Quick Answers: How Do I Start a Sales Funnel as a Beginner?

Quick Answers: How Do I Start a Sales Funnel as a Beginner?

Challenge: The internet is flooded with stories of entrepreneurs who switched to a sales funnel and grew their business 10 times faster because of it. And while that illustrates the effectiveness of sales funnels, it doesn’t mean they’re easy to build. In fact, if you’ve never done it before, it can be quite overwhelming.

That’s why, at ClickFunnels, we’ve made the process as easy as possible.

In the above video, our CEO, Russell Brunson, explains exactly what a sales funnel is and how it can help you make more money. We recommend starting there. Once you’ve finished the video, check out the steps below to get started!

5 Steps to Building Your First Sales Funnel

  1. Get a Free Account With ClickFunnels

    Before you do anything, you need somewhere to actually build and host your sales funnel. Since sales funnels can be a little complicated in terms of their structure and format, it’s particularly important that you choose a service intended for building sales funnels. ClickFunnels is the top sales funnel builder on the internet and you can get a free trial over here for 14 days (which is plenty of time to build and launch for your first sales funnel).

  2. Choose Your Goal

    Why do you want to build a sales funnel and what is your primary goal? The only way to craft an effective sales funnel is to understand the goal of that funnel. And to be clear, each sales funnel you build should only have a single goal. If you want to accomplish multiple goals, then you should build multiple sales funnels. Your goal could be to generate leads for your email list, to host an event, or to make sales. 

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  3. Choose Your Sales Funnel Structure

    A sales funnel is a series of pages that are intended to guide visitors, step by step, toward taking one specific action. That action could be getting people to opt-in to your email list, attend an event, or buy a product. And there are different sales funnels for each of those goals. So you need to choose a sales funnel structure that fits what you’re trying to accomplish. But don’t get overwhelmed. Click here if you want to generate leads, here if you want to make sales, and here if you want to host an event.

  4. Find At Least 3 Sales Funnels That Are Working

    Now before you build your sales funnel, we highly recommend trying to find three different sales funnels that real businesses are using to generate leads or make sales. The more similar these sales funnels are to the one that you’re trying to create, the better. Examining these funnels is going to give you a lot of ideas for how to drive visitors forward and get them to take the action you want them to take.

  5. Build Your Sales Funnel

    Once you’ve found some examples of effective sales funnels in your niche, it’s time to create your own. Just sign up for your free ClickFunnels account over here, choose a sales funnel template that matches your goal, and start building (remember to reference the examples you found!). Our drag-and-drop editor makes this super easy, and we can also help you build your email list and even take payments!

  6. Drive Traffic & Keep Testing

    Once your sales funnel is live, it’s time to drive traffic! Email your list, post on social media, and run paid advertisements on Google and/or Facebook. But don’t get discouraged if your sales funnel doesn’t perform like you were hoping — that’s a normal part of the process. Just make changes you think might help, try again, rinse and repeat. Over time, you’ll become the sales funnel expert that your business needs to grow and thrive!

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