Secrets Behind the Top Affiliates for Clickfunnels

Some of you may have heard that Clickfunnels has given out over $8 Million dollars in affiliate revenue in 2017 alone?! How many of you would like a piece of that pie? The best way to do that is to learn from the best. So I’m going to break down a bit how the top affiliates manage to make most of their cash!

By the way, it goes without saying…make sure you sign up for the Clickfunnels 100 Day Affiliate Bootcamp. You can register for FREE here.

Think of it like a business

The top affiliates all treat their Clickfunnels affiliate campaigns like a business, or in the context of one. It’s imperative that you create a business that compliments the selling of the software. Here are a bunch of types of business ideas you can set up:

Digital Marketing Strategist

This is how I initially got momentum as an affiliate. I learned everything I could about marketing and started finding clients. Whenever they would ask for my services, the Clickfunnels software was built RIGHT into the proposal. I worked with authors, local businesses, course creators, coaches, therapists, photographers, etc.

Digital Marketing Agency

Digitial Marketing Agencies and Facebook Ads Management work just the same as a single-person marketer. You have the luxury of discounting services when clients sign up for Clickfunnels, or you can add bonus services when they go under your link. This is especially popular with agencies who run lead gen services for local businesses.

Business Coach (in all kinds of industries)

Whether you want to help Real Estate Agents or Gyms or E-comm shop owners or Coaches, it helps to create a sub-niche of folks you work with. This way you can create beautiful custom funnels that they can swipe into their account when they sign up for your coaching or consulting.

Expert-Based Course Business

Do you sell a business, entrepreneur or marketing course? Work your Clickfunnels funnels and offers right into it. Many people give away some of their best stuff for free when people sign up because it’s like getting paid a minimum of $456 a year for your course when you can get a user on the software…and stick.

Super Affiliate Business

This one takes a little time, but you can become a Marketing influencer who helps other affiliates. I started doing this after reaching that coveted 100 affiliate users. It’s probably best to save this business model for after you’ve had luck selling the software for awhile.

If you’re not sure where to begin, Digital Marketer takes the least amount of capital to start up, but it does require one thing….

Consume the software and all the products so you can sell

It’s very difficult to become a successful affiliate if you aren’t using and consuming the product. The 100 Day Affiliate Bootcamp has a tremendous amount of free content, and you can also pick up Russell’s two books for less than $20! Consume as much content as you can about marketing, because it will help you sell and it will teach you the marketing principles you need in order to build an effective Digital Marketing business.

My personal favorites….

…plus of course the content inside the Clickfunnels dashboard when you sign up for an account.

Find your niche of people

Once you have an idea of a business model that matches your Clickfunnels affiliate business, find a niche or audience of people you can serve. So many people think this makes them less profitable, but it actually makes you more so. And here’s why: If I am looking for a Digital Marketer to help me with my nail salon, am I going to choose a generic marketer, or will I choose someone who works DIRECTLY with salons and has share funnels and perks that are directly related to my industry? It allows you to stand out, and then you can charge more!

Create complimentary offers + perks

Top affiliates almost ALWAYS give away bonuses and perks when people sign up under their link. Here’s a quick list of ideas….

  • Share Funnels –  Video Training and Digital Assets Attached
  • Swipe Files – Email Scripts, Ad Scripts, Copy, Etc.
  • Free Migrations – Help People Move From LeadPages or Instapage or Infusionsoft
  • Facebook Ad Services – For Folks Who Buy Lead Gen Funnels Under Their Affiliate Link
  • Masterclasses and Courses – Give Away Valuable Content When People Sign Up With CF Under You
  • Coaching/Consulting – Give Away Your Time

Remember how selling happens in real life

Once you have your business idea, your audience, and your offers, don’t forget how selling happens in real life! This will help you master the online game as well. When someone becomes a salesperson, here’s *generally* how it works….

