The Ultimate Sales Funnel Creator – How Clickfunnels Changes The Game

The Ultimate Sales Funnel Creator – How Clickfunnels Changes The Game

Your sales funnel is the foundation of your business.

That’s why you need to make sure that you have the right funnel building software in your arsenal.

But there are so many options out there. So how can you know which app would be the best choice for your business?

Today we want to show you why ClickFunnels is the ultimate sales funnel creator.

Want to take your business to the next level?

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The Story Behind ClickFunnels

Did you know that creating a sales funnel used to be an absolute nightmare?

Our co-founders Russell Brunson and Todd Dickerson had each spent a decade selling online via sales funnels prior to launching ClickFunnels in 2014.

That’s why they knew all too well how excruciating the process of building a sales funnel could be.

You see, at the time, you had to either code the entire thing from scratch yourself or hire a tech team to do it for you.

That’s why Russell and Todd decided to create a funnel building app that would allow anyone to build a sales funnel without having to know how to code or pay through the nose for web development.

And then they used that same app to take ClickFunnels from zero to $10M+ in annual revenue in just one year!

Today, seven years since the launch, the company is generating over $100M in annual revenue and has 105,000+ active customers.

And this isn’t some crazy stunt that Russell and Todd managed to pull off by fluke.

We know that using our software worked out well not only for us but also for thousands upon thousands of ClickFunnels customers.

In fact, since 2017, at least 737 ClickFunnels users have generated $1,000,000+ within their sales funnels. We know because we have verified that before giving them their Two Comma Club awards!

We also have a Two Comma Club X award for entrepreneurs who have generated $10,000,000+ within their sales funnels. We have so far given out 17 of these!

Recently our users have had so much success that we had to create yet another award, this time for people who have hit $25M+, $50M+, $75M+, and $100M+ revenue milestones. It’s called the Two Comma Club C award.

Each time an entrepreneur hits one of these numbers, they get the corresponding section of the award filled in, the aim being filling in all four of them by reaching $100M+ in revenue. We can’t wait to see who will get there first!

We aren’t sharing all of this to brag. Okay, maybe just a little bit, because it is impressive. But the point is this:

We know that our software works because:

  1. We used it to build a $100M+ company.
  2. It helped hundreds of people become millionaires.
  3. It helped thousands upon thousands of people change their lives. 

The proof is in the pudding!

ClickFunnels: The Ultimate Sales Funnel Creator

Okay, so now you might be wondering, “What’s so special about ClickFunnels?”.

Well, it allows you to…

Build Your Sales Funnel

Since Day 1 our goal was to make it as easy as possible for our users to build sales funnels that convert.

That’s why we don’t just give you the tools to do it and then leave you to figure it all out on your own.

Instead, we guide you through the process, step-by-step, to help you maximize the odds of success. After all, your success is our success. We want you to join the Two Comma Club!

We start by asking you what your goal is:

  1. Collecting emails?
  2. Selling your product?
  3. Hosting a webinar?

You can also choose to create a custom funnel if you are already a funnel pro and know what you’re doing.

We then ask you to choose the type of funnel that you want to create.

Say, if your goal is to sell your product, you can pick from a regular sales funnel, a product launch funnel, or a membership funnel.

We then give you a checklist for building that type of funnel. All you have to do is work your way through it. Easy!

Build Your Sales Funnel, Checklist for building your type of funnel.

By the way, you don’t have to design each page from scratch, you can simply pick a template from our vast template gallery and customize it according to your needs.

All these templates have been relentlessly A/B tested. We know that they convert well.

Build Your Sales Funnel, Clickfunnels template menu.

As you can see, our software is super easy to use, so you can build a sales funnel that converts even if you don’t have any tech skills to speak of.

Do you know how to use a smartphone? Then you have more than enough tech-savvy to make money with ClickFunnels!

Create Follow-Up Funnels

Here at ClickFunnels, we are big believers in following up.

In fact, we have even received some criticism for our “aggressive” email marketing strategy, but we don’t see it as aggressive, we see it as proactive. And you know what? It works.

That’s why we made sure that our users could easily create their own email marketing campaigns to follow up with leads.

Depending on the plan that you choose, you can either use one of our integrations to connect ClickFunnels with your favorite email marketing app or use our own built-in email marketing functionality.

Whichever way you decide to go, you will be able to nurture relationships with potential customers, build trust, and sell products and services via email.

And what’s best is that it’s all automated so you can put everything that we have just mentioned on autopilot.

See All Your Sales Data In One Place

We also wanted to make it easy for you to quickly get a sense of how well your business is doing by looking at your sales data.

That’s why we created a simple sales dashboard that allows you to see everything you need in one place.

Here’s what it displays:

  • Time.
  • Product.
  • Amount.
  • Customer.
  • Status.
  • Transaction ID.
  • Total sales.

You can also browse your sales data for the last 7 days, last 30 days, last 2 months, this year, and all time.

We intentionally made this dashboard as simple as we could. Why?

Because we want you to focus on making money, not waste time trying to decipher tons of irrelevant data.

Create an Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to grow your business because it allows you to tap into other people’s audiences.

The main idea is simple:

You encourage other people to promote your products in exchange for a commission fee on each sale.

With our Platinum plan, you get access to Backpack, our affiliate marketing tool that allows you to:

  • Create your affiliate program.
  • Manage your affiliates.
  • Pay their commissions.

