Automatic Custom Domain Setup Is Now Live

Automatic Custom Domain Setup Is Now Live

What’s a custom domain and why would you want one?

Let’s use WordPress and Blogger as examples. When you create an account with with WordPress or Blogger, you’ll be given your own free subdomain like or If you’re just starting out and trying to get the feel of managing your own content, it’s okay to make do with these sort of subdomains. However, once you’ve grown your content and if you feel that you already have a significant amount of traffic streaming through your site, it’s a good idea to change your or website with your own customised .com URL.

Custom Domains serve as a branding in the digital space. It makes your place in the digital sphere your own and it makes your websites more professional.

For this very reason, ClickFunnels has made it possible for everyone to automatically setup custom domains in their funnels!

Here’s what you need to know about automatic custom domain setup

Your domains will be added to ClickFunnels through the CloudFlare API. If you already have an existing account with CloudFlare, you can just sign into your account through ClickFunnels for adding your custom domains. If you don’t have an account, you can also sign up inside of ClickFunnels. Also, do remember that your root domain will remain with your domain registrar.

This means that you don’t have to change any Nameserver records, all you need to do is to add a single CNAME record to your domain host.

If all this sounds like tech-speak, don’t worry and just follow the directions below!

Here’s how to get started with automatic custom domain setup

The first thing to do, obviously, is to login to your ClickFunnels account.

From there, head over to Account > Custom Domains > Click Add New Domain

custom domain setup

If you have an existing domain, click Use An Existing Domain. If you haven’t registered a domain yet, choose Register A New Domain.

custom domain setup

Click Automatic Setup

custom domain setup

Enter your domain details. You can either enter your custom domain or your custom subdomain.

custom domain setup

You will then be prompted to enter your CloudFlare details. If you already have an existing account with CloudFlare, you can go ahead and enter your details. If you don’t have an account with CloudFare, click the dropdown menu in the Cloudflare User field and create a new account.

custom domain setup

Add the setting defaults for your domain.

custom domain setup

The last step to setup your custom domain is to add a CNAME record to your host.

custom domain setup

Click “Detailed Instructions” if you need help adding that CNAME wherever you bought your domain.

You can follow our official Knowledge Base tutorial for Automatic Custom Domain Setup here, it’s more thorough than this blog post and has links to other resources and explanations you may be interested in.

That’s it, you’re all set!

Manually setting up custom domains is, by far, the biggest thing ClickFunnels users write in to support about. The manual process can be confusing! This automatic process makes the whole thing take just a couple of minutes and then you’re ready for the fun part – building your funnels!

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  1. This will be helpful. Is this Custom Domain set-up process being rolled out? It’s definitely not yet in our CF account. Still the older options.

    Also the hyperlink behind ‘Automatic Custom Domain Setup here,’ is dead. “Page no longer exists”