44 Drool-Worthy Sales Funnel Templates

44 Drool-Worthy Sales Funnel Templates

A silent revolution is brewing. It’s an uprising. Not just of the machines. But of sales funnels. These magical little money-printing machines are transforming businesses from all corners of the earth. In this new era, websites are long gone. They rose to popularity with the Dot Com Bubble in the 1990’s. But that bubble burst decades ago. And there’s been a slow and steady decline of websites since then.

Today, you must have a sales funnel to not only survive in business but to thrive. So what is a sales funnel and how does it work? Sales funnels are not like websites. They’re different. Innovative. Enchanted. They can transform even the smallest business into an industry behemoth. Unlike websites, they don’t overwhelm us with choices. They’re straight and to the point. Direct.

Sales funnels offer the path of least resistance because they offer only one path forward. They don’t flood you with choices. They offer a single path toward your objective. And sales funnels are not difficult to build. Especially with the right software. The right software offers premade sales funnel templates. It makes it easy to launch your first (or your next) sales funnel with ease.

Unlike websites, sales funnels do not require advanced tech skills to build. No servers to configure. No code to write. They’re not complicated. They exist inside a simple and easy framework. And you can quickly launch them with premade sales funnel templates that you can customize with a drag-and-drop editor. Plus, these sales funnel templates apply to every sales and lead-generating objective you could imagine. Ever.

What Sales Funnel Template Should You Use?

Sales funnel templates make building sales funnels simple and easy. They exist for every type of sales funnel imaginable. They’re premade. Pre-built. Configured for every objective. All you need to do is pick the one that suits your desired outcome. There’s a sales funnel template for every situation. Most start with lead generation funnels. Others dive straight into things like webinar funnels or 2-step tripwire funnels.

If you want to generate more leads, then start there. If you’re just starting your business and don’t have all the pieces in place, then focus on leads. Create a lead magnet and build a lead generation funnel. Leads are crucial. After all, you need someone to sell your products or services to, right? Lead generation funnels are designed to get people to raise their hands and show an interest in what you’re selling.

Once they raise their hand they enter your world. All you do is pick the right sales funnel template to help make that happen. But you don’t always need to start at a lead generation funnel. Some start with application funnels or cart funnels. Some want to build online courses or membership sites and start there. Applications can generate leads. So can online courses, webinars, and other funnel types.

Lead Generation Templates

Every business needs leads. They’re the lifeblood of a business. The heartbeat. They exist at the very core of what makes a business viable and profitable. Without leads, no business can survive. And lead generation templates allow you to quickly build a funnel to generate leads in your business. A steady flow of leads helps you increase sales, boost revenue and make money faster than ever before.

Building a lead generation funnel is simple. All you need to do is create a drool-worthy lead magnet. Lead magnets are important. It must help solve part of the problem that your prospect is struggling with. Remember that your prospect is in pain. And your business is to solve that pain. Lead magnets give them a taste of that solution. And they do it for free.

Squeeze Page Funnel Templates

Lead generation happens inside of a lead generation funnel. Sometimes we call these squeeze page funnels. Why? Because they’re designed to squeeze the contact information from a prospect. We also have reverse squeeze pages. Reverse squeeze pages provide more value upfront and often deliver a higher quality lead. This is ideal for high-ticket service providers and high-end products.

So how do you structure a squeeze page funnel? They revolve around the lead generation offer. That offer has a lead magnet at its core. You must target the prospect’s problem with the lead magnet. And you must address the pain that they’re experiencing by using curiosity. Curiosity is important in any sales funnel. And it’s especially important in a lead generation funnel.

This sales funnel template is simple. Two pages help pull this off. The first page is the actual squeeze page. The squeeze page typically has a headline, an image, and a call to action. The call to action here is to fill out the email or contact details to claim the free lead magnet. The headline must create curiosity so that the prospect is compelled to put in their contact details. Otherwise, they might not.

The thank you page is a simple video or information explaining that the lead magnet is on its way to their inbox. They can claim that lead magnet by finding your email. This opens the door to email marketing. Email marketing is important in sales funnels because it helps build rapport. You create a bond with that prospect through the power of storytelling inside of your emails.

That’s why sales funnels are so effective. And that’s also why squeeze page funnels work so well. It’s a low threshold of risk for the prospect. All they need to do is give you some simple information. In exchange, they’ll receive a valuable freebie that can potentially solve their problem. It helps keep your lead acquisition costs low. And it increases the likeliness that the person can eventually become a customer.

2-Step Tripwire Templates

When most people hear the word tripwire an image comes to their mind. Movies have altered our perception of tripwires. We think of bombs and explosions. Complex Mission Impossible-esque sequences of dodging lasers to secure the treasure. But 2-step tripwires are a bit different, albeit still very powerful.