Its features include a dashboard,  a leaderboard, commission plans, payments, affiliate types, and more.

Affiliate marketing can help you drastically increase your revenue, so it’s definitely something that you should consider.

Learn From World-Class Experts

As we have previously mentioned, we don’t just give you funnel building tools and leave it at that, we provide you with the guidance that you need to succeed.

Not only is our commitment to your success embodied in our user interface where we take you through everything step-by-step, but we also have an entire educational platform called FunnelFlix that is full of incredibly valuable content.

Depending on the plan that you choose, you get access to various courses, lectures, and documentaries that can help you realize your full potential as an entrepreneur.

Learn From World-Class Experts example.

For example, in a course called “30 Days”, Russell presents 30 Two Comma Club members with this scenario:

You lose all your money, your list, products, your name, and your reputation.

All you have left is a ClickFunnels account, Internet Access, a roof over your head, food in the fridge, and 30 days to make money. What would you do from Day 1 to Day 30 to save yourself?

Each entrepreneur then provides a day-by-day business plan that they would use to save themselves. And guess what? You can take any of these plans and use them to build your own million-dollar business!

By the way, this course includes some crazy stories, say module #4 with Alison J. Prince is called “How My School-Aged Daughters Built Their Own 6-Figure Ecommerce Empire…In Just 9 Months!”.

Can you believe what kids are up to these days??

Seriously, FunnelFlix alone is a reason enough to sign up for our free trial, this is binge-worthy stuff…

Except that you don’t have to feel guilty about wasting time because you are learning from some of the top business minds in the world!

Join a Supportive Community

Let’s keep it real:

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely.

That’s why we created our official Facebook group.

It’s a safe space for entrepreneurs with all levels of experience to come together, share what they know, and lift each other in the process.

As a member, you can:

  • Network and become part of this ever-growing community.
  • Share ideas, successes, and inspiration with other members.
  • Get updates on what ClickFunnels and Russell are up to.
  • Ask questions about ClickFunnels, marketing, and business in general.

Wouldn’t it be great to not feel so alone in your entrepreneurial journey?

Well, if you join our Facebook group, you can connect with 270.5k fellow travelers!

Join a Supportive Community, ClickFunnels Facebook group example.

ClickFunnels Case Studies

Look, we don’t pretend to be objective when it comes to our own software, we know that we are biased. We think it’s amazing. We make no secret of that.

But we also know that you probably want to hear what other people have to say about ClickFunnels.

So here are three customer case studies:

Colin Wayne: How To Build a $40 Million Ecommerce Store

Colin Wayne had made a great career for himself as a fitness model. He was making good money – $30k-40k per month. He’s been featured on over 50 fitness magazine covers. And he was happy with all that.

But eventually, he started asking himself, “What’s next?”.

Today he’s the CEO of Redline Steel, a company that sells 100% American-made steel cutouts. It has generated over $40 million in revenue to date.

So how did Colin go from one of the most popular male fitness models to a wildly successful eCommerce entrepreneur?

Brandon Carter: How To Make Over $1 Million Dollars as a Personal Trainer Online

It’s probably safe to say that the reason most people start working out is that they want to look better.

But that wasn’t what got Brandon Carter into fitness.

One day, when his mom was walking him to school at 5 AM so that she could then catch the bus to go to work, a man approached them. He put a gun to his mom’s face and took her purse.

That was the day when Brandon realized that he had to become strong. He didn’t want that to ever happen to his mom again. Or to him, for that matter.

“It wasn’t for looks, it wasn’t for health, I wanted to defend myself,” he explains.

However, he soon noticed that working out has not only made him stronger but also changed his personality for the better, made him more confident, and helped him achieve his goals in other areas of his life.

And when he started coaching others, he saw that same effect on them, which was what got him hooked.

“I fell in love with helping people. I knew that I was going to do that in some capacity for the rest of my life.”

But working as a personal trainer was grueling. We are talking 12-14 hour days, 7 days a week.

Eventually, Brandon had reached a point where he was about to give up…

And then he realized that he needed to go online.

Want to know what happened next?

Mark Brown: How This Author Sells 6,000+ Books Every Month From His Garage

Growing up, Mark Brown was a super introverted, weird, outcast type of guy.

So when he hit his late teens, he decided to chase status, money, career… The “fickle things” as he puts it. He wanted to prove that he was worth something.

However, no matter what he had achieved, it all just felt shallow. His big wake-up call came when his stepbrother passed away in a motorcycle accident at age 21. That made Mark realize that his life was temporary.

And then, after his son was born, he realized that he made many mistakes in his life, mistakes that he didn’t want his son to repeat.

So he created a children’s book, then showed it to a few people. They loved it and requested copies for their kids.

Mark believed in his message, he knew that there was a demand, but he had mixed feelings about the business side of being an author.

“I was subconsciously rebelling against marketing,” he admits.

Today, Mark’s Zen Pig series consists of six books, he is a full-time author, and he sells 6,000+ books every month.

Want to know how he got there?

Why Don’t You Try ClickFunnels For Yourself?

We have made our case.

Now it’s time for you to make a decision.

We offer a FREE 14-day trial:

  • You can cancel any time.
  • There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Our customer support is there to help you 24/7.

There’s literally ZERO risk.

So why don’t you go ahead and try ClickFunnels for yourself?

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