16 Best Elevator Pitches We’ve Seen

16 Best Elevator Pitches We’ve Seen

Define your target market’s problem, share your solution, build credibility, reveal your unique value, and call them to action… all in under 30 seconds.

Can you do it?

In this guide, we’re going to explain the ins and outs of elevator pitches, provide a free template for you to use, and then show you the 16 best elevator pitches we could find — so you’ll feel inspired to create your own!

These are the exact tactics that successful entrepreneurs use to create compelling elevator pitches — stuff you can’t find anywhere else.

Keep reading!

Oh — and as your first elevator pitch example, reread the intro 😉

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What is an Elevator Pitch?

An elevator pitch is a quick — think 30 seconds or less — and compelling description of your brand, services, or products that’s crafted to appeal to your target market.

It’s called an “elevator pitch” because it should be short enough that you’re able to present it in its entirety during a short elevator ride. In fact, the shortness is really what defines an elevator pitch.

Even if you’re not often finding yourself stuck on elevator rides with your dream customers, creating an elevator pitch forces you to define your core offer and its benefits in as few words as possible. Let’s take a moment to discuss why that’s so important.

Why Should You Create an Elevator Pitch?

It’s been estimated that a person sees between 4,000 and 10,000 advertisements per day.

If that’s true, then the percentage of advertisements a person remembers — the ones that make an impact — would be abysmal.

Come to think of it, I don’t remember any of the advertisements I saw yesterday (not at first thought, anyways).

Do you?

Being bombarded by salespeople, marketers, and advertisers all day every day has made it so that people are particularly good at filtering out messages that they deem irrelevant.

For obvious reasons, then, crafting an elevator pitch that’s short, sweet, and compelling — in particular, one that captures the attention of your target market — is more important than perhaps ever before in history.

There’s always been competition… but there’s never been so much competition.

But take heart.

Next we’re going to give you a dead-simple template for crafting compelling elevator pitches. If you have a clear understanding of your products and services, as well as your target market, it’s actually super easy.

Going through this process will help you differentiate yourself from your competitors and get clear about why your products or services are the best — then you can tell your dream customers all about it (in 30 seconds or less, that is).

The Best Elevator Pitch Template

Before we dive into the 16 best elevator pitches we could find, here’s a simple (but effective) template you can use to craft your elevator pitch.

Keep this format in mind when perusing the following examples — you’ll see it over and over again.

  • Problem: Define the problem your target market is having. 
  • Solution: Explain your solution as simply as possible. 
  • Credibility: Explain why the person should work with you
  • Value: Describe the unique value that you offer.
  •  CTA: Encourage the person to take action.

Imagine I’m selling sales funnels (like we do at ClickFunnels). Here’s an example…

[PROBLEM] Struggling to grow your business online? It’s probably because you’re using a website instead of [SOLUTION] sales funnels — that is, page-by-page experiences that guide your visitor toward taking just one specific action. That’s what we help you create at ClickFunnels. [CREDIBILITY] In fact, we’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs build 7-figure businesses with sales funnels! [VALUE] We give you the software AND the training to be successful. [CTA] And you can try us out for free for 14 days!

Keep in mind, however, that those 5 elements — problem, solution, credibility, value, and CTA — don’t need to occur in that exact order.

Now let’s dive into the real-life elevator pitch examples. All of these are taken from advertisements or landing pages meant to describe an offer as simply and in as few words as possible. Then we convert them into elevator pitches using the template above.

1. The Hustle

This first example comes from The Hustle. And it’s one of our favorite examples of a quick and compelling elevator pitch.

Click here to read the copy and watch the video.

(Since it’s a Facebook Advertisement, we couldn’t embed it)

If you don’t want to click away, then you can just read the copy below (for full effect, though, you’ll definitely want to watch the video — it’s great).

A woman is interviewing a young man at what appears to be some sort of dance party or convention. 

Young Man: “I’m an entrepreneur. I don’t have a business idea yet but I really want to start something. I just need a good idea. Something I can start in a weekend. 

Woman: “Have you used Trends?”

Young Man: “Huh?” – Leans in to hear better. 

Woman: “Trends.co vets business ideas.”

Young Man: “Really? How many do they have?”

Woman: “They have a database of 1,000+.”

The young man breaks into an excited dance as though every problem he’s ever had has just been solved.

Our Elevator Pitch Version

[PROBLEM] Have the spirit and drive of an entrepreneur but struggling to come up with a business idea? [SOLUTION] Trends has a database of 1,000+ [CREDIBILITY] professionally vetted business ideas. [VALUE] And every week, Trends does a breakdown of “trends” that entrepreneurs and investors should pounce on. [CTA] You can try it for a week for just $1.

