Community Thread: What’s Your Marketing Stack?

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So every marketer or business owner makes a decision early on in their marketing career.

They make this decision usually before they’ve grown their business or even acquire their first customer.

That decision is, selecting their ‘all-stars’ for their marketing stack.

Now you’re probably wondering what the hell I’m on about.

What’s this marketing stack that you speak of?

Your marketing stack is the selection of tools or apps that you use in your business to achieve your marketing goals.

So I thought it would be a bit of fun to gather the ClickFunnels community and see how many different stacks we can showcase through the comments below.

It will not only help other users and members to see all the different combinations that are available, but it will also give you some ideas on which new apps and integrations can be made to streamline your business processes.

So here’s what I’m going to ask from you.

Post in the comments below two types of stacks:

  1. Post your marketing stack
  2. Post your lead flow marketing stack

So in your second point, explain to us what process visitors or your prospects go through when they enter your world.

Here’s an example:

My name’s Stephen Esketzis, and here’s my Marketing Stack:

A visitor hits the homepage of my website that’s built on WordPress. Next they optin to my lead magnet which is in the sidebar. They open a landing page built in ClickFunnels and decide to Opt-In.

Their details are sent to ActiveCampaign where they enter into an automation. Before they are then taken to a sales page which is integrated with Stripe and PayPal with ClickFunnels they are asked if they have a cell phone which integrates with Twilio to send reminder text messages or voice recordings.

They checkout and join a membership site on MemberMouse which integrates with WordPress.

Just like that, nice and easy to follow.

We know ClickFunnels integrates with a bunch of awesome tools already, but there’s many more you can use in your sales funnel indirectly which we’d love to hear about.

So leave a comment below, and share with us your Marketing Stack in the two steps we’ve outlined above.

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9 thoughts on “Community Thread: What’s Your Marketing Stack?

  1. My marketing stack is:

    1. ClickFunnels
    2. Aweber
    3. GoToWebinar

    Currently people go to my landing page built on ClickFunnels then go to sign onto my webinar with GoToWebinar (also integrated with aWeber). I put them into an autoresponder and then they join the webinar where I make them an offer they can’t refuse!

    Great idea with this blog post by the way!

  2. Our marketing stack is:

    1. WordPress
    2. ClickFunnels
    3. MailChimp
    4. Stripe

    A visitor hits our website ( and can click on various opt-in buttons that take them to a squeeze page in ClickFunnels which sends them to our MailChimp list and then to a tripwire course which is processed through Stripe and then to our membership area to sign up for their login information.

  3. I’d love to move over to clickfunnels but how are you all integrating with membermouse so I can make it easy? Right now I’ve built a completely custom setup for my membership area which I love and want to keep but need more help on the font end lead capture to really maximize my time and traffic.



  4. My Marketing Stack is:
    – WordPress – home page designed to narrow audience interest
    – when person clicks on area of interest it takes them to some morsels of wisdom to keep them wanting more at end of short page is related blog post
    – Each blog post has right column opt ins; button to get latest FREE gift; Button to ask me ANY relationship question.
    – Each opt in leads to Active Campaign and my Click Funnel thank you and up-sell video page
    – Orderforms on CF and links to Stripe

  5. Mine:

    WordPresss for members area (Optimizepress)
    Infusionsoft – CRM/Autoresponder
    Instabuilder 2.0 – Landing pages
    Stripe – Payment
    Thrivecart – Orderforms

    1. Visitor lands on Landing page
    2. Opts in to an Infusionsoft Campaign sequence
    3. Push the sale to landing page linked to Orderform.

    I don’t have Clickfunnels as it doesn’t make sense to move everything.

    I have too much already built.