[Announcement] ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest

[Announcement] ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest

So if you haven’t heard the rumours yet, ClickFunnels is giving out 100 dream cars to their top affiliates!

I know that sounds pretty crazy right? But we’re not kidding.

The ClickFunnels dream car contest was first announced at the Funnel Hacking Live event earlier in 2015 and now you’ll have the full details to begin promoting so you can earn yourself a luxury car.

Are you a fan of Ferraris, Lamborghinis or maybe a nice Corvette like Russell’s?

All of these are achievable with the ClickFunnels dream car contest now in the hands of the affiliates of ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest

So How Does The Contest Work?

As a member of the ClickFunnels affiliate program, you’re automatically signed up into our “Dream Car” contest.

So you don’t need to do anything extra to be involved.

Each month as new members sign up using your affiliate link, you’ll get closer and closer to earning your dream car!

You’ll notice in your dashboard the total number of people who you’ve referred that qualify towards your dream car with a Corvette progress bar:

ClickFunnels dream car content

The Simple Steps To Qualify Are…

  1. Get 100 Active ClickFunnels Members
    As soon as you have just 100 active ClickFunnels members subscribed, you qualify for your Dream Car. You can then go lease this car, and send us proof that you got it.
  2. We Send You $500 USD Per Month Towards Your Lease Payment
    As long as you stay above 100 active ClickFunnels members, we’ll keep sending you a $500 USD check to reimburse your payment on your dream car!
  3. We’ll Increase It To $1,000 USD Per Month When You Hit 200 Members
    In any month you have at least 200 active ClickFunnels members, we’ll send you $1000 USD to reimburse your payments on your dream car!

How Can I Start Promoting?

So now you know all the details about the Dream Car Competition, it’s time to get promoting!

If you head over to this link, you can create or login your affiliate account for the Dream Car Contest and make sure you’re all setup to go.

Please remember, if you already have a ClickFunnels account you’re good to go!

You don’t need to sign up again! Just go through the affiliate dashboard under the ‘Account’ area of ClickFunnels.

The (not so) Fine Print

  • “Active” members must be at $97/month “Startup” level or above
  • The contest will include all qualifying affiliate sales from June 1st, 2015 (so really, you may already be well on your way!)
  • This contest is limited to the first 100 people who claim their dream car
  • Full details can be found here

I Have Further Questions…

You can reach out to the affiliate manager for the Dream Car Contest Dave Woodward at dave@clickfunnels.com directly or alternatively drop a comment in the blog post below.

Good luck one the race towards your dream car!

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12 thoughts on “[Announcement] ClickFunnels Dream Car Contest

  1. Can you confirm that the contest is in fact still only for the first 100 people? If so could the post be updated?

    1. Ragib, this depends on so many different factors like your percentage level as well as products purchased. You might enjoy joining the Clickfunnels affiliate community at facebook.com/groups/clickfunnelsavengers

  2. hello dear, my quetion is, will i still be rewarded whenever i surpass the 100 unique active users mark?
    Lets say clickfunnel had rewarded 100 first people to have 100 active users.
    Will is till be rewarded when i reach the 100+ active subscribers?

  3. I am glad to have been granted this rare opportunity to start promoting on all my social media and to be rewarded for it