Generate Leads For Local Business – 7 Methods To Get More Leads

Generate Leads For Local Business – 7 Methods To Get More Leads

Growth is crucial to survival for any business, and to grow your business means that you need to find more leads.

The goal for business growth is to maintain the current client pool while expanding your brand awareness and sales.

Leads are crucial for future growth, and capturing new leads doesn’t have to be time-consuming or costly.

So how do you build your reach, find new leads while maintaining your current customer pool?

The answer is by targeting local leads.

Leads Are Important, Finding Qualified Leads Is Crucial

This guide will help you develop the right strategy to discover new local leads with proven methods for generating high quality leads for your business and keep your marketing efforts cost-efficient at the same time.

There are two types of marketing leads; those are known as cold and warm leads.

cold and warm lead comparison

Cold leads are those that are unfamiliar with your product or offer and may not be searching for your product. 

On the other hand, a warm lead is one that is familiar with your brand and is already in the process of considering a purchase of the type of service or product that your business offers. 

Warm leads are considered higher quality then and are referred to as a qualified lead. Our guide will discuss how to create warm leads by focusing on the location they may live, work, and play. 

The benefits of focusing on a local lead are that you are targeting individuals in a specific geographic area, making them aware of your brand and offer, and moving them from casual shopper or visitor to your website and store to active sale. 

In other words, you’re creating a warm lead to follow up with and to make your product or service offerings. 

The 7 Methods to Get More Leads and Increase Sales

1. Localized Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is the process of getting a customer’s information in response to an offer or something of value. In other terms, lead magnets are a form of compensation for contact information and engagement. 

a hand with magnet attracting new leads

Lead magnets should be attractive to your potential customer, and in exchange for your offer, they trade their information for your product. Focusing your lead magnet to a highly targeted individual will lead them toward your sales process, otherwise known as a sales funnel.

 A sales funnel is defined as the stage of a purchasing decision that an individual may be at regarding your offer. 

A lead magnet that focuses on a local target can be paired with other offers, such as a collaboration with other local businesses or a contest that allows you to capture the individual’s information. 

You then input this data in a highly targeted ad campaign such as with Facebook (more on this later).

Your lead magnet can be content you provide on your blog, eBooks and Infographics, webinars, contests, giveaways, or other offerings. To be a lead magnet, you create content that highlights a solution to a problem that your audience may experience, and you provide them with that solution in exchange for their contact information. 

Examples of content headlines that can be a lead magnet can be: 

  • How To Get More Real Estate  Leads In [Your State]
  • How To Find The Best Car Prices In [Your City]
  • The Ultimate Guide To Lead Generation For [Industry] In [Your State]

The goal is to offer your audience value and solutions in exchange for their contact information. 

You can craft content in the form of blog posts or video solutions that have a specific call-to-action to subscribe or a sign-up form that captures their data in return for a more in-depth solution or a free consultation. 

You can then utilize their information to market more of your products and offerings and in the process, discover more qualified leads. 

Ebooks and Infographics

Another lead magnet suggestion is to create and offer a free eBook that addresses some issues and solutions for your industry within your local market. 

You share the eBook with the individual in exchange for them to sign-up and share their personal contact information. You can craft the ebook in-house or outsource the job and have a third-party write it from an outline you create. 

infographic of infographic

Another good way is to craft localized infographics that your visitor can use in their own business.

The infographic should show how to work through a common issue, a detailed pre-launch plan for increasing sales at launch, or other strategies that will benefit your visitor. Much like the eBook, the goal is to have them offer contact information before downloading the infographic.


Hosting a webinar is a great way to offer your services as the “expert” at x-y-z. You can set up a webinar to discuss a local issue that your services and products can address and promote through various social media channels and other online presence. In return for getting this valuable information that only your company can provide, registrants sign-up on a contact form that asks for their information.

In your webinar, be sure to structure it in a friendly way, one that presents a problem or issue, and show how your service is the solution to that problem. Be sure to include a call-to-action in the webinar and a possible follow-up email to encourage more information about all your offerings.

