53 Marketing Funnel Templates To Grow Your Business Fast

53 Marketing Funnel Templates To Grow Your Business Fast

Business is war. Every day is another battle. Some of those battles lead to victory while others lead to loss and failure. But no one ever said that business would be easy, right? It’s not. It takes hard work. Perseverance. Grit. Tenacity. And an ability to understand how to grow your business fast. After all, money does love speed. So what’s the fastest way to grow your business? Marketing funnels. That’s how.

The right marketing funnel can transform a business overnight. It can take you from defeated and depleted, to battle-ready and victorious. And building marketing funnels isn’t difficult. It’s easy. Especially when you use the right marketing funnel templates combined with a drag-and-drop editor to build your funnels fast.

Now, if you don’t know what marketing funnels are, let me back up for a minute. Most businesses have websites. They’re like virtual storefronts filled with nicknacks. Some websites just offer information. Others allow you to buy products or services. Other websites allow you to do all of the above. But marketing funnels are different. And each marketing funnel has a single solitary mission in mind.

Marketing funnels offer a direct approach to lead generation, sales, and conversions. They don’t overwhelm you like websites. And whether you call them marketing funnels, sales funnels, purchase funnels, or customer funnels, they’re all the same thing. They might have different names but they all have one sole directive in mind. That’s it. They don’t confuse you by providing many paths. Instead, they’re direct. To the point. And that’s why marketing funnels convert browsers into buyers like clockwork.

What Are Marketing Funnel Templates?

No matter what business you’re in, marketing funnels offer the path of least resistance. You’re not waging war trying to find new leads or make more sales. Instead, you’re magnetizing prospects and compelling them to come to you. They arrive ready and willing to buy whatever you’re selling. It completely changes the game in business.

The longer you wait to build a marketing funnel, the longer you’ll feel immersed in full-scale war in your business. The best part? Building a marketing funnel isn’t hard. It’s not some complicated feat. It’s not like waging a never-ending battle. That’s because it doesn’t require a computer science degree or advanced web development knowledge. Nope. Not whatsoever. All you need to do is use the right software with the right marketing funnel templates.

All you have to do is pick the objective. Either you need more leads, more sales, or you need to get your customers to spend more money. Once you understand the objective you need, all you have to do is pick the right marketing funnel template for the job. Once you select the right template, just use a simple drag-and-drop editor to add, delete or move elements on the screen. And voila. Your marketing funnel is complete.

Defining Your Approach

The first step is to pick your objective. Most people start out with leads. That’s because every business needs more leads. Leads create customers and generate sales. And if you have no leads then you have no one to sell to. It’s as simple as that. But if lead generation is your objective, you must pick an approach. And there are many approaches to generating leads with marketing funnels. That’s both daunting and exciting at the same time.

Each approach is slightly different because it gives you a different type of lead. Some approaches can generate a lot of leads fast. But those leads might not be high-quality leads. They could just be people wanting freebies or to waste your time. That’s bound to happen. But other approaches create high-quality leads. This exists for every objective across the board. Depending on your approach you will always get a different kind of lead or customer.

This makes sense when we look at funnels in general. After all, funnels are designed to filter prospects down through various stages. During that filtering process, prospects will exit your funnel. In the end, you’ll be left with a small percentage of those who entered at the top of the funnel. For a deeper explanation of how this works, read this.

All of these approaches have one primary fundamental driving force. And that is this concept of reciprocity. All human behavior is based on reciprocity. It’s tit-for-tat. In game theory, that also means that actions are matched with similar actions during all interactions. If someone gives you value, you feel indebted and want to return that value. That’s part of who we are as humans. And it’s the key ingredient that makes marketing funnels so effective.

Lead Generation Marketing Funnels

There are many ways that you can generate leads online. Some of these methods give you low-quality leads. Others result in high-quality leads. That just means there is more intent to buy what you’re selling. If what you’re selling solves a problem they’re experiencing, and they believe that your solution will solve their problem, that’s a high-quality lead. Getting a lead to that point is the goal.

