Access ClickFunnel’s High-Converting Sales Funnel Templates!

Access ClickFunnel’s High-Converting Sales Funnel Templates!

How should you structure your sales funnel for success? Check out these 12 high-converting sales funnel templates!

You know how powerful sales funnels are for your business. 

They can help you generate more leads and more sales, more often. 

But there’s a problem…

Saying that sales funnels are powerful is a little bit like saying that diet and exercise are important for your health… it’s true, but it doesn’t tell you much about how to actually get results. 

So instead, what if we gave you a whole bucket-load of high-converting sales funnel templates that are proven to convert? 

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And check out the below templates and examples to see these funnels in action.

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1. Sales Funnel Templates

At the ClickFunnel’s marketplace, you can browse through tons of different sales funnel templates. 

There are sales funnels for generating leads, hosting an event, launching a product, selling a service, and lots more.

Plus, you can use these sales funnels in any industry — real estate, B2B, ecommerce, SaaS…  even dentistry and fitness!


Page 1 – Opt-In

Page 2 – Thank You

2. Product Launch Funnel Templates

You put a lot of work into creating your new product. 

But how do you ensure that launch day is a huge success? 

That’s where the product launch funnel comes in. This sales funnel was specifically created to help you bring new products to the market and sell them like crazy. 

ClickFunnel’s marketplace has lots of product launch funnels for you to choose from. 

The key is to spend a week or more building anticipation for your upcoming product. In the example below, that’s what pages 1-3 are all about. 


Page 1-3 – Coming Soon Videos

Page 4 – Launch Day

3. Real Estate Sales Funnel Templates

Many real estate investors and agents don’t realize that they need a sales funnel. 

Unfortunately, they also struggle to grow their business and make an impact on their market. 

But one of the secrets of highly successful real estate pros is their sales funnel. They don’t leave lead-gen to chance… they systematize the top of the funnel to generate as many leads as possible and they personalize the bottom of the funnel to delight their clients. 

That’s a recipe for success. 

Below is an example of an effective real estate sales funnel… it doesn’t’ have to be complicated. 


Page 1 – Opt-In

Page 2 – Thank You

4. Squeeze Page Templates

The squeeze page funnel is one of the simplest (and most powerful) sales funnel templates for lead generation. 

It just involves two pages. 

The first page captures the visitor’s information — typically email address and name — and the second page says “Thank You.”

Simple, right? 

If you want to increase the conversion rate of your squeeze page funnel, then you might consider creating a lead magnet to incentivize opt-ins. A free guide, downloadable resource, or coupon works like a charm.


Page 1 – Opt-In

Page 2 – Thank You

5. Book Funnel Templates

Want to sell a book online? 

Well, there’s a sales funnel for that. 

In fact, we absolutely love the book + free shipping offer… it gets people’s attention and makes it easy to upsell them on another product (this is a great first offer for a Tripwire Funnel). 

And our book funnel templates will work their magic whether you’re trying to just sell more copies of your book… or you’re trying to upsell another product. 

That’s the great thing about sales funnels… you can craft them to do whatever you need.


Page 1 – Sales Page

Page 2 – Checkout

Page 3 – Thank You

6. Tripwire Funnel Templates

It’s called a sales funnel because it’s meant to help you sell more products, more often. 

And while lead-generation and event-hosting are important, selling products is where a sales funnel really shines. 

The tripwire sales funnel is our personal favorite for making more sales. 

We use it all the time to sell books, courses, and other ClickFunnels’ services. 

Here’s how it works. 

First, you make an irresistible offer to your prospect… something that is a no-brainer purchase for them. 

Then, once they’ve filled out their buying information, you make an upsell or down-sell offer — this is the real product you’re trying to sell. This can be a membership, continuity product, or a special discount on another relevant item. 

They can add the upsell/downsell product to their purchase with one click

And finally, you thank the new customer for their purchase.


Page 1 – Irresistible Offer

Page 2 – Upsell/Downsell

Page 3 – Thank You

7. Membership Funnel Templates

Membership programs are of the best ways to generate monthly revenue for your business. 

Your membership program might be a subscription box service, an online community, daily emails, or something else altogether. 

Whatever it is, there’s a sales funnel for that. 

And not just a sales funnel… ClickFunnels gives you all the tools you need to build a simple, compelling membership site — this includes a membership area, a log-in system, and lots more. 

So once you get membership sign-ups with your sales funnel, you can keep them delighted (and paying) every single month.


Page 1 – Sales Page

Page 2 – Thank You

Page 3 – Log-In

Page 4 – Members Home

8. Webinar Funnel Templates

To be honest, ClickFunnels owes a lot of its original success to the genius of the webinar funnel. 

Russell Brunson, our fearless leader, regularly uses webinars to generate leads and find new members. 

It’s one of the reasons that ClickFunnels has had the privilege of serving more than 70,000 entrepreneurs. 

We’ve broken the webinar funnel down into a simple science. 

And our marketplace gives you access to a ton of different webinar sales funnels that you can try for yourself.


Page 1 – Registration

Page 2 – Survey

Page 3 – Thank You

9. Video Sales Letter Templates

Video marketing is extremely powerful.

Just consider, for instance, that 54% of consumers want to see more video content from brands that they love and, not coincidentally, 87% of marketing professionals use video as a marketing tool. 

In fact, video is so powerful that we invented the Video Sales Letter (VSL) funnel. 

It’s essentially the same as any other high-converting sales funnel… but instead of focussing on sales copy, it focusses on sales video.


Page 1 – Sales Page

Page 2 – Thank You

10. eBook Funnel Templates

One great way to generate leads is by offering your target market a free eBook that will provide them with irresistible value. 

The best part about an eBook is, you don’t have to go through the complexities of publishing and formatting a physical book — you can just create a PDF file!

And if your eBook has an attractive title that grabs your target market’s attention… even better. 

The below example is a very high-converting example from SmartBlogger, a blog that helps writers make money online.


Page 1 – Opt-In

Page 2 – Thank You

Which sales funnel template will YOU use? 

Is your goal to generate leads? To increase brand awareness? To make sales? 

There are a lot of different sales funnels for different things. 

But all of them are effective at the specific goal for which they’ve been created. 

So which sales funnel are you going to choose? 

Get yourself a 14-day FREE ClickFunnel’s trial and then browse through our marketplace to find one that fits your business…

Off you go!

Access The ClickFunnel’s Marketplace Now!

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  1. Fantastic! Got clients already that are super hyped over some of these templates and I'm ready to get going with these. I'm sure so many would see higher conversions using these templates. The marketplace has gotten really good. Thanks.