A Tale of Two Webinars. From $30K to $0. Read and Weep.

So this is a story for anyone thinking about hosting a webinar to promote their product / service. Its an important lesson and will save you a ton of money and time..

Before we get into it, lets talk about how I got to be a writer for one of the most popular and HOT software companies on the planet and know nothing about said software? Or technology?

Words my dear Watson, Words.

They can get a girl far.

They used to get me into a lot of trouble when I was a teenager. I had a mouth on me.

If I am tired and hungry, watch out 🙂

I digress…

So, to tell this story and answer the question as to how I landed my ClickFunnels gig (it does involve some woo-woo stuff like journaling, strap yourself in)… Let me take you back to a night back in May 2017…

It was late, I had just started my ‘online’ journey a couple of months back. I was in massive consumption mode…

Watching webinars, masterclasses, listening to podcasts, buying courses… I was inhaling everything I could on the subject of online marketing.

I had invested in a couple of affiliate programs to learn how they did the online marketing and to also make some cash whilst I continued to figure out how I would build my own empire… I was watching ANOTHER webinar thinking,

I could totally do this.

I mean, I’m not afraid of presenting, I could create some slides and talk through them. Most of the webinars I was watching, you don’t even see the persons face, so I could totally rock it in my Pjyamas if I wanted to?


With my new affiliate program, I had a program to sell. A program I was getting massive value from, so had no problem promoting.

All I had to do was create the slides, figure out the tech set up and get some mofo’s online with me.

Easy right?

I thought so, so I went ahead and announced to my small, yet growing list – and to a couple of Facebook groups I was active in, that I was going to be hosting a webinar about how I was making money in my affiliate program.

So old big mouth here dropped me right in it.

Then panic mode started to set in. I realised it kind of was a big deal and I had no idea how to even get registrations for my webinar, let alone the psychology of how to sell from a webinar or even exactly what I was offering.

Thankfully my big mouth actually did me a massive favour. Because I publicly announced my webinar – I had to  figure it out… and as my good friend Marie Forleo reminds me…

‘Everything is Figureoutable’

So… I had to ‘figure’ out how to hold a webinar.

Not just the content, but how to actually technically pull it off.

How to get registrations, how to host it, what platform to use, how to set up a sales page, how to actually take money if people wanted to buy from me (imagine that?).

Because I’m a content gal – I loooooove me some content.. I went straight to working on my slides. I’m a big believer in that we should be modelling success and not trying to reinvent the wheel, so I thought, who do I love watching present?

Who would I buy anything they sell?

Where am I getting a ton of great value from right now?

Russell Brunson!

So I went and watched some of his webinars and vids, and started realising there was a lot of similarities in his vids and some other ‘gurus’ webinars…

Then I realised that Russell actually had a product called Perfect Webinar Script


So I hopped on over and downloaded that, yep – for free – plus Shipping.

But you see, that didn’t help me, because it was like Friday, my big mouth had announced my webinar would be next Wednesday and living in Austraila I wasn’t’ going to get my physical copy of the script until AFTER the scheduled webinar.

Ohhhh… wait, there was a digital copy.


Wait, one more thing… Russell was telling me that he actually had slides and a training that I could download NOW and replicate his PERFECT webinar as my own.

Well – you know what I did? I went and bought that bad boy and felt all my Christmas’s had come at once.

Best $297 buckaroonies I ever spent.

I sat down and watched Russell talk through the psychology of the perfect webinar. I was looking at his slides thinking, boy are they U-GLY. I’m going to have to work on them to make them look more inline with my brand etc.

And he was talking about this ‘value stack’, he sounded like he was selling steak knives… I was thinking, nope – not going to be able to do that. I’ll just tell my people how much it is at the end. I respect them to much to take them through that rigmarole….

JUST as that thought was going through my mind Russell addressed that concern –

You guessed it, thats exactly how he felt when he first saw this done – so when it was his turn to present using the formula – he stopped short at the value stack and just told everyone how much his program was.

He made $0 sales. Every preso he has done since, the value stack slays. The rest is history.

Ok, I thought, well… since I’ve paid Russ my $$, I may as well listen and implement…

Exactly what he says.

This was good advice I gave myself.

So, I watched the training twice, I downloaded his ugly slides and filled in with my content, my story, made them my own through content and value – but left them U-GLY AF.

