11 Ways to Increase Conversions on Your Landing Pages

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Conversions are where the magic happens. It’s the intersection that culminates in all the facets of your business coming together to make a sale. All of your marketing, your development, and all of your design comes together to help bring your product to the masses. You can have all the traffic in the world, but it does nothing if you cannot complete the sale. Conversions are the defining moment that makes your business work for you.

Everyone wants to increase conversions. More conversions equates to more money. The more money you make, the more you can spend acquiring new customers. There’s no downside to boosting conversions. It’s the very essence of running and building a profitable business.

However, if conversions were easy, every business would thrive. All you would need to do is build a great product or service, put all the pieces in order, and customers would throw themselves at you. And yet, businesses end prematurely all the time because all that traffic fails to convert. So what are some ways that we can increase our conversions?

Why Use Landing Pages to Increase Conversions?

Landing pages are your first interaction with your leads. The process of increasing your conversion rates starts immediately, the moment a customer sees you. Ads are great for hooking traffic, but the landing page is where they first encounter you, your philosophy, your business, and your values. It’s a crucial moment.

Thankfully, there are plenty of opportunities to make a stellar introduction and it can all be done on your landing page. So, let’s take a look at the opportunities you have right now to increase your conversions.

1.) Focus on your Headline

The moment a lead arrives at your landing page, the first content that they will consume is your headline. They might look at an image or you might have a video, but most likely, they’re reading your headline while they’re listening to you. There is an art to headlines. You need to strike the balance between catchy, informative, and concise.

Headlines are bold statements  They’re the first thing your prospects see. And if you’re looking to increase conversions, have a bold headline that makes sense. It should portray the thing that they want most while allaying their biggest fear. This is the first step in building rapport with your leads.

2.) Utilize Videos

If you don’t have videos on your landing pages, then you’re missing out on an opportunity that 14% of landing pages already know — videos massively boost conversions. There is so much that videos can do for you. Videos give your service and product a face for your company. You’re no longer a business or service. You are actually a living, breathing person that they can listen to and see. Your pitch, explanations, and call to action is going to have weight to it because you’re making it more personal to them.

Your squeeze page is no longer stagnant and there is less room for them to make assumptions about who is behind your copy and stock image. Videos are fast, accurate ways for you to translate your information and value to your customers.

3.) Reduce Hype

We want to build interest with our services and products. We want people to get excited and pull out their wallet. It feels natural to use flashy copy, appealing images, and explosive videos full of excitement explaining how this is the greatest product ever. Unfortunately, customers are well equipped to see through this kind of marketing tactic. In fact, most people are distrusting of flashy and hyperbolic promotions.

Leads are looking for honesty and truth in the services and products that they’re interested in. Your honesty and sincerity will be one of the main attributes that they pick up based on how you present your offer. If a prospect thinks that the offer is too good to be true or that you’re questionable at best, then they’ll pass your offer by in favor of something that isn’t screaming risk. You don’t want to be a cliché used car salesman. You want to be someone that they can respect and trust.

4.) Reduce Objections

Landing pages are often the first time that your leads or prospects encounter you. Most of your leads are going to be warm –aware of the need that you offer to satisfy for them. However, they’re probably not buyers in heat and are going to have questions or reservations. Their objections might be as minimal as “I don’t have money to waste. Is this worth it?” Some might show up with major reservations along the lines of “This can’t possibly do what you’re claiming.”

Rather than letting those questions stew and fester, your landing page can stop those questions in their tracks. When customers feel like you’re reading their mind and that their questions or reservations aren’t as big as they thought or misguided, you’ll start exchanging more of those leads for customers. We want to feel safe and assured in our purchases and you can preemptively offer that security.

5.) Communicate Clearly

The worst thing that can happen with a lead is for them to get confused. Whether it’s a video, demo, or the copy that you’re using, it has to be clear. We don’t want prospects leaving because they don’t understand what you’re selling or offering them. Take the time to clear up your copy and explanations. Take time to comb through and refine them so that everything you’re saying helps to get people through the doorway. Your landing page may just need cleaner copy to start building conversions.

There are a lot of design choices that can help you communicate clearly. Some of the best tips are utilizing bold fonts to draw attention to major points you want them to reference or keep in mind. Price offers should always be clear and stand out. You’ll even want to go so far as to list the specifics of that price plan or offer for your leads. Use the basic tools offered in any program to divide up your information into what’s most important and what is additional. It’ll build a roadmap for your leads.