2. Traffic Secrets

Our next example comes from one of our very own sales pages — that for Russell Brunson’s bestselling book, Traffic Secrets.

The copy we’re pointing out here is just the headline — it’s dead-simple and it’s a great digital example of an elevator pitch.

Traffic Secrets, elevator pitch example.

Our Elevator Pitch Version

[PROBLEM] Need more traffic to your website or funnel? [SOLUTION] This new book shows 20+ secrets for getting traffic to any website or funnel. [CREDIBILITY] And it’s written by the real-life entrepreneur who built ClickFunnels: Russell Brunson. [VALUE] Unlike other books, his advice is PROVEN to work. [CTA] Get your free copy now!

3. Neil Patel Consulting

Neil Patel is known as one of the best online marketers today. And the consulting page of his website looks like this. We think it’s a great (and simple) example of an elevator pitch.

Neil Patel Consulting, elevator pitch example.

Our Elevator Pitch Version

[PROBLEM] Need more website traffic? [SOLUTION] Our expert team can help! [CREDIBILITY] In fact, we’ve worked with over 5,000 companies, including Facebook, NBC, Ebay, and Google! [VALUE] We can help you with SEO, content marketing, and paid media. [CTA] Book a free call today to learn more!

4. 5 Day Lead Challenge

You might have noticed a CTA of our own at the top of this article pointing toward our 5 Day Lead Challenge.

Because if you do want to generate more leads, then this free challenge is a great next step!

But I digress.

The landing page for this challenge — or more specifically, the headline area — also makes for a great elevator pitch example.

Here it is.

5 Day Lead Challenge, example.

Our Elevator Pitch Version

[PROBLEM] Need more leads for your business? [SOLUTION] Just give me 5 short days and I’ll show you the [VALUE] exact step-by-step method for generating new leads who are excited to buy from you! [CREDIBILITY] These are the same strategies I use to generate leads for my businesses! [CTA] Join now!

5. Smart Blogger

Smart Blogger is an awesome website that helps freelance writers and bloggers build profitable one-person businesses. The company’s homepage makes for a great example of an elevator pitch.

Smart Blogger, elecator pitch example.

Our Elevator Pitch Version

[PROBLEM] Want to become a well-paid freelance writer but don’t know where to start? [SOLUTION] This cheat sheet will take you from [VALUE] a total beginner to watching your first paycheck get deposited into your bank account! [CREDIBILITY] We know because we’ve helped hundreds of other people just like you become successful online bloggers. [CTA] Get the cheat sheet now for free!

6. Rachel Pedersen

Rachel Pedersen is known as the “Queen of Social Media” — she helps people build their own social media marketing companies so that they can make good money working from home.

Here’s her awesome homepage — which is a textbook elevator pitch.

Rachel Pedersen, elevator pitch example.

Our Elevator Pitch Version

[CREDIBILITY] I’m Rachel Pedersen, the “Queen of Social Media.” I am an expert in all things social media — like literally every platform! [VALUE] I delight in empowering businesses with social media strategies that support [SOLUTION] MASSIVE, needle-moving growth. And I teach busy parents (like me) how to find freedom by becoming SUCCESSFUL social media managers — [PROBLEM] without sacrificing the things that matter most — including family, friends, and their dreams. [CTA] Learn more!

7. Email Mastery

Email Mastery is a website that teaches people how to master email marketing. And the site’s primary lead magnet is a free 7-day course that teaches the basics of email marketing.

The headline and testimonial shown below are a great example of a short and sweet elevator pitch.

Email Mastery, elevator pitch example.

Our Elevator Pitch Version

[PROBLEM] Struggling with email marketing? Here’s a [VALUE] free course to [SOLUTION] master email marketing in just 7 days. [CREDIBILITY] *Testimonial from Jason Gill* [CTA] Get the first lesson now!

8. The Tonic

The Tonic is a weekly email newsletter for growth-minded individuals. Every week, they send out curated content, expert insights, and personal or professional challenges.

Their homepage is a great example of simple and effective elevator pitch.

The Tonic, elevator pitch example.

Our Elevator Pitch Version

[PROBLEM] Socrates once said “an unexamined life is not worth living.” [SOLUTION] That’s why we created The Tonic, a newsletter that challenges you to grow, every week. [VALUE] Every week, we send our curated content, expert advice, and personal or professional challenges. [CREDIBILITY] Check out what our readers say below! [CTA] Sign up now for free!

9. Morning Brew

Morning Brew is another email newsletter that sends out pertinent and entertaining news every day for free.

Here’s their dead-simple landing page.

Morning Brew, elevator pitch example.

Our Elevator Pitch Version

[PROBLEM] Bored reading the news? [SOLUTION] Get the daily email that makes reading the news actually enjoyable — [CREDIBILITY] the one that 2.5 million other people read!  [VALUE] Stay informed and entertained, for free. [CTA] Sign up now.