I wrote my script, using the steps Russell outlined… did my value stack, exactly as outlined…

Figured out all the tech stuff…

Subscribed to GoToWebinar, created my registration page with ClickFunnels, integrated with GTW, set up my stripe account, integrated with ClickFunnels, set up a really simple 3 step order, sales, Thank you page with ClickFunnels – all of this took me a few days to figure out,  as I had never done before..

But when you have to, you have to.

If all that sounds like a foreign language to you.. you have 2 options.

  1. Do what I did and google how to do everything, ask in forums… Just figure it out… Its actually not rocket science and you can do it.
You seriously can do it.
We live in an information age, being ignorant or ‘non-techy’ is not an excuse any of us can use anymore.
It was time to put my big girl panties on and – just figure it out
2. Pay someone to help you.

Big lesson for me here was if I had not that deadline to work to – I would have faffed around for weeks, a digital damsel in distress and procrastinated the hell out of it.

So, committing to something before you are ready in the entrepreneurial world, is definitely something you should get used to.

I was super uncomfortable in the days leading up to the webinar, because I was out of my depth and comfort zone BIG time.

I was a grade A ‘B-iatch’ to my hubby and kids. But I knew I had to do it…

Long story short, I was prepared with my content, thanks to Russell and Perfect Webinar Script..

I killed it – made $15K in upfront sales and closed a further $15K in backend sales post webinar, off the back of the training I delivered.

Woo hoo.

Well done. Time for patting oneself on the back is over…

I posted about this in the ClickFunnels group on Facey, my man Russell – gave me a shout out, and the next day I saw that they were taking applications for guest writers for the CF blog.

I was very upfront and said, ‘Hey, I don’t know much about how the whole tech side works, but I love the products, I use them in a very limited way, but I know there are so many people who they can help, who may be a bit intimidated about the tech speak and want to use CF in their business, just don’t really know how – I’d love to be their advocate and talk in a language they might understand a bit better’

I submitted a couple of pieces of writing and hey presto – My first CF guest blog was published last month.

Moral to THAT sub-story: If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Oh, the journaling thing? in the leadup to this whole thing coming about, I was writing in my journal everyday that I was a writer for ClickFunnels and Russell Brunsons Business partner.. The universe listens people, she is ALWAYS listening – so don’t be afraid to write down some crazy sh*t.

I’ve written some mad things… like how I wanted to upgrade my 2010 Mazda CX-7 to a brand new Range Rover Sport… I wrote about that for about 6 weeks and ….

Seriously… get writing…

I put this down to the practices I learnt from my 7 figure mentors, and if you think you can ignore your mindset practices, you’ve got another thing coming…

Or at least 5 years of unnecessary mental anguish in your business.

Back to the webinars…

So, off the back of my massive webinar win and my guest writing coup… I was feeling pretty spesh.

My friends were saying, “do a freaking webinar every night of the week”

But I knew it wasn’t that easy.

Since I forgot to record my killer webinar (doh), I prepped for 2.0

So I prepared like a banshee for it… we were traveling in the UK at the time, I spent the first week in Edinburgh holed up in our apartment making sure this one would be bigger and better than ever.

I had double the registrants… woo hoo…

The time came for the webinar, I was nervous (of course), but I felt I smashed the presentation out of the park.

The offer was good, I was offering an affiliate program, along with some extras of mine…  The engagement on the webinar was good…

Yet at the end of the 100 minutes…  no sales…

I sat down on the couch and wondered what was wrong…

Then it became abundantly clear (only after I received an email from someone trying to buy)

I had promoted the wrong freaking link.

So, in the webinar I had an offer, I had a sales page they had to go to – no fancy CLICK HERE to buy button…

So the URL for the sales page I had typed incorrectly on the slides.

So I was sending people to a page that didn’t exist.

Because most of my audience on the webinar was in Australia, it was late at night there and a few people emailed me saying they couldn’t get on.

The people who tried to buy…. went to bed….

No sales.

I of course emailed the attendees the right link, but by the time they received the link…

The impetus and momentum was gone.

Motivation is like a hot bath right? Only stays hot for 30 mins, then its warm, then luke warm, then cold.

My Oops email didn’t work.

I stupidly sent the replay email WITH the correct sales page URL, (second mistake) but what do you think the people who received that email did first?

Clicked on the sales page without watching the webinar.

Good one Tenar.

You can imagine how many sales I made.

Sooooooo…. lesson?

Webinars may look easy, but in reality they are hard as