  • Selling 1:1 – You try a product, love it, and then decide to tell your friends and family.
  • Selling to a Small Group – Once you’ve exhausted your initial network, you ask them to help you find other groups of people (think friends of friends)
  • Selling to a Large Group – Eventually, you might be invited to speak or present somewhere to a larger group of people
  • Selling to the Masses – Lastly, you might get enough press or visibility that you can sell to the masses just through social media or publishing a book, podcast, etc.

With each level, you get better and better.  So many people want to go RIGHT to the masses (they want to just run ads) and they haven’t really learned how to sell yet.

Here’s an example of how someone might naturally “practice” selling Clickfunnels in real life…

  • Step One: After building out a small business that supports selling CF, Joe reaches out to friends and family and asks if anyone in his network needs marketing help. He finds a local dentist. That guy in turn tells a few other of his dentist friends.
  • Step Two: Once he’s got a few clients and had some luck, now he decides to run a course featuring the specific niche he’s learned (say Dentists). He goes online and finds a group of 10 dentists. He creates a share funnel and course for them.
  • Step Three: His course is a success and now he’s ready to turn up the heat. He creates an entire dentist marketing brand and runs traffic, has a podcast, teaches, runs a facebook group, and quickly amasses affiliates.
  • Step Four: He ends up on the Funnel Hacking Live stage teaching as an expert, and becomes the go-to guy for Dentists.

Of course there are a lot of other possible scenarios, but as you see – the natural progression builds upon itself so by step four, affiliates are pouring in without any effort at all!

If you’re thinking you have NO interest in being a marketer with clients, you can choose to do the “Expert” method. In this method, you’re giving away Russell’s books and offering advice, coaching, or courses to help people.

Master traffic

Lastly, where are you going to focus your time? There are all kinds of ways to get traffic into your offers and funnels as a CF affiliate. Here are some of the top methods the super-affiliates are using.

  • Facebook Ads – Remember, sending traffic to an offer that NATURALLY works with Clickfunnels is way more effective than simply sending traffic to an affiliate link. In fact, you can get your account shut down if you do that, so make sure you’re creating great frames and bridges.
  • YouTube – Once you’ve dialed in a niche, create YouTube videos demo-ing the funnels and strategies you’re using for that niche. Then link up the share funnels and offers right under the video.
  • Blogging – SEO is still a great way to get traffic if you love to write. Longform, high quality content ranks well, largely because it keeps people on the page longer, and it’s more likely that bigger more well-known sites will link into it.
  • Pinterest – Pinterest is a GREAT source for traffic if you also pair it with blogging.
  • Solo Ads – There are some affiliates finding great success with solo ads. You can go to places like Udimi and people will send email blasts with your offers!
  • Facebook Groups – The best thing to do here is to start your own group, and make it super specific and actionable!
  • Local Business Lead Gen (cold calling, referrals) – Stomp some pavement!
  • The Dream 100- The Dream 100 Concept is something Russell talks about in his books (and there’s a secret chapter about it inside FunnelU) but the idea is to find influencers who are already serving the customers you want.

I hope these ideas help you plan and strategize how best to grow your affiliate commissions. Once you have 100 + users under your account, you’re making a minimum of $4000 a month! It’s in your best interest to create a business that helps people consume and use Clickfunnels long enough that the commissions come rolling in LONG after you’re done with the work.

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  1. Great article, Julie! I have had some success with the affiliate program of another saas solution and now I am thinking about promoting clickfunnels as well. This article will definitely help me get started. Thanks a ton!

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  3. Great article, Julie! I have had some success with the affiliate program of another saas solution and now I am thinking about promoting clickfunnels as well. This article will definitely help me get started. Thanks a ton!

  4. Thanks julie for the insight. Facebook has banned 6 Ads Accounts of mine and now i get this post from you…

    Thx a lot, there are a lot of ways to promote clickfunnels.

  5. Great article, Julie! I’m just starting out with the Affiliate Boot camp. I still don’t have an idea of what I’m going to do yet.
    But I’ll have to just start with the Affiliate program because it doesn’t require a lot of money to start. Keep up the good work.