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This is something that I have been excited about showing you guys.  It’s a feature that we call the order form bump, and now it’s finally live.  We started this in our company four or five years ago, and we had this huge increase.  For some reason, all the shopping carts that we used afterwards did not have this ability.  So, for several years we couldn’t do this.

Recently, about a year ago, we launched this in one of our sales funnels.  It immediately increased our frontend revenue by over 30%.  This has literally changed our entire company.  I have been anxiously awaiting this to be inside of ClickFunnels.  Now that it is, I’m going to show you how it works.

The order form bump only works on order pages.  So, the first thing that you’ll want to do to implement this is open up an order form.  It will work on any of your existing, or you can add it to a new one.  Right now there are only two order form templates, but more are being added.  In this demonstration, I’ll be using the two-step order form.

An example of a two-step order form is shown above.  You may remember reviewing this in a previous training, but the way that this works is in Step One they put in their contact information and in Step Two they put in their credit card information.  The picture above shows Step Two, and down below the fields for the credit card criteria, you’ll find an order form bump.  This is the little box in the bottom-right.  The person can check the box to take advantage of this one time offer and click the button below to continue.

As far as this particular offer goes, about 38% of the people who see this take advantage of it.  I could talk to you for hours about the stats and the psychology behind this, but I’m not going to go into all of that right now.  The order form page that’s shown below is one that took me about two seconds to build.  All I did was add a section with two columns.  In one column I placed a video and in the other I placed my two-step order form.  Clearer instructions on how to do all of this is provided in a previous training titled ‘2 Step Order Forms’.

Once you get this all set up, this is where the magic happens.  Click on the form to bring up the settings, and all sorts of different options will come up.  You can click to view different options for Step One and Step Two.  In both cases you have options for changing the headlines and so forth.  In the options for Step Two is where you’ll find the option for changing the ‘Bump Headline’.  Then you can add a ‘OTO Headline’.  In the screenshot above, you can see that I wrote “This is A CRAZY OFFER FOR NEW MEMBERS ONLY!!!” Then, in the settings, there’s also a field for adding the OTO text.  Once you are done entering in this information, click to save, and your page will contain an order form bump.

This one little process has transformed my company, and it will do the same for you.  More training will be provided on the psychology and the tactics behind that later.  For now, just know that this is how it works.  People will come to buy your frontend offer, and they will see this one-click upsell that someone can buy directly off of your order form.  You can add these products in at the ‘Funnel View’ of your dashboard.  Click on your ‘Order Form’ and then click on ‘Products/Sales’.  Then you’ll see the option to add your products.

When you click the ‘+ Add Product’ button, a form will appear allowing you to do so.  There’s an option down at the bottom of this window that asks whether the product you are adding is a bump product.  Simply check this box if it is.

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3 thoughts on “Order Form Bump

  1. The pictures don’t work anymore. What I’m wondering is how you determine the price of your bump. Should it be higher or lower? If so, by what percentage?

    Otherwise, I love your stuff Russell. Just bought click funnels a week ago and I’m already astounded.