Engaging Blog Posts or Other Content Channels

Another way to find local leads is to craft engaging blog posts. It could be a common issue in your industry, provide one solution, and ask for replies—similarly, craft image-heavy content and post to your social media page.

Encourage your followers to express how they use your product and have a dedicated hashtag to monitor its impact and offer the best one with an award or giveaway.

2. Create Local Contests or Giveaways

Contests are a great way to capture leads, and they work similarly as a lead magnet. With a traditional lead magnet, you’re offering a solution, or best practices exchanged for contact information in much the same way. A contest asks participants to share that information for the right to participate and win a prize.

giveaway on instagram

Your contest’s design should allow participants to offer their personal contact information or other interactions. Suppose you provide the top participants an award as the “winner” of your contest. In that case, you drive up competition between those involved and can get your brand exposed to participants’ friends, family, and followers.

In case you don’t have a prize other than promoting the individuals Instagram, Snapchat, or other social media, no worries. You can still find creative ways to collect contact information on the participants.

Even if you don’t have a lead capture form in your contest, the engaging content allows you to have access to the type of people who are willing to participate, their followers that they shared it with.

You can engage with them further and analyze that data to design and shape future contests and content that targets the interests of the participants their followers.

3. Referral Marketing Programs

Utilize your users’ power to recommend your products to their friends and family. Referral marketing is the lifeblood of some apps such as Yelp, and the way the work is simple, leverage users to recommend the platform.

The power of referral marketing is based on social proof that a friend or colleague’s recommendation carries a ton of weight informing consumers’ decisions. This is so important because over 90% of all people researching a product or brand say that they look for reviews and recommendations to inform their decision-making process.

You can encourage your customers to share your product and offers by incentivizing them to get friends and social media followers to sign up for your service or go to a contact page.

Examples of incentives could be to offer an award system that rewards the most recommendations or most people sent to a contact page, and you could tie this promotion into a contest or provide additional benefits in your loyalty program.

Offers such as discounts, added member benefits, or other types of incentives will encourage your current users to share within their sphere of influence.

Another excellent example of incentivizing your referral program is to create a benefit for both parties. You may offer both the recommender and their referral with unique discounts or other offers.

refer a friend illustration

For example, suppose you are in the restaurant industry. In that case, you could offer your current customer a $10 off next purchase with a friend who signs-up for an email newsletter that highlights your restaurant and provides the new signee a $10 award at the time of signing.

This is a smart way to reward both parties and encourage more participants to take action on your behalf.

4. Loyalty Rewards Program

An excellent strategy to consider with generating local leads is to create a loyalty program. 

Often successful loyalty programs offer an award, discounts, or exclusive member opportunities for participants, such as unique offers that regular customers don’t have access to, like discounts on future purchases, buy-one-get-one-free deals, and more. These loyalty programs make the clients feel like they have an exclusive benefit that only they share in and helps create rabid fans. 

starbucks loyalty reward page

Consider offering the program free to sign-up, or be more exclusive and offer the program only for the most loyal and have a small fee affiliated with joining. If you go the membership fee route or “upsell,” be sure to include additional benefits that make the purchase unique and exclusive.

For example, a local brewery may offer a “mug club” program that allows members to get a mug of beer at a lower price than regular customers. If you offer the program with a one-time membership fee, you can provide a free individual mug for the member, perhaps some other type of merchandise, or other incentives.

For members, you could offer to track total purchases and create a target to “unlock” additional benefits from credit for future purchases, special discounts, or merchandise. You can be as creative as is cost-effective with your offer.

5. Collaborate With Other Local Businesses

An excellent strategy to increase your local lead generation opportunity is to partner with a local business and have product crossovers.

An event planning business may partner with local vendors to offer a charitable event that raises awareness for that cause. You may ask for a small donation during the event, pair it with a contest or other award system, and ask for personal contact information for future events.

salty crew beer

You could make it an exclusive event, limited time only offer to signup, and make it limited to a small number of participants with a sign-up page for future events. 

The benefits of pairing with other local businesses are that you gain access to their client pool and share yours with your strategic partners.

