10 Copywriting Tips to Create Engaging Landing Pages

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Landing pages are usually the introduction you have with potential customers and leads. They find your ad appealing or you have a great post on Facebook that’s going around, and this is what they see. You’ve piqued their interest and now they’re looking to see just what it is you’re all about. It’s your moment to shine. If you’ve invested in landing page builder that works best for you, you’ve probably customized everything. Everything should be set and ready for them.

One of the most overlooked aspects of the landing page is the copywriting. We tinker with color, perfect videos, and make sure our images are on point, but the writing can sometimes overwhelm. In fact, writing powerful copy can be downright intimidating for most. But, how do you write copy that gets your leads to actually engage with your offer? How do you get people to participate, read, or click where you want them to?

It’s all done with incredible copywriting. We’ll talk about it later in greater detail down below, but you want your prospects to find out as much as they can before they buy. You want to get a lot of information across, so how do you keep them interested in what you have to say? There are some fundamental tips that go into the process that will help you activate your prospects and leads. Most of these are things that you’ll be able to keep in the back of your mind while you’re writing.

Why Does Copywriting Help Engage Readers?

When you make a landing page, you want your copy to really pull them in. Videos are great at endearing people, but copy is where you’re going to actually sell them. Copy is the meat of the whole informational meal that your prospects have come to devour. It’s the bulk of the meal that you’ve offered your leads. Copywriting does everything from reducing risk on the buyer’s behalf, answer questions, and highlight the benefits of the product. It does the legwork for your selling process and get them to put their information in through the squeeze pages.

Copywriting is a crucial skill and is vital for you to accurately convey what you want your potential buyers to know. With copy, it’s easy to recognize bad copy and it’s difficult for us to know when we’ve experienced good copy. Why? Because great copy calls us to action and we end up purchasing the offer. We end up engaging on a whole new level with the right copy and the result isn’t us admiring witty wordplay or the creativity of the prose. It results in sales, which is more along the lines of what we’re interested in having. Sales equate success in the business world and copy is the road to sales.

What follows are the simple tips that you will start to integrate into the copy that you spend your time writing and crafting. This takes time to develop and to truly master, but each step in the right direction is the right step.

1.) Focus on the Benefits of the Product

While it is tempting to throw a price tag all over you landing page to try and wow your prospects, I’d take a moment and step back from that cliff edge. It turns out that people are actually not impressed by your price tag. In fact, they have no reference for it. If you want your copy to activate interest inside of their minds, you’ll want to give them a reason to understand that price tag first. So how do you do that?

Simple, you focus on the benefits of your product over the price that is associated with it. If you have customers that are simply dedicating their deciding factor on the price of the product, then you probably don’t want them as customers. Price point is a lure for a customer that will abandon you at the sight of a lower price point. Instead, you want customers who understand and witness your value.

With your offer, make sure that the copy focuses on the benefits that your service or product provides. Let it show how your leads what will change when you enter their life with your service and product. What will you help them with? What about your product will simplify their lives? How can you help change their lives? Ultimately, how can you spare them from pain and deliver them toward pleasure. This is how you motivate your customers with the benefit and they’ll start to act upon your copy.

2.) Build Urgency within Your Audience

Engagement requires that there is a reason for why they need to act now. Your copy needs to call them to action and give them a reason for why they can’t sit around thinking about the offer and need to get it now. This sense of urgency can be laced throughout your entire offer. You can explain that it’s a limited time offer or that there’s a short window of time for them to get in on the change you’re offering for their business or life. This is the most obvious form of urgency that you can build up.

However, you can use a subtler form of urgency in your copy that will really make them want to act. You want to continually provide examples of how their lives are going to change, how radically they will see differences. If you have case studies, weave them into your copy to show them how they can truly make a difference as well. It will really drive home the point and instill a sense of urgency in them as they scroll through your landing page.

3.) Convey Information Through Story

One of the best ways you can actually convey the information you’re looking to get across to your leads. Stories are your secret weapon in getting people to resonate with what you’re trying to tell them. Copy that gets people engaged is copy that relates to their lives. It humanizes who you are and the service or product that you’re offering. We like storytellers and you can always find a story that relates what you’re trying to sell to the lives of your customers by crafting the right story.

Take your time to find a story or example in your life where you experienced one of the difficulties that your customers might be facing. Let them know that you understand their trouble and how you escaped that pain or frustration. Really build your story up in their minds and you’ll get them to engage with your copy in a natural and subtle way.

4.) Find Your Voice

Very few of us get into business to become expert writers. However, when it comes to copy that grabs your leads and gets them to interact, you need to sound like a real human being. The worst thing you can do is sound like a text book. You want to strike the perfect balance between informative and relatable and that also requires that you sound like a human being. If you want your readers to flow through your landing page and your sales information, you need to write as if you’re speaking to them.

The key factor in engaging copy is that it flows smoothly. If your leads and prospects are caught up on the way you word something or how you phrase information, you’re going to slow down the whole process and bog down the reader. That’s going to increase the likelihood that they bounce and are lost. All that work and money on ads gone.

The solution is to practice. Whether it’s a journal or a blog, go to write something down every day until you can write just like you speak. Listen to yourself and take note of the words that you use and take the time to find the right phrasing. All of this will help you develop and hone a voice that is attractive and effective at getting your leads to process through your landing page.