After all, you’re in business to solve problems, right? Your products or services are the solutions to the customer’s problem. That’s the basis for making money. Period. But to get to that point, you need leads who are experiencing those problems. We call these leads problem-aware. In other words, “cold traffic.” Cold traffic is simply the level of awareness that they have in you and what you’re selling.

Now, the trick is to learn how to attract a cold-traffic audience to generate high-quality leads. We do this with marketing funnels designed to magnetize and attract leads. How? By creating a lead magnet that helps solve the problem they’re experiencing. Then place that lead magnet inside of a lead generation marketing funnel.

All you need is the right marketing funnel template for the job. This could be a squeeze page funnel, a reverse squeeze page funnel, a bridge funnel, a lead magnet funnel, a survey funnel, an “ask campaign”, and others. Each of these marketing funnels are slightly different. But they’re all designed to help you generate more leads for your business.

Squeeze Page Funnels

Squeeze pages are one variation of lead generation funnels. They’re designed to squeeze contact details before delivering value. The value can be anything from a lead magnet to a video, a report, or a simple answer to a question. These are typically designed with a great hook (headline) that creates curiosity. Curiosity is what drives people to click and fill out their details.

The first step of the squeeze page is always to have a headline that hooks a prospect in. Typically, the headline has to be compelling enough for them to provide their contact details. We call this headline a hook because it’s designed to hook a prospect just like you would hook a fish. It’s like fishing because that’s what you’re doing. You’re casting out a rod and line, attempting to catch a prospect on your hook.

Reverse Squeeze Page

A Reverse Squeeze Page is similar but with a twist. Squeeze page funnels will get you a lot of leads. But those leads might not be quality leads. Sometimes people just want your free offer. And that’s going to happen no matter what. To avoid that, especially if you’re selling high-ticket services or premium products, you should use a Reverse Squeeze Page. These deliver the value first before asking for contact details.

Reverse Squeeze Pages result in a high-quality lead because they deliver value upfront. This creates reciprocity. But it also weeds out people who might not be the right fit for your offer. You can use any of the lead squeeze funnels above and reverse them to create reverse squeeze pages. All you’re doing is loading something valuable at the front such as a video.

Affiliate Marketing Funnel Templates

Bridge funnels are designed to help you generate leads. These are typically used to make money as an affiliate. Affiliates use bridge funnels in affiliate marketing all the time because it helps them collect contact details before forwarding prospects to affiliate offers. Otherwise, blindly sending prospects to affiliate links will not help you grow your business or build an email list.

These bridge funnel templates typically have three steps. The first step is the squeeze page designed to hook a prospect and gain their interest. Once you have their interest you send them to the bridge page where you deliver some value. On the bridge page is the affiliate link that forwards them to the affiliate offer. The affiliate offer is the final step but more happens along the way.

Every successful marketing funnel includes some form of communication. That’s the basis for a marketing funnel. It allows you to communicate with the prospect. This layer of communication is important because it helps you form a bond and build trust with the prospect. You do that by sharing stories, being vulnerable, and delivering value. That’s important to do across the board no matter what type of marketing funnel you’re using.

Hero Funnels

Hero funnels allow you to generate leads because they target the traffic you don’t control. Keep in mind that when you run ads you control that traffic. But when someone watches a video you made or visits your social media profiles, you don’t control that traffic. But your goal is to convert the traffic you don’t control into traffic you own. Traffic you own are simply contacts that are now on your email list.

Hero funnels invite a contact into your world. They’re typically found in profile links on social media platforms. They might be the link in your YouTube channel or TikTok profile. They’re all designed to generate leads by providing something of value. They can be structured as squeeze pages or reverse squeeze pages.

Tripwire Funnels

The concept behind a tripwire is simple. Get the customer to spend a small amount of money with you first. Then, as long as you deliver a lot of value, they’ll be inclined to spend more money with you later. This also follows the Law of Consistency. That states that a person wants to stay consistent with their prior thoughts and behaviors. That’s what makes tripwires so powerful.