6. Optimize Your Online Presence

By optimizing your online presence from social media, blog posts, and websites for local traffic, you’re going to get in front of potential customers in your area.

Your optimization strategy should be utilizing keywords focused on engaging local involvement and content that highlights your brand in and around the community.

social media optimization wheel

For example, let’s imagine you’re a local contractor trying to gin up some more business. If you’re optimizing your website and social media, you will find some keywords you want to target localized terms to make the keywords long-tail. Long-tail keywords are longer form keywords typically more specific and more narrow of a search parameter. 

Let’s go back to our example of the local contractor. Say he finds some keywords to target, such as “contracting services,” “home remodeling contractor,” or “construction services.” 

To make long-tail keywords, the contractor would want to target them as “home remodeling contractor in San Diego.’ They could even target individual communities such as “home remodeling in La Jolla.”  

The logic here is to target specific communities as extensions to the keywords “home remodeling contractor” with exact geographic additional words such as La Mesa, La Jolla, and Coronado. 

Have a dedicated staff member focus on replying to comments and making regular contributions on your page that highlight your brand in the community. Also, establish dedicated hashtags for your brand and create engaging content for different social media channels. 

The strategy is to craft content that drives traffic toward a landing page or capture page to grab more contact information and leads.

7. Use Highly Targeted Facebook Ads

Facebook has almost 3 billion regular users making this juggernaut an incredible opportunity to expand your brand’s awareness and reach. 

Many businesses don’t understand that while Facebook has a huge global reach, you can utilize the platform to target local users to get your brand and product in front of those users.

Using Facebook’s targeting feature to improve market awareness and imprint can generate higher qualified leads, gain customer insight and feedback, and increase conversions. 

The process is easy. In the Ad Center, set up your ad campaign, choose Lead Generation as your objective, and give it a name. 

Next, select the Facebook page you’re planning on using for lead generation. Review the terms and click agree and then begin to target your audience. 

You’re prepared to set your audience and local reach at this stage. By targeting potential customers in your geographic area, your messaging will only appear on feeds within the parameters you designate. 

area selection for facebook advertisement

In the audience section, you can select their behaviors and interests, which allows you to drill down to specific activities your audience may be engaged in to get your message in front of those who may be the most receptive to your ad. 

The final and most crucial step is to craft a contact form for visitors to share their information with you. It does you no good to target a specific audience only to have a so-so contact form. 

Facebook Lead Ads is shown to work better than just a boosted post or even Facebook ads that drive visitors to an individual landing page. 

The reason is simple: Facebook Lead Ads have a built-in lead capture form that will optimize your time and labor with these forms. One important tip, get the form integrated with your customer relationship management (CRM)  tool for seamless integration with your CRM marketing. 

One important tip to consider is keeping your contact form short, asking for a name and email, maybe a phone number, and that’s all. Don’t crowd the form; make it easy for others to share their data with you, and that should be enough to capture these targeted leads. 

As we discussed, the scope of Facebook’s reach is vast. 

The primary benefit of utilizing the platform is to get better insights into your audience, their interests, and their behaviors. 

This data will help you shape and craft your ad outreach, and through targeting, you can focus your lead generation strategies down to the specific individual that would benefit from your offer. 

These 7 Methods Will Guarantee More Leads and Sales

So there you have it, the top 7 ways to generate leads for a local business. Let’s give a quick recap of the strategies you should use:

  • Localized Lead Magnets – Such as eBooks, Infographics, Webinars
  • Host Contests and Other Giveaways
  • Create Referral Marketing Programs
  • Have A Loyalty Program
  • Collaborate with Other Strategic Local Businesses
  • Optimize Your Online Presence – Such as websites, blogs, and Social Media to target long-tail keywords specific to your geographic area
  • Use Highly Targeted Facebook Lead Ads

As we discussed, finding leads isn’t the problem. Finding qualified leads just requires a little more focus on who you’re trying to attract to your brand. 

Using these strategies we’ve discussed in this guide will attract more business without relying on costly marketing efforts. You will get a significant return on your investment, maximize your business growth, create better brand loyalty, and improve your sales. 

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