7 Lead Generation Tactics That Work Like Crazy

7 Lead Generation Tactics That Work Like Crazy

“Build it and they will come.”

We have all heard that saying.

But guess what? That’s a blatant LIE!

You can’t just sit back and wait for customers to come to you.

You need to go out there and generate leads for your business.

That’s why today we are going to share seven lead generation tactics that can help you with that…

#1 Build a Lead Generation Funnel 

Companies that generate leads online typically do so via lead generation funnels:

  1. You create a lead magnet.
  2. You create a landing page for your lead magnet.
  3. You drive traffic to that landing page.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these steps:

Create a Super Valuable Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a freebie that you offer to potential customers in exchange for their email addresses.

It can be anything that they can either download to their device or access online:

  • A report.
  • An ebook.
  • A webinar.
  • A video course.
  • An email course.


What matters is that:

  1. Your lead magnet offers a solution to a problem that your potential customers are struggling with.
  2. That problem is either the same or related to the one that your frontend offer addresses.

It’s important to understand that your lead magnet is the foundation of your entire sales funnel. Why?

  1. Potential customers won’t give you their email addresses unless you offer them something super valuable in return. That means that your entire lead generation strategy hinges on whether or not your lead magnet resonates with your target audience.
  2. Potential customers will use the quality of your lead magnet to determine what they can expect from your paid products. Impress them and they will be eager to learn what else you have to offer. Disappoint them and you won’t get a second chance. So if you want to convert leads into paying customers, make sure to exceed all expectations with your lead magnet!

And what is the key to designing an effective lead magnet?


Create something that your dream customers desperately want… And then give it to them for free!

Ideally, your lead magnet should be so valuable that if you ever decided to charge for it, people would happily pay you.

Learn more:

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Build a Lead Generation Funnel, the key to designing an effective lead magnet graphic.

Create a Landing Page For That Lead Magnet

Your lead magnet needs a landing page.

You can start with a simple squeeze page that has these three key elements:

  • A headline that explains what your lead magnet is all about.
  • An opt-in form where the potential customer can type in their email address. It can either be displayed immediately or shown after they click the call-to-action button.
  • A call-to-action button that encourages the potential customer to get the lead magnet.

You might also want to add various extra elements such as subheadlines, social proof, relevant images, etc.

Later, you can also experiment with medium-length landing pages, but for now, you want to get a basic squeeze page up ASAP so that you could start generating leads.

Here’s an example of a simple, yet high-converting squeeze page that we are using for one of our lead magnets:

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Drive Traffic To Your Lead Magnet Landing Page

Once you have your lead magnet landing page up, it’s time to start driving traffic to it with paid ads.

Pick an advertising platform:

  • Facebook.
  • Instagram.
  • Linkedin.
  • Twitter.
  • YouTube.
  • TikTok.

Then set a small daily budget, start running ads, and observe what happens. Are people giving you their email addresses in exchange for your lead magnet?

Note that you might have to test several different free offers to find one that resonates with your target audience. Don’t worry, that’s completely normal.

Once you have a lead magnet that your dream customers are excited about, you should figure out how to drive traffic to it profitably, then start scaling your ad campaign.

We will talk about other ways to generate traffic later in this article, but make sure to get to the point where you are consistently bringing in leads with paid advertising before you start expanding into other marketing channels.

#2 Have Several Lead Generation Funnels

Everyone starts out with just one lead generation funnel.

But different offers appeal to different people, which is why we advise you to add more lead generation funnels over time.

Here are just some of the lead magnets that we are using to attract potential customers:

Having a variety of lead magnets also makes it easier to promote them on our social media – instead of pitching the same free offer over and over again, we can mix it up and link to a different lead magnet in each post.

#3 Use a Physical  “FREE + Shipping” Lead Magnet

Remember how we said that a lead magnet can be anything that potential customers can either download to their devices or access online?

There’s an advanced lead generation tactic called “FREE + Shipping” where you offer potential customers a physical lead magnet and ask them to cover the shipping costs.

That’s the approach we use with Russell’s “Secrets Trilogy” – you can get physical copies of these books for free, all you need to do is pay for the shipping ($9.95 within the US, $19.95 internationally).

This works out cheaper than buying them from Amazon where you’d have to pay for both the book and the shipping.

This approach to lead generation works particularly well for high-touch products and services where salespeople need to personally reach out to leads, schedule a discovery call, and close the sale during that call. Why?

Because asking potential customers to cover the shipping costs drastically increases lead quality – someone who is willing to pay for the shipping is much more likely to be willing to pay for your product as well.

However, if you decide to go this route, make sure that the math works. Can you offer a “FREE + Shipping” lead magnet and remain in the black?

#4 Build Traffic-Generating Assets

You don’t want to be completely reliant on paid advertising forever.

That’s why your long term lead generation strategy should include building traffic-generating assets:

  • A social media following.
  • A YouTube channel.
  • A company blog.

Once these assets begin picking up momentum, your cost per lead should start going down, since you won’t need need to pay for each and every page visitor anymore.