In a two-step tripwire, the initial contact details are saved in the first step without leaving the page. On the second step, they enter their payment details. This typically works for low-ticket offers. The best part? Even if they don’t complete the payment step, you’ve now secured their contact details. This allows you to generate a lead in the first step even if the customer leaves before completing their purchase.

Book Funnels

Any free-plus-shipping offer works great with two-step tripwires. Book funnels are a primary example of that. Most savvy entrepreneurs know the power behind the word “free”. That’s why they often give away a book for free, but charge for the shipping. This does two things to hijack the brain. The first is that the word free is a powerful motivator. And you can ethically use it in this instance. That’s because you’re giving the book away for free but charging for the shipping.

The second thing that this does is that it allows you to capitalize on the Law of Consistency. People will always stay aligned with their actions. As long as you blow them away with value at this level, they will gladly ascend and pay you more money for your higher-priced products and services. That’s the way it works.

Cart Funnels

Cart funnels are designed to bring the magic of marketing funnels to a shopping cart experience. But this is no typical shopping cart. And why should it be? Marketing funnels convert at a higher rate than traditional shopping carts. And they ensure to maximize the amount of money that a customer spends. That happens through upsells and downsells. It also happens through one-time offers, order bumps, and more.

Sometimes a cart funnel will display multiple products. Other times it will only display one product. Either way, when you click any of the products, you’re launched into a marketing funnel solely designed to sell you that product and present any upsells and downsells related to it. That makes it powerful because you’re not adding and deleting things from your cart. You’re purchasing one product but are moving through a marketing funnel journey.

Application Funnels

Application funnels are powerful marketing funnels that allow you to sell high-ticket services and premium products with ease. These marketing funnel templates typically feature a reverse squeeze page at the front. This allows you to generate leads. Once they submit that form they land on an application page. The application page forces a prospect to qualify themselves. They must answer questions to prove they are the right fit for the product or service being offered.

These marketing funnel templates for applications take the guesswork out of narrowing down prospects. That’s because you only have to take an application to the next step when they’re the right fit. You can jump on the call with them only if they fit your criteria. All you need to do is ensure you create the right type of questions in your application.

Webinar Marketing Funnel Templates

Webinars are presentations used to sell high-ticket products and services. These are typically used to sell coaching, online courses, membership sites, premium product installation, consulting, and more. Webinars are typically 90 minutes or longer. They’re used to transform the limiting beliefs of prospects holding them back from purchasing.

You can set up a webinar using many existing marketing funnel templates to speed up the process. Most of the work is done for you. You can either do a live webinar or an automated webinar. To understand how to structure a webinar the right way then read this book. Webinars are intricate presentations that take a lot of effort to create. But they’re also one of the fastest ways you can grow your business and increase sales overnight.

Video Sales Letters

Video sales letters (VSL) allow you to convey ideas and concepts in long form. When done the right way, these can be powerful sales tools for any business. These marketing funnel templates allow you to quickly launch your VSL to your audience without worrying about all the tech behind it. This makes it easy to change out elements, update text, and ensure that the VSL appeals to your specific audience.

If you have a long-form sales letter already, you can quickly transform it into a video. You can also have both the video and the long-form letter on the page at the same time. This allows you to appeal to both types of audiences. Some like to consume content in video form. So you’ll appeal to those people. Others like to digest content in written form. Having both allows you to appeal to both types of people. And it makes your landing page much more appealing overall.

Product Launch Funnels

If you have an existing audience, consider doing a product launch. This funnel type allows you to launch a new product to an existing audience by using a proven formula. The formula is called the Product Launch Formula. It involves daily emails to your audience priming them for the launch. On the final day, you launch the product and use psychological tactics like urgency and scarcity to ensure a high conversion rate.

Urgency means that the offer is only valid for a brief period. And you’ll let the audience know that the cart will only stay open for so long. Scarcity is created if you only allow a certain number of people to purchase your offer. But you must do this authentically or you’ll lose the trust of your audience. Once the cart is closed the offer is complete. This spurs sales because people always want what they can’t have.