5.) Establish Clarity with the Details

When your leads land on your sales page or squeeze page, they should leave that page with an absolute and clear understanding of exactly what it is you’re offering, what they’ll receive, and how much it is going to cost them. One of the most effective way of calling your prospects to action, is to have them know exactly what you’re offering them. If they can clearly see what you’re offering, then you’ll have a better chance at converting them into a sell.

One of the best ways to help build clarity in your copy, is to avoid jargon or lingo that is niche specific. Simplicity and clarity often help get the message across and convert your leads, especially on your landing page. Of course, you want to retain a sense of authority and creditability, but you can do that by showing your mastery of knowedge and understanding, not by hiding behind niche specific wording.

6.) Focus on Your Headline

When it comes to your landing page, the first thing that anyone is ever going to see is your headline. Your headline should get the point across to your readers as to exactly what they’re about to go through. Make sure that you’re implementing powerful keywords and most of all, that your headline pops. You want it to be snappy, to stick out, and to really pique interest. This is the first step in engaging your leads with your copywriting. It’s a powerful and an influential part of the process, especially for the beginning. Take a look at some of the best headlines and you’ll get an idea of what it is you’re going for. Bold, informative, and captivating. Write out several and shop them around with your business associates and friends to see which strikes them the most.

7.) Gear Your Copy Toward SEO

If you want engaging copywriting, it’s important to make sure that your writing is working on multiple levels for you. While getting people to your landing page through ads is a success in and of itself, have people arrive from multiple sources is even better. One of the ways to help build your engagement is to draw people from searches as well. When you’re writing your copy, make sure that you’re utilizing keywords that are strong and useful for your SEO. You want people to find you when they search for certain words.

If your landing page packs an SEO punch, then you’ll start finding that you’ll be acquiring customers from search engines. That’s not costing you anything in ad spending. All you need to do is make sure that you are writing your copy for multiple functions. Brush up on your SEO knowledge and start putting it to use.

8.) Long Form is Best

Many people think of their effective copy like a fight with their leads. Rather than thinking about engagement with their copy, they think about striking hard and converting quickly. Make it short and sweet and the lead will pass through the landing page. But, studies have shown that the exact opposite is the case. You want to write your landing page in long form, which means you’re writing over 3,000 words.

Essentially, people want to know exactly what you’re offering and how it is going to help them. Don’t be afraid to clarify and cover all the factors involved with your offer for them. They’re going to go through your material. Don’t be afraid of telling them exactly what you’re wanting to convey to them. Don’t pass the opportunity to really maximize your information that you can transfer to your customers. The more informed and comfortable they are with your offer, the more likely they will act on your copywriting.

9.) Transition from Simple to Detailed

Many of your customers that you’re possibly trying to attract are not going to be experts in what you’re doing and what you’re providing them. A lot of people only slightly know that they even have a problem, let alone want a solution to their problem. When you start out in your copy, you want to think of it as a swimming pool. Let people wade in comfortably before you toss them into the deep end and make them swim in all of the information.

Start out with something easy for them to process and digest, to easily engage with, like a story or questions to get them thinking. You want them to start walking into the deep facts and issues that your offer handles. This is where you can start to introduce them to things that require more detail and explanation. Guide them. You’re their leader at through the landing page and you can help walk them through all of this.

10.) Rise to the Level of Your Customers

We like to sound extremely intelligent to our customers, but there are a lot of things can be seen distasteful to a potential customer pool. One of those things is speaking at the wrong level to your prospects. If you want people to engage with well written copywriting, then you need to make sure that you’re not speaking over their heads or down to them. There’s a fine line that you need to hit, but it’s based on who your audience is.

If your customers are specialists or professionals in an industry or field, then you want to speak to them with confidence and intelligence. If you’re reaching out to an enormous pool of prospects, you need to be relatable, holding back on high level or in-depth details until they’re ready for it. There’s a sense of approachability that you’ll want to instill. Matching your audience is key to them receiving the copywriting that you’re providing them.

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  1. To prepare a best landing page is almost impossible because even if you consider it best, there would remain a chance of improvement. Like, every time you read the same book, gives a better understanding.

    But there are few must include checklist that has been proven in practice and certainly gives better result, if followed wrightly.

    Your Landing page has two ways of access –

    1) Access by Search Engine (eg.google bots)
    Google rank the landing page on few factors – a)CTR b)Landing Page Experience c)Relevancy of the content. You need to prepare the content having in mind that it is going to be read by Google first and content rank is better only then it going to be viewed by most of the readers. If you are good in understanding the same and develop your landing page accordingly that’s great. But if not then be ready to learn it first. For that you can access open source article, blogs etc. and watch Youtube for better understanding.

    2) Access by your readers/viewers
    Once you are through the first point the second points comes. Here you need to develop the content as per the above article because here the target audience is your customer/viewer. If you are good in writing the quality of content that’s great, but if not then you can take help of online community like
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    See, In this current internet world content is given much importance you can’t bypass this.

    If you could really follow these two way approach to develop your Landing page, I’m sure that you are going to get better results.

    All the best. Use this approach and share your experience here.