6.)  Make it Easy to Buy

Squeeze pages are designed to get something out of the lead. You’re providing them with a call to action and getting them to be a customer or client. Leads are worthless until they commit to buying. Make it easy for them to cross over that line. One of the fastest way to give your conversions a boost is to simply clean up the order and purchasing process. We like to gather as much information from our customers as possible when they sign up and a lot of it is unneeded.

It’s off putting to need to take the time to put in your physical address for a digital product. While you can use the information, a customer is hesitant giving up more information that is necessary. If you want to make the process easier, remove any unneeded fields or steps in the buying process. High engagement doesn’t equal increased conversions. If we’re keeping the customer too occupied, asking too much of them, and dragging out the process, it increases the chance that they’ll bounce and we lose the sale. Instead, keep it clean and simple.

7.) Reduce Risk with Testimonials

Buying experiences are based on pain and pleasure. We are either trying to relieve pain or we’re trying to acquire pleasure. Most people are worried about the pain that is involved in purchasing a new service or product. Our job is to reduce their risk of pain by assuring them that they are safe and that you are going to provide them with value. We’re seeking to transition the customer from a position of fearing pain to anticipating pleasure. Testimonials are a great way to build confidence and reduce the risk of pain.

Testimonials help provide a perspective for your leads of how life can be with your offer. Whether you’re presenting testimonials in the form of copy or videos, they’re a powerful message for bringing up your conversions. Testimonials are intimidating for a lot of business owners, but all you need to do is ask for them. People rarely share positive experiences unless they’re asked to. Get those testimonials and use them to start converting more leads by relieving them of that fear of pain.

8.) Be Aware of Your Audience Level

Every business is looking for a unique type of customer. It is fair to assume that broad audiences are going to require a different approach compared to a niche audience that you’ve cultivated. Your leads need to interact with you based on their knowledge of you, your service, and the industry that you’re in. If you’re providing life coaching to anyone who is looking to hire you, but speak in business development jargon and lingo, you’re alienating a huge portion of your leads.

Alternately, if you’re looking to offer advanced coding training for developers and you communicate with them as if they’ve never touched a computer, it’s insulting. Depending upon who you’re looking to draw in, you need to build confidence in your offer. How you communicate plays a huge role in opening the conversion floodgate and setting up a trampoline for your prospects. Be very aware of the words that you’re employing, because there is weight and meaning behind each of them. It’s a fine line, but it’s navigable once you start to think about how you want to be perceived.

9.) Split-Test

This is the defining mulligan of the online business world. Too many people create landing pages to draw in their traffic and chew their nails hoping that it works. Every quality landing page software out there gives you the opportunity to make adjustments and test them through Split-Tests. How do you know if your strategy for massive increased conversions holds up to what you are already doing if you’re not comparing the two side by side? You don’t.

If you already have a landing page, every tip that you take from this list should be implemented in a split-test before you commit to it. The road to increasing your conversions starts with finding out whether your adjustments are working at all or if you need to focus on something else. This is how you begin to understand where the work actually needs to be spent.

10.) Build a Sales Funnel

Not every lead is created equal. There are people who are going to bounce no matter what you’re offering. There are others who will see that value and will immediately be interested in what you are offering them. Building a sales funnel dynamically shifts the experience your leads have with your offer, your service, and your product. The buying experience becomes catered to their needs and what you have to offer them. The introduction of choice and customization into the equation increases lead conversion due to the simple fact that it personalizes the experience for them.

Not only is this going to help build your conversions, but it also provides you with countless formulas and funnels to design and experiment with. This is where split testing becomes an art for landing pages. You’ll be able to immediately capitalize on your converted leads, turning them into customers and clients in one moment.

11.) Down-Sells

While there is a lot of focus on up-sells, there is something to be said about down-sells. If you can bring a lead that has arrived on your landing page into a sales funnel, you have an opportunity to still convert them with a down-sell. Maybe they aren’t ready for the offer that you’re providing, but you have something else that offers less risk and value for them. You have instantly given the lead an opportunity to become a customer when they were in the process of bouncing.

While this clearly will not catch everyone who bounces, it offers another net for you to boost your conversions in a natural and organic way. Even if you don’t have a product you can sell, give the lead a chance to stay in touch by offering an email. But down-sells are your second chance to pitch and provide value for your customers. Hopefully, they’ll be back for more.

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