10. ClickFunnels

It’d be silly of us to talk about elevator pitches without mentioning the elevator pitch we use for ClickFunnels, wouldn’t it??

So here it is.

This is the copy from the top of our homepage.

ClickFunnels homepage, elevator pitch example.

Our Elevator Pitch Version

[PROBLEM] Forced to rely on a tech team for your sales funnel? [SOLUTION] With ClickFunnels, you can [VALUE] quickly create beautiful sales funnels that convert visitors into leads and leads into customers. [CREDIBILITY] We’re trusted by more than 100,000 members. [CTA] Start your 14-day trial now!

11. Jacob McMillen

Jacob McMillen is a friend of mine who has spent the last decade as a copywriter. More recently, he’s started teaching people how to build their own freelance writing businesses.

And his homepage is a great example of an elevator pitch.

Jacob McMillen, elevator pitch example.

Our Elevator Pitch Version

[PROBLEM] Only getting paid $15 per article? [CTA] Enter your email below to learn how I [SOLUTION] went from $15 per article to $15k per month as a freelance writer. [VALUE] You’ll learn what types of writing are in-demand today, how to consistently land high-paying gis, and how to attract a steady stream of clients straight to your digital door. [CREDIBILITY] This is what one person said after going through my free course: *Testimonial*

12. Creating CashFlow

Creating Cash Flow is a free resource by Ryan Dossey that teaches people how to grow their real estate investing portfolio.

And his landing page for the resource is a great example of an elevator pitch.

Creating CashFlow, elevator pitch example.

Our Elevator Pitch Version

[PROBLEM] Want to grow your real estate investing empire? [CREDIBILITY] I’m 26 years old and my current portfolio is valued at $8.8 million. [SOLUTION] In Create CashFlow, I’ll [VALUE] show you how I added 150 units to my portfolio without using any of my own money in just 24 months using the BRRRR method. [CTA] Download it now for free!

13. Carrot

Carrot is a software company that serves real estate investors and agents. More specifically, they help investors and agents build high-converting websites that drive traffic through local SEO.

Carrot’s landing page geared toward real estate agents is yet another great example of an elevator pitch.

Carrot, elevator pitch example.

Our Elevator Pitch Version

[PROBLEM] Struggling to grow your real estate business? [SOLUTION] Grow your real estate website’s traffic, leads, and results with Carrot’s online marketing software! [VALUE] Our high-converting websites will help you drive traffic and generate leads like clockwork. [CREDIBILITY] Our customers are generating over 51,036 inbound leads per month right now… and growing. [CTA] Get a free demo now!

14. VA Staffer

VA Staffer is a company that has more than 100 pre-trained virtual assistants. Entrepreneurs and business people can hire VA Staffer — rather than finding their own VA — to take tedious but important tasks off their laps.

Here’s their elevator pit— I mean, homepage.

VA Staffer, elevator pitch example.

Our Elevator Pitch Version

[PROBLEM] Low on time? [SOLUTION] Instantly scale your business with our 100+ virtual assistants. [VALUE] They’re the secret weapon of highly productive people. [CREDIBILITY] We’ve helped over 1000 clients scale their businesses with our specialized team of virtual assistants. [CTA] Schedule a call to learn more!

15. Call Porter

Call Porter is a live answering service for real estate investors. The company has professionally trained, U.S.-based reps who will qualify, screen, and schedule inbound seller leads.

Here’s their homepage.

Call Porter, elevator pitch example.

Our Elevator Pitch Version

[PROBLEM] Sick of losing deals because you don’t have time to answer the phone? [SOLUTION] Call Porter can help! [VALUE] We have professionally trained, U.S.-based reps who can qualify, screen, and schedule inbound seller leads for you! [CREDIBILITY] And we’re already helping hundreds of investors around the U.S. [CTA] Schedule a demo here!

16. Ballpoint Marketing

Ballpoint Marketing sells hand-written direct mailers for all types of companies. Here’s their top-page copy that makes for a great elevator pitch.

Ballpoint Marketing, elevator pitch example.

Our Elevator Pitch Version

[PROBLEM] Does your mail get thrown away? [SOLUTION] Ballpoint Marketing can help! [VALUE] We create hand-written mailers (written by our robots with real pen and ink) that cost the same as traditional mailers. [CREDIBILITY] And our mailers have a proven track record for getting record-high response rates! [CTA] View our catalog now!

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to create your elevator pitch!

You also understand why you need one. And you’ve seen 16 examples of excellent elevator pitches.

The next step?

Create your own!

And if you want to get a head-start on your lead-gen efforts, join the free challenge below!

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