Builderall Vs. ClickFunnels: Which Service is Better for Your Business?

Are you trying to choose between Builderall or ClickFunnels? In this article, we’ll break down the pros, cons, benefits, features, and more of each service. 

Choosing between two similar services can be a real challenge. 

You don’t want to make the wrong choice because that could complicate things down the road… but you also aren’t sure which service is best for your business because… well, on the outside, they look pretty much the same. 

So let me start by saying that both Builderall and ClickFunnels offer powerful online tools that serve thousands of entrepreneurs around the world. 

The service you choose, then, depends on what exactly it is that you’re trying to do. 

And that brings us to the crux of the issue: what is the main difference between Builderall and ClickFunnels?

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What’s the Main Difference Between Builderall and ClickFunnels?

The main difference between Builderall and ClickFunnels can be found on the homepage of each service’s website. 

Builderall says, “All The Tools You Will Ever Need To Quickly & Easily Grow Your Business Online.”

ClickFunnels says, “Quickly Create Beautiful Sales Funnels That Convert Your Visitors Into Leads And Then Customers… (Without Having To Hire or Rely On A Tech Team!)”

When you put those headlines side-by-side, the main difference becomes quite obvious. 

Builderall is sort of like a digital marketing agency as a service — they can help you build websites, organize sales, create product pages, and lots more. 

ClickFunnels, on the other hand, builds high-converting sales funnels

And while ClickFunnels has a ton of other features that we’ll talk about here shortly, its real bread-and-butter is helping online entrepreneurs collect leads, sell products, and grow their business through the use of sales funnels. 

Because here’s the thing: for new online brands that don’t have pre-existing trust in the marketplace, a website serves as more of a brick wall than a door…

Traditional Website Flow Diagram

It doesn’t help people make a decision… it confuses them. 

And that’s why ClickFunnels created the sales funnel…

Sales funnel flow diagram

With a carefully crafted sales funnel, new online entrepreneurs can take a prospect who’s never heard of them before, build immediate trust, get their email address, and sell to them within just a few days!

Whereas a website is kind of like handing someone a business card and hoping they take action, a sales funnel is like guiding them personally through every step of the sales process, from A-Z. 

And that’s where ClickFunnels shines. 

Ultimately, Builderall builds websites with lots of neat features… and ClickFunnels builds high-converting sales funnels. 

That’s the main difference.

Note: To be fair, Builderall does allow its users to build sales funnels, but unless you know what you’re doing, they don’t seem to provide much helpful guidance for creating a sales funnel that actually works.

TL;DR Overview of Builderall Vs. ClickFunnels

In a hurry? Here’s our Too-Long;Didn’t-Read overview of Builderall vs. ClickFunnels.

  • Builderall is sort of like another version of WordPress. It has lots of features and helpful tools, but not much guidance on how to create a high-converting landing page or sales funnel.
  • Builderall also has WordPress-level pricing. They even have a free plan. ClickFunnels is more costly but offers tons of extra guidance as to how to use its features to get the biggest bang for your buck. 
  • Both tools have plenty of features and integrations. 
  • ClickFunnels is better for collecting leads and selling products. Builderall is better if you just want a basic website. 
  • Both services have a 14-day free trial, so why not try ‘em both out if you’re still unsure?

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ClickFunnels Features

Drag-and-Drop Visual Editor

With ClickFunnels, you can edit any page of your website or sales funnel. Just choose an element on the right, drag it onto the page, drop it, and edit it. Simple as that.

ClickFunnels Drag-and-drop User Interface

Website Hosting Included

Worried about where you’re going to host your website? ClickFunnels has domain hosting included as a part of its service, so there’s no need to go find a third-party service.

ClickFunnels Domain Management Interface

100+ Themes and Templates Available

ClickFunnels goes above and beyond by not just giving you the ability to create high-converting sales funnels, but by showing you exactly what a high-converting sales funnel looks like in their themes and template library, which has hundreds of sales funnels you can use. Some of them are built by third-party users, so make sure to check the reviews before you buy (there are tons of free templates, too).

ClickFunnels Funnel Marketplace

Total Split Testing Capabilities

Are you wondering if this headline will perform better than that headline? Or if this lead magnet will perform better than that lead magnet? With ClickFunnels, you’ll have the ability to split test any of your sales funnels, whenever you like.

