ClickFunnels Vs. Website: Why Traditional Websites Are Dying

ClickFunnels Vs. Website: Why Traditional Websites Are Dying

The internet is home to 1.5 billion websites. And only a tiny fraction of those websites are getting consistent traffic. Here’s what you can do about it.

In this web-driven world, everyone knows you need a website for your business. 

But if you’ve ever tried to build a website, you’ve likely been intimidated by the number of steps it takes to create a basic website the traditional way.

Not only that…

But if you’ve launched a website before, then you also know how lackluster the results can be. 

You spend hours (Days? Weeks? Months?) building your website and it repays you with inconsistent traffic, low-quality leads, and, well… at least it’s pretty. 

Nahh — you need results. 

The days of having a website for the sake of having a website are over. 

It’s time to move on. 

It’s time for something better

Namely, the sales funnel. 

Your Website is Dead… Here’s What To Do About It

Introducing “The Sales Funnel” Website

Let me start with a really basic question. 

Why do you want a website? 

Do you want a website so that you can get more eyes on your business and build brand awareness? Do you want to generate leads? Do you want to make sales? 

More than likely… all of the above? 

Of course, you do!

You don’t want a website so that you can brag to all your friends about how you have a website. 

You want a website that drives real results.

You want a website that generates leads, traffic, and sales like clockwork. 

Otherwise… what is the point of having a website in the first place?

Sadly, most websites do diddly-squat for driving real results. Unless you’re an established business with a well-known brand, you don’t need a website… you need a sales funnel. 

What’s the difference? 

Well, let’s look at how a website works.

People come to your website, they look around aimlessly, and then they decide on their own what action they’re going to take. And most of them leave.

Traditional Website

The reason that most website visitors leave is because they haven’t been guided

They’ve been shown a ton of stuff — some content, some products, some ads, some news, and an About Page — but they haven’t been clearly instructed as to what action they should take. 

It’s sort of like if someone comes into your brick-and-mortar store… and you don’t greet them, you don’t ask them if you can help, you don’t guide them

That’s where a sales funnel is different.

Sales Funnels

Having a sales funnel instead of a website is like having your very best salesperson guide each prospect to conversion. 

Except it all happens online… automatically. 

Here’s how it works. 

Using a sales funnel, each page is intentionally crafted to guide the visitor to the next page and the next action… eventually leading to conversion!

For example…

Video Sales Letter

And sales funnels get wayyy higher conversion rates than websites. 

In fact, at ClickFunnels, we have helped thousands of online entrepreneurs build winning sales funnels. 

Here’s one story of how Jaimie Cross used ClickFunnels to build a thriving ecommerce business.

In the end, you have two options. 

You can build a website the traditional way… the tough way. Or you can build a website the ClickFunnels way. 

Let me show you what we mean. 

How to Build a Website the WRONG Way

Creating a website for your business sounds easy at first. 

But it’s not.

First, you have to purchase a domain. You have to find a domain name that isn’t already taken and pay a fee to purchase it. 

But that’s not all. Once you have a domain, you have to get a hosting company to host your website on their servers. This has fees as well. 

But that’s still not all (it’s like a bad infomercial!). You have your domain and hosting, but you still don’t have a website.

There are a couple of different options for building your traditional website. 

You could build a custom website that requires expertise in coding, or you could build a website using a content management system that has basic website templates that you can use. 

Assuming that, as a business owner, you don’t have the coding expertise necessary to build your own website, you would need to hire a web developer to build your website for you.

Problem is… hiring a developer is expensive, and their finished product isn’t built to convert visitors into customers.

The other option, using a popular content management system like WordPress or Shopify, provides limited template options, meaning you end up with a basic website without customizable structure or automation…

…which usually translates to fewer conversions. 

Whether you build a custom website or use a CMS, you have to figure out which pages you want your site to consist of and how they will look. 

You have to figure out how you will use design elements throughout your website and plan and write the content that will go on each page. 

Unfortunately, building and maintaining a website takes a ridiculous amount of work. 

And as a business owner, you don’t have time to waste on a website DIY project.

In the time that the internet has been around, this process has changed very little. The internet may be faster and look better than before, but the process it takes for a business owner to build a website is very much the same as it was in 2005.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

ClickFunnels is the modern way to build a website, and while it acts as a replacement for a traditional website, it also guides each visitor through the sales process, qualifying leads at each step, and ensures that visitors will convert and you will make money. 

Your Website is Dead… Here’s What To Do About It

How to Build a Website the ClickFunnels Way

Building a website the ClickFunnels way is faster and easier than building a traditional website, and you’ll end up with an effective sales funnel that will close more sales than a traditional website would.

ClickFunnels is an easy-to-use software that business owners can use instead of a traditional website to sell their products or services. 

Creating a funnel does not require you to buy a domain, pay hosting fees, plan webpages, or do development work.

Just like a regular website, funnels include webpages, forms, checkout, and fulfillment processes. Your funnel will be a fully functioning store for your products or services, without the hassle. 

And there are different sales funnels for different things. 