Realistically, it will probably take you 12-18 months to get to that point, so don’t expect overnight success.

We advise you to use the “Law of 100” approach:

Decide to publish 100 social media updates, 100 videos, or 100 blog posts no matter what.

That will help you to keep pressing on when you’ve been at it for a few months and feel disheartened by the fact that you still only have 186 YouTube subscribers.

By the time you reach that “100” milestone, you will likely to feel motivated to continue.

Keep in mind that while quality matters, consistency is the key to building these assets. Just keep going and you’ll probably get where you want to be. It really is that simple.

#5 Use This 6-Email “Indoctrination” Sequence

We don’t recommend hitting the potential customer with a sales pitch the moment they subscribe to your email list.

After all, they probably don’t know anything about you yet, so why would you expect them to hand over their hard-earned cash?

What you should do instead is send them this 6-email “indoctrination” sequence:

  • Email #1: Who are you? Introduce yourself.
  • Email #2: Where did you come from? Tell them a story about how you came to do what you do now.
  • Email #3: What do you do? Provide more information about what it is that you do.
  • Email #4: How did you gain this expertise? Explain what makes you qualified to do it.
  • Email #5: Who do you do this for? Explain who are your ideal customers + share a case study on how you helped such a person.
  • Email #6: How can you do it for me? Pitch your frontend offer.

For emails 1-5, you should use a call to action where you ask the new subscriber a question, then encourage them to reply to the email.

For the last email, you should encourage them to purchase your frontend product.

We also advise you to use the Hook, Story, Offer framework for all emails in this sequence:

#6 Start a Free Newsletter, Promote It On Twitter

Email newsletters are getting more and more popular – even paid newsletters are on the rise, as evidenced by Substack’s $650M valuation.

You can take advantage of this trend by creating a free, top-quality weekly newsletter that consistently delivers value to your dream customers.

Arguably, the best place to promote your newsletter is Twitter, since it’s one of the most text-driven platforms out there.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. Build a following on Twitter by consistently tweeting interesting content (original content, retweets, and links).
  2. Pin a link to your newsletter to your Twitter profile and make sure to emphasize that it’s a FREE newsletter.
  3. Promote your newsletter by sharing teasers of upcoming issues – post an excerpt in the form of a Twitter thread, then end that thread with a call to action to subscribe. 
    Introduce scarcity by mentioning when that issue is going out – people need to subscribe before that deadline if they want to catch it.

Note that you should be careful about selling to your newsletter subscribers – if they signed up for a weekly newsletter, they won’t be impressed if you start bombarding them with endless sales emails.

You want to take a more subtle approach than you would with other lead generation funnels – mention your products and services at the end of each newsletter issue, but then just leave it at that and don’t push it.

#7 Build a Value Ladder Sales Funnel 


Generating leads is expensive.

There’s just no way around it.

That is why you need a system for converting those leads into paying customers and then into repeat customers.

Our co-founder, Russell Brunson, has created such a system – it’s called the Value Ladder sales funnel.

That’s what he used to take ClickFunnels from zero to $10M+ in annual revenue in just one year (it’s at $100M+ now!).

This sales funnel has four stages:

  1. Bait. You offer the potential customer a lead magnet in exchange for their email address. That’s your lead generation funnel or funnels.
  2. Frontend. You offer the potential customer your least expensive and least valuable product.
  3. Middle. You offer the customer a more expensive and more valuable product.
  4. Backend.  You offer the customer your most expensive and most valuable product.

Ideally, you should also offer some sort of a continuity program, meaning, a subscription product that generates recurring revenue.

Build a Value Ladder Sales Funnel graphic.

The reason why the Value Ladder sales funnel works so well is that it allows you to:

  1. Start the relationship with that person by offering free value.
  2. Nurture that relationship by continuing to provide free value via email.
  3. Build trust by providing progressively more paid value at each stage. 

Here’s how Russell explains it:

You should build a Value Ladder sales funnel for your business if you want to make the most of the leads that you are bringing in.

Example: The DotCom Secrets Value Ladder

Remember the “DotCom Secrets” book that we use as one of our “FREE + Shipping” lead magnets?

That offer serves as one of the entryways to this Value Ladder sales funnel:

  • Bait #1: Free Quiz.
  • Bait #2: FREE + Shipping Book.
  • Frontend: Invisible Funnel Webinar.
  • Middle: Home Study Event.
  • Backend: Inner Circle.

There’s also a continuity program aka ClickFunnels subscription.

The DotCom Secrets Value Ladder. graphic.

Want Russell To Show You How To Build Your First Sales Funnel?

Let’s keep it real:

Building a sales funnel from scratch can seem like a daunting task.

That’s why we created our 5 Day Challenge where Russell walks you through it step-by-step.

You will learn how to:

  • Generate unlimited leads.
  • Create your first lead magnet.
  • Build your first sales funnel.
  • Create a simple 6-email follow-up sequence.
  • And launch your funnel!

…in just five days.

So don’t hesitate.

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