing page tester with ClickFunnels thanks to all of the split testing tools you have access to.

Though there are many aspects you can split test within your sales funnel, for this example, we will show how to split test a headline of a landing page through the ClickFunnels software.

Once you are in your sales funnel dashboard, choose a landing page to split test a headline. Look for a page that has a low conversion rate or a page you haven’t updated in a while.

Next, click on “Create Variation Tab” to the right of your page. A pop-up will appear and select “Create Duplicate Page.”

You also have the option to create a new page from a template, but if you’re looking for a quick split test, such as testing a headline, choose to duplicate your page.

After making a duplicate of your landing page, click “Start Split Test” and edit the headline of the duplicate page.

Take your time to craft an eye-catching headline, one that is different from your original landing page.

Remember, any successful headline should:

  • Be unique
  • Be specific
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Be useful to the customer

Finally, brainstorm several headlines before settling on the final product.

Once you have created a new headline for your duplicate landing page, adjust the slider to split your traffic 50/50.

Once you have made those changes, click on “Apply Changes.”

On average, you should plan to split test your page for at least 30 days. This also depends on the amount of traffic that your page is receiving. For example, a high traffic volume page could be much less than 30 days to get conclusive data from your split test. Likewise, a low traffic volume page could need much more than 30 days for reliable results.

This gives the system enough time to return to the desired split percentage between your control and variation pages.

Once the allotted time has passed and you’ve analyzed the data, you’ll need to declare a winner so that page will act as your current landing page.

Click on “Declare as Winner” for your winning page. The non-winning page will be archived in your ClickFunnels account.

The winner page will now act as your new landing page within your sales funnel.

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Remember, everything is testable, so look for different aspects of your landing page to split test.

You can read and watch a demo on how to split test in ClickFunnels here.

What You Can Do Today and How ClickFunnels Can Help

Take a look at your sales funnel and pinpoint areas that need improvement.

Split testing skills grow over time, so make it a habit to split test all of your landing pages, even the ones getting great conversions.

With more practice, you’ll not only see growth in your sales funnel, but you’ll have a better understanding of who your current and future target audience is.

ClickFunnels is a great sales funnel tool to use for your business.

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What has your experience been with split testing? What tips and tricks work the best for you? Sound off in the comments below!

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