You can create a sales funnel for generating leads, getting sign-ups to your event, or selling products… whatever it is that you’re trying to accomplish! 

Product Launch Funnel

But ClickFunnels doesn’t just replace a website; it outperforms a website. 

The purpose of ClickFunnels is to provide business owners more value than they would get from a traditional website, without the work required to build a website.

The concept of the sales funnel is not new to the sales industry, but often businesses don’t know how to apply it to their online stores. 

Once you understand the importance of taking people through the steps of the sales funnel, you will see that there is no better way to sell products online.

The ClickFunnels interface allows you to easily and efficiently create your funnel through tried-and-true funnel templates depending on your industry, product, and value ladder. 

The ready-to-use funnels on ClickFunnels are the same funnels that multi-million dollar businesses have used to make their millions in many different industries.

They are based on market research and testing to figure out which funnel structure each audience reacts to the best. 

The secret is, every business doesn’t have to do their own research. The odds are someone has sold a similar product or sold to a similar audience as you. 

And if you want to customize your funnel to fit your business even better, you can add elements and put the pieces of the funnel together in any order that you want!

With ClickFunnels, instead of wasting time figuring out how best to sell the product or how best to sell to your audience, you use the proven method that others have used to successfully sell in that industry or to that audience.

Build a funnel for your business for free with ClickFunnels’ 14 Day Trial!


So How Do Sales Funnels Work?

phases of funnel

As shown in the diagram above from DotCom Secrets, a sales funnel takes visitors through 7 phases in order to maximize sales.

First, you need to determine the ‘temperature’ of the specific traffic you are driving. In other words, what is their awareness level of what you offer? 

Are they unaware of who you are and what you offer? That would make them a ‘cold’ audience. Are they aware of who you are but not necessarily what you offer? That would make them a ‘warm’ audience. Are they aware of who you are, what you offer, and have likely purchased from you before? That would make them a ‘hot’ audience.

hot cold

Once you know the temperature, you can then more intentionally drive these people to a pre-frame bridge page that will have messaging crafted specifically for them. This step sets the tone for your offer. 

Third, the visitor is given a form to enter their email address in exchange for some value. Maybe this is a video, a printable, or a download of some sort.

If they are willing to exchange their email for your free giveaway, then they are qualified to move to phase four where you make them a paid offer.

If they are interested and make a purchase, it moves them through phase five. You then use emails, messages, and social posts to age that relationship and ascend your buyers up your value ladder, offering them increased value over time for an increased cost. Your most loyal customers will find themselves at the top of your value ladder benefiting from your highest-ticket items.

Leveraging the Value Ladder Within Your Funnel

value ladder

The Value Ladder is the concept of building rapport and trust in your customers by starting with simple small purchases and then providing increased value to them as you present to them increasingly higher-priced offers. Those who have a great experience with you at the lower levels will want more from you and be willing to buy offers higher up your ladder.

If the first offer someone receives from you is for a $1,000 product, the odds of them purchasing are low. 

However, if you first offer them your $10 product, then your $40 product, and keep leading them up the value ladder, they will eventually be willing to buy your $1,000 as long as you continue to provide great value. 

Your value ladder can be built out starting as low as free and building up as high as you can imagine.

The Value Ladder is the secret to success online because you get the maximum lifetime value out of each customer.

On a smaller scale, a sales funnel can be viewed as a micro-value ladder within your business. In the same way that value ladders maximize the lifetime value of a customer, sales funnels maximize the average order value of a specific online transaction.

With a traditional website, you may only have one opportunity for a visitor to purchase. But a sales funnel, on the other hand, utilizes the value ladder concept and gives them multiple purchase opportunities within the same transaction… which gives the customer maximum value and you maximum profits.

In the battle of ClickFunnels vs. Website, ClickFunnels is the clear winner.

Get rid of the suspense and inefficiency of selling through a traditional website and use a ClickFunnel instead! Start your 14 Day Trial today and see the results for free!


ClickFunnels vs. Website: Which is Better?

Everyone has a website. 

And, unfortunately, most of those websites don’t stand apart from the crowd. 

Most of them cost too much money, drive too little traffic, and make too few dollars. 

That’s why we created the sales funnel — it’s a new way to drive traffic, generate leads, and make sales, a consistent way, a way that is sustainable and will grow your business over the long-term. 

And we’ve made it super easy to create your first sales funnel — you can do it for FREE over here

Your Website is Dead… Here’s What To Do About It

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  1. Been sold on using funnels over websites for a long time already. When you want to get any kind of result online, a funnel converts better. In a very few types of situations, it would make more sense of making a website, but in most cases, funnels will be the better choice. So much fun to make too! Funnels are here to stay. It is the future of online business. 🙂

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    1. Colin, so many of our members start out not knowing what their product is and how to build their value ladder. You might consider taking the This of all our products can help so much with clarity and actionable steps. I hope this helps

  3. Everything here is possible on a website, but i only love the facts that clickfunnels is all in one, moreso, a well set funnel wont generate sales if the offer, psychology driving point is low.

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