A 2-step tripwire relies on human psychology and the resistance that occurs during a sale. As a person enters their information, many beliefs hold them back from pulling the so-called trigger and completing a payment for a purchase. That’s where 2-step tripwires come into play. This sales funnel template leverages our understanding of human psychology in a very clever way.

2-step tripwires naturally have two steps. The prospect remains on the page during both steps, never leaving or redirecting anywhere. In terms of the prospect’s eyes, nothing is really happening. Except, behind the scenes it is. The first step asks for very basic information. It’s the same information you would find on a simple lead generation funnel. Name. Email address. Maybe even a phone number.

The prospect then clicks to the next step. The second step collects payment information. But in the background the first step records the lead. This way, if they don’t complete the payment you can continue to market to that person. 2-step tripwires bake the lead generation straight into the first step of this sales funnel. And that’s precisely what makes them so powerful.

Cart Funnel Templates

Shopping carts are common today. Most people use Shopify to sell physical products in a shopping cart environment. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But even Shopify admits that sales funnels are powerful ways to ensure you make a lot of money selling your products online. Why? Because funnels help you increase your average order value. They also convert 137% times better than traditional websites.

Yes, sales funnels are that powerful. And cart funnels help you maximize your profit because you can easily add one-click upsells and downsells to the shopping experience. This leverages the human psychological principle of consistency. For example, once someone completes a purchase for the primary product, they’ve already validated that they like and want the product. The one-click upsells allow you to easily add “extras” to the purchase process with little friction.

Most people who come across those upsells or downsells often take them. Especially when the deals are good. This is part of what makes sales funnels like this so powerful. It helps you extract as much value as possible from the customer. Plus, if the upsells and downsells help solve other related problems for the prospect, the take rate will be substantially higher.

Challenge Templates

Challenge funnels offer a strategic approach to sales. They provide a lot of value upfront in the form of a simple challenge. Challenges are typically 5 days long and they work best in a live format. It allows you to interface with prospects. You can run a free challenge or a paid challenge. Paid challenges work best because you can qualify buyers out of the gate.

Challenges always have some objective in mind. And they deliver a lot of value in a short period. Yes, this requires a lot of work. However, the actually sales funnel template and setup do not. Everything is ready to go with these premade challenge templates. You can quickly launch your first challenge funnel with these. Use the drag-and-drop editor to make changes and move things around to make the template unique to your challenge.

Video Sales Letter Funnel Templates

Sales letters have been used for years to persuade people to buy products and services. The best marketers know how to write effective sales letters that sell. Sales letters are still used frequently today. But they’ve also evolved into video sales letters (VSLs). VSLs are just sales letters in video format. And most savvy marketers use both. That’s because some people like to consume videos while others still like to read long-form sales letters.

Webinar Funnel Templates

Webinars are powerful tools used for selling premium-value products. These are typically products that are higher in price. They can be high-ticket services or high-end products. It doesn’t matter. Webinars can be used to sell anything from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can use a webinar sales funnel template to launch your webinar funnel fast.

This will give you all of the tools you need to set up your webinar. You can do a live webinar or you can use a template for an automated webinar. Both operate on the same principle of creating a presentation to help shatter the limiting beliefs of prospects that hold them back from making a purchase. Webinars are typically 90 minutes or longer.

Product Launch Templates

Product launches allow you to capitalize on an existing email list. You do it by rolling out a new product launch to that list. There is automation and follow-up involved in this. And in the final day of the launch, you open the cart. And you only leave it open for a limited time. This creates scarcity and urgency because the cart is eventually closed. But it must be authentic scarcity and urgency if you want to salvage trust in your audience.

Application Templates

Application funnels can be used as lead-generation funnels. But they are typically used to sell high-ticket coaching, consulting, a mastermind and other similar services. This works well because it forces the prospect to validate why they’re a good fit to join. Meaning that it turns the tables on the prospect. And you can bake in scarcity by informing them that there are only so many spots available for them to join.

Affiliate “Bridge” Templates

In affiliate marketing, bridge funnels allow you to secure the contact details of a prospect before forwarding them to an affiliate offer. Instead of promoting affiliate links directly, you get the prospects to join your list. List building is imperative if you’re serious about making any real money online. And especially important if you want to make money as an affiliate.

Link In Bio “Hero” Funnel Templates

Hero funnels (sometimes called Link In Bio Funnels) are an important way to capitalize off social media. By placing a link to a hero funnel in your social media profiles, you can capture the contact details of your followers who are interested in learning more about you and what you sell. Hero funnels are simple two-page funnels. Hero funnels allow you to convert traffic you don’t control into traffic you own. And you can use any of the sale funnel templates below to quickly launch your hero funnel.

Storefront Sales Funnel Templates

Storefront funnels work great to act as a “hub” for multiple funnel pages. They especially work great when offering varying quantities of the same product. You could have a storefront funnel that has a single physical product, two of the same product, and three of the same product. This is just a variation in quantity. But some might opt to go directly for the higher quantity so it might be useful to utilize this sales funnel template in certain scenarios.