Funnel Hacking 101: Design Hack Tips

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Funnel Hacking gets thrown around a lot in the ClickFunnels community. We do call ourselves, Funnel Hackers, after all. But, what is Funnel Hacking exactly? It’s made people millions of dollars. It’s made average people, looking to make ends meet, into passionate powerhouses in their fields. And, It’s revolutionized industries and is the cutting edge of research.

So, how do you start Funnel Hacking today?

Well, let’s start with some basic design tips, brought to you by our in house graphic designer, Jake Leslie.

Step 1: Pick Your Target

So, with Funnel Hacking, there’s a bit you need to bring to the table before you do it successfully. You need to know what your product is, who your audience is, and where they’re located. This is Russell Brunson 101 and if this is sounding confusing to you, buy DotComSecrets and Expert Secrets right now. There is literally no excuse for not having it.

Because, once you know who your audience is, what they want, and where they are, then you can find out who your competition is. Why is this important, because you need to study what they’re doing successfully. Find the biggest, baddest guy or gal in town and start studying their funnels.

These are the people who are killing it, so that’s who you are going to learn the most from.

Do your research. Get involved with communities online. Find out where your audience is congregating and here is what you want to pay attention for.

Step 2: Study Their Placement

Before you look at content, their colors, their videos, or anything else, just take a moment to look at the strategy they used.

Think of it as finding the blueprints for your dream home, because that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Where are the movies placed? What do they have the order form? Where do their links go to? What sort of navigation do they have through the funnel?

Find out everything you can about their funnel structure, because you’re going to map out your own funnel first, then you’re going to map out each of those pages. See what is common and what you can do to solidify the common spots with your page.

Why does placement matter? Because EVERYTHING matters with your funnel. There is a reason that their funnels are converting so well and you want to know what basic principles you need to utilize before you start putting your own spin on things.

Remember the old saying: First, you need to know the rules before you can break them?

The same rule applies here. You can read as many blogs or articles about building funnels successfully, or you can go straight to who is doing it best.

That’s an easy choice to me.

Because once you have the blueprint, it’s time to put your own style.

Step 3: Implement Your Style

Too many people are scare of breaking their funnel by playing around with cosmetic things like fonts, colors, and backgrounds. Find out what you enjoy specifically about different sites and what stands out to you.

If your first funnel looks like a clown exploded, then cool beans.

You reel in your exploration over time to figure out what looks great and that will help you a lot when you’re doing your research. Figure out what works best with your product, your audience, and your personality.

After all, the funnel is just the tool, you’re the artist here!

As for images and videos, do what you want! Make sure that it’s you!

If you’re not sure what your style is, then play around. Make things look ugly so you can rule things out, like a full lime green background with fluorescent purple font.

Not a good mix.

Just keep playing, because that’s how you learn and learning is fun with ClickFunnels!

Step 4: Pay Attention to Copy

Now, this is a huge thing.

Copy is the meat and potatoes of the feast you’re slapping down in front of your leads and visitors. Not only do you need to know what you’re going to say, you need to be able to present in correctly.

That seems weird to a lot of people, but copywriting isn’t just about the words you put down on the page. It has to be presented in a way that people can easily digest. Smaller sentences, broken up, spaced well, nothing to bog them down while they’re reading. These are all key to having excellent copy on your pages.

Take the time to study how and where the majority of the text is and how it should be distributed on your page.

What is the flow?

What topics proceed certain topics?

Take the time to research so that you know, without a doubt, the best way to build out your funnel and it will drastically increase your odds.

And, that’s it. That’s the beginning of your Funnel Hacking career. This is just the beginning and there is so much more to look for, but these are the basic design tips you should be studying when you’re Funnel Hacking.

So get Hacking!

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