ClickFunnels Split-testing Feature Panel

High-Converting Sales Funnels

The best part about ClickFunnels is its easy-to-use, high-converting sales funnels. You can literally just choose a proven-to-convert template, plug in your product and sales copy, and voila! You’ve now got an asset that’s going to convert better than anything your competitors probably have.

ClickFunnels High-Converting Sales Funnels

Unlimited Conversion Tracking

At ClickFunnels, we know first-hand the importance of conversion tracking and data monitoring. So we give all of our users the ability to easily track conversion rate on any sales funnel. That way, you can easily adapt to what is working and what isn’t working.

ClickFunnels Order Page Interface

Easy-to-Use Email AutoResponder

Email marketing is an important part of any sales funnel. You shouldn’t just build a sales funnel, get conversions, and then leave all those beautiful leads hangin’! It’s always going to be easier to sell to an existing customer or lead than it is to a total stranger. So we give you the ability to email your leads and customers right inside of your ClickFunnels dashboard!

Membership Site Included

ClickFunnels bread-and-butter is helping online entrepreneurs build high-converting sales funnels… but what if you want to build a membership site that collects recurring revenue? No problem! With ClickFunnels, you can easily build a membership site and then use your sales funnels to get people signed up!

Easy Shopping Cart Feature

Want to build an ecommerce store where people can shop and buy? No problem! With ClickFunnels, you’ll get access to our easy-to-use shopping cart features. Customers can add items to their cart, checkout, and pay you money!

ClickFunnels Easy Shopping Cart Feature

Builderall Features

Cheetah Website Builder

The name of Builderall’s website builder is the “Cheetah Website Builder”, which is indicative of how fast loading the Builderall’s websites are supposed to be. This is a drag-and-drop website builder that allows you to create professional and elegant designs.

Builderall Cheetah Website Builder

Mobile Optimization

Every Builderall website is mobile optimized the moment that you create it. So there’s no need to worry about creating another version of your site for different devices. 

Builderall Mobile Optimization Feature

A/B Split Testing

With Builderall, you can split test any page to determine what gets the best results. Just double click on an element within your flow-chart and select, “Create split test.”

Builderall A/B Split Testing Feature

Website Sharing

You can also share your website with anyone you like, which is useful for if you want to give someone else access to your template or transfer your website somewhere else.

Builderall Website Sharing Function

Email Marketing

Builderall offers full email marketing service as well so that you can easily communicate with your leads and customers. The number of subscribers that you can have will be limited by the Builderall plan that you select.

Builderall Email Marketing Panel

Messenger Chatbot

Builderall allows you to create a Facebook chatbot that you can use to interact with leads and customers. You can create automatic conversion sequences so that you don’t even have to be at the computer when people are engaging with your business. 

Builderall Messenger Chatbot Function

VA Access

Do you have a virtual assistant that you’d like to have limited access to your website? With Builderall, you can easily add a VA and manage their level of permissions within your website.

Builderall VA Access Panel

Professional Websites

Ultimately, Builderall prides itself on helping entrepreneurs build professional and elegant websites. This is a great service if you just want to put up a website as a sort of digital brochure.

Design Professional Websites with Builderall


Below, you’ll find lists of some of the primary integrations that ClickFunnels and Builderall offer. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list of all available integrations, but a brief overview.

ClickFunnels Integrations

  • Twilio – Use to personalize and schedule SMS messages.
  • Embed A Calendar Into Your Funnel – Use to allow leads to schedule themselves on your calendar. Can use lots of different calendar software for integration.
  • YouZign – Use for hosting custom images on YouZign and then publishing those same images on ClickFunnels.
  • VWO Engage – Use to set up push notifications for your funnels.
  • SalesForce – Use if you want to integrate SalesForce with your ClickFunnels account.
  • Warrior Plus – Use to sell Warrior Plus products in your ClickFunnels site.
  • Disc Delivered – Use to enable automatic order fulfillment when someone places an order in your funnel.
  • Stripe Payment – Use Stripe as a payment integration and send funnel customers receipts directly from Stripe.
  • Kajabi – Use to connect your products in ClickFunnels with membership areas in Kajabi.
  • PayPal – Use to add a PayPal button to your ClickFunnels page and accept payments through PayPal.
  • Shopify – Use to integrate your Shopify website with your ClickFunnels account.
  • Slybroadcast – Use to send voicemails from Slybroadcast to your subscribers in ClickFunnels.
  • Shipstation – Use to set up Shipstation for order fulfillment once someone purchases through ClickFunnels.
  • Zapier – Use to integrate your ClickFunnels account with any other popular service.
  • ZenDirect – Use to send customer information from ClickFunnels to ZenDirect to ship items from ZenDirect.

Builderall Integrations

Unfortunately, Builderall doesn’t directly integrate with any third-party services. You might be able to get some integrations set up with Zapier in the future, but at this time, by using Builderall, you’re limited to the tools and services that Builderall offers.

ClickFunnels Pricing

Now let’s talk about cost.

Even though ClickFunnels is going to help you build high-converting sales funnels that are virtually guaranteed to make you tons of money, how much is it going to cost you? 

ClickFunnels has two pricing plans. 

The first is $97 per month and you’ll get 20 funnels, 100 pages, 1 user, 3 payment gateways and domains, chat support, access to Funnel Hacker Forum, and Funnel Flix (which has hundreds of hours of online sales trainings!). 

The second plan is $297 per month and you’ll get unlimited funnels and pages, 3 users, 9 payment gateways and domains, follow-up funnels, priority support, weekly peer review hackathons, Funnel Hacker Forum, and Funnel Flix.

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Builderall Pricing

Builderall has 5 different plans. 

The first is free and allows you to have 100 subscribers, ticket support, and 1GB of disk space, but it comes with 0 domains. 

The second is $19.90 per month and allows you to hacve 3 domains, 100 subscribers, ticketing and live chat support, and 2 GB of disk space. 

The third is $29.90 per month and allows you to have 5 domains, 5,000 subscribers, ticketing and live chat support, and 5 GB of disk space. 

The fourth is $49.90 per month and allows you to have 10 domains, 15,000 subscribers, ticketing and live chat support, and 10 GB of disk space. 

The final plan is $69.90 and allows you to have 15 domains, unlimited subscribers, ticketing and live chat support, 10 GB disk space, list importing, and access to their template club. 

Builderall also has a 14-day free trial that you might consider using before pulling out your credit card.

ClickFunnels Case Study & Reviews

Check out the video below to find out how Natalie — a “single mom who just had a blog,” as she describes herself — used ClickFunnels to sell $20,000 worth of eBooks in a week, and then $20,000 in a day, and then over a million dollars worth of eBooks in just four months!

Third-Party Reviews

Builderall Case Study & Reviews

Check out the video below to learn how Marissa Romero made $4,000 in commissions through Builderall’s service and affiliate program. 

Third-Party Reviews

  • Capterra: 4.4/5
  • FinancesOnline: No Review
  • G2: 4/5

Builderall Vs. ClickFunnels: Which Will You Choose? 

Which service best fits your business? 

Or maybe the better question is… do you want to build a basic website or do you want to build a high-converting sales funnel? 

At the end of the day, ClickFunnels will help you collect leads and sell products. Builderall will help you build a professional-looking website. 

The choice is yours. 

But why not try both of ‘em for free before making a decision? 🙂

Want To Try ClickFunnels For FREE For 14 Days?

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One thought on “Builderall Vs. ClickFunnels: Which Service is Better for Your Business?

  1. Great article. But I would have to disagree with you.
    I think your article is outdated and needs to be up to date.

    Builderall has improved significantly since this article was written.
    It's always improving.

    I don't agree with your statement "ClickFunnels will help you collect leads and sell products. Builderall will help you build a professional-looking website. "

    I think it's a little contradictive to what you wrote. You mentioned about Mailinboss Email Autoresponder tool and at the same time are trying to dismantle your claim about collecting leads with Builderall.

    Builderall has much more tools, not only for building "a professional-looking websites", but for collecting and tracking leads as well and other 40 + tools to use for your business.

    It has a new, much faster responsive website builder now, Cheetah Builder as you mentioned, and Builderall development team is always working on making it better and better.

    In addition to all that, it's saving you money and time when it comes to investing into other tools and spending time looking for them, Builderall, in my opinion, beats ClickFunnels in that regards

    So, just make sure your article is up to date.

    And thank you again for such a thorough review