15 Benefits of Implementing Landing Page Software

15 Benefits of Implementing Landing Page Software

Business is a struggle. We’re constantly vying to stay in-the-know with all the parts and pieces it takes to build and scale out our companies. There’s a lot to absorb and even more to manage on a day-to-day basis. For most entrepreneurs, it’s overwhelming to say the least. Especially at the outset. Who has the time or the resources to be able to do it all on their own, and to do it successfully?

Of course, the key to success in business isn’t just about what you sell, but how you sell it. It’s about automation. The more we can automate different aspects of our businesses, the faster we can scale (while also keeping our sanity). To that end, sales funnels offer a resplendent haven for those that are looking to escape the proverbial 9-to-5 hustle and bustle. But we all know that building out sales funnels without landing page software can be a nightmare.

It can cost tens of thousands of dollars to hire out a team to build out all of your code and design your pages and integrate your payment gateways and your email sequences and to do all the other things that are required when building out a sales funnel. That’s why landing page software is so crucial to the recipe. It offers automation and scale without all the headache and aggravation and hassle of dealing with teams of developers and designers and writers.

In essence, it helps you automate your marketing. It reduces the investment of time and decreases the investment of capital necessary to go to market, removing the larger barriers of taking any product or service to market. In effect, the right landing page software can quite literally help you create explosive results. Without it, you’re caught in a storm of chaotic turbulence and immersed in the unknown. In short, without the right software to build out your funnels and landing pages, you’ll be left in the dust.

Take it from us. With over 56,000 members and growing strong, ClickFunnels offers one of the largest (and fastest-growing) lists of benefits, integrations and features for quickly launching sales funnels to sell just about anything. From physical products to digital products and even high-ticket coaching and more, the right piece of marketing automation software can quite literally hold the key between losing money or churning a massive profit in your business.

What is Landing Page Software?

The right landing page software helps you automate the marketing process. It helps you to implement highly technical and complex systems for tracking and analyzing any of your efforts to reach your prospects and turn those leads into sales. Without it, building out a sales funnel is a long and arduous and expensive process. It can take you weeks to months to do without the right piece of software.

Most people think that they need to be technical to launch a sales funnel. Most people think that using landing page software is just as complex as the underlying processes that it implements. Well, it’s not. And amongst this growing list of benefits, you’ll find a number of ways that are going to save you in time, money and expenses while also helping you optimize the overall process of acquiring customers.

At the end of the day, those acquisition costs are crucial. If you’re not converting your ad spend at a profitable level, your business won’t survive. However, alternatively, if you can spend a dollar and make two or three or five or ten, then you can scale almost infinitely. But to get there, you need the proper landing page software to help you implement these systems and ultimately track all your traffic and conversions.

15 Benefits of Having Great Landing Page Software

Not all landing page software is created equally. Obviously. There are features and benefits that vary greatly amongst some of the most popular software platforms out there. But regardless of which suite of marketing automation you use, there are benefits that stem across the board.

While there might be dozens or even hundreds of benefits, these 15 offer the most compelling evidence that you should be implementing landing page software in some aspect of your sales funnel building process. It’s far easier to do this than it would be to go out there and spend thousands of dollars and weeks of work hiring a team to build funnels for you.

Speed and efficiency are key in the marketing process. If you’re not nimble and you can’t quickly change aspects of the entire process, then you’ll be left in the dust. When you’re losing money on ad spends, it’s easy to quite literally lose your shirt. You need great software to quickly change things on the fly and ensure you’re profitable.

1. It helps you to grow your email list

Slick landing pages with sizzling copy can help you grow your list. But building and launching those pages is no easy task. Often, it requires bringing together a variety of disciplines and integrations. When you do have the right formula and you launch that landing page to the world, it can help you create exponential results. In turn, your email list will blossom and grow by leaps and bounds.

2. It helps you improve your customer conversions

Landing page software allows you to track your customer conversions. In ClickFunnels, you can see every last detail of the purchase process. You can see things like:

  • Earnings Per Click (EPC)
  • Gross Sales
  • Average Cart Value
  • Page Views
  • Opt-Ins
  • Sales
  • Earnings Per Pageview

These are crucial factors that will allow you to make tweaks to increase your conversions. For example, if you can see that a certain page in your sales funnel is under-performing, you can make some tweaks to adjust the copy or images or colors or buttons, to increase your conversions. By having all the data, you can actively monitor the entire process, and slowly make improvements over time.

3. It saves you time

Building a proper sales funnel takes time. Instead, by using landing page software, you can save the hassle of wasting time and resources on a variety of steps. The truth? It’s hard to code and implement and integrate all the necessary parts and components of a funnel. If you’re not a developer, it will be next to impossible without the proper team to help you implement this.

4. It saves you money

Building sales funnels is a costly process without the proper landing page software to help you achieve that goal. Developers are expensive. So are designers. So are copywriters. You’re already going to have to spend money in a variety of areas. Why waste it on a team of developers having to build out all the parts and components for you? Find a fully-featured piece of software that can help you build and scale the entire funnel.

5. It automates your sales processes

The old ways of manually fulfilling orders  is done. Today, sales funnels are powerful automation tools. Not only do they offer a great way to help you convert prospects into leads into customers and raving fans, but they also allow you to perform intricate functions. You can segment lists. Offer differing email sequences. And direct the automation in a variety of avenues based on the consumer’s interaction. All automatically.

6. It reduces your overall expenses and overhead

Without the necessity for a development team, you can drastically reduce on-going expenses and overhead when launching or maintaining a sales funnel. The best part? You can launch them quickly and efficiently. Without the need to pay expensive invoices or on-going costs for having employees on staff to help you manage the entire process. You can do it all on your own with the right suite of marketing tools.

7. It helps you build a sales funnel without knowing how to code

Platforms like ClickFunnels and other landing page software help you build a funnel without knowing how to code. In ClickFunnels, for example, you can drag and drop elements and quickly piece together a funnel within hours and days rather than weeks or months. It’s simple, straightforward and easy to use.

8. It helps you improve your overall engagement

The proper funnel built by the proper piece of landing page software can drastically improve your overall engagement. You can take the time to tweak different elements and add videos and other interactivity that will help you get your message across fast. And, you can change all of this quickly. Without having to resort to expensive coders or teams of developers that often take weeks to implement or adjust the parts and components of a funnel.

9. It qualifies your audience

By implementing the right funnel, you can easily qualify your audience. For example, lead magnets are great, but when you build out a free-plus-shipping (FPS) offer, you can identify your buyers quickly. FPS funnels work great. But building them without the right landing page software is often cost-prohibitive.

10. It helps increase average cart value

Average cart value (ACV) is a crucial metric. Knowing what the average cart value is and actually working to increase it is important in any funnel. Your marketing automation tools can assist you in doing that. You can make tweaks and add different offers and elements, quickly change copy, and track your results. It’s easy to adjust elements to help boost the average cart value. In turn, you can scale a profitable funnel quicker.

11. Allows you to implement up-sells and down-sells

Up-sells and down-sells are crucial components of profitable funnels. In fact, one up-sell can take a funnel from losing money to being profitable. By using marketing automation tools like easy-to-use landing page software, you can quickly add and edit up-sells and down-sells. You can easily add in payment plans and make other modifications on the fly, quickly and easily. You won’t need costly developers to help you out here.

12. Good landing page software allows you to maximize return on ad spends

Ads are expensive. Often, most people don’t have many chances to get it right. If you can’t tweak and amend your funnel on the fly, you could end up losing thousands, to tens of thousands, of dollars on ad spend. With the right marketing automation software, you can maximize your return on ad spends. Not only can you track and analyze your conversions, but you can also ensure that your funnel is profitable.

13. It helps create and build brand awareness

Design and update your landing pages with software that lets you drop graphical elements in with ease. You can quickly build brand awareness by adding logos and colors and tag-lines and other elements that are associated with your brand. You don’t need to understand web design or know anything about HTML or CSS code to quickly and easily manipulate the elements on your funnel or landing pages.

14. It helps you to split test your offers

Split-testing is one of the most important aspects of building and scaling out a funnel. Easily split-test copy, headlines, colors, button text, graphics, VSLs and more with the right landing page software. ClickFunnels helps you do this with ease. You can test for winners and implement the best converting elements. It’s as easy as pushing just a few buttons.

15. It helps you track and analyze traffic and sales in-depth

The right landing page software should allow you to track and analyze your traffic and sales in-depth. There are lots of metrics that count beyond just a page view. You want to understand how many of your visitors opted in to your list versus how many just viewed the page. That should allow you to carefully monitor how well your pages are performing. Not just your opt-ins, but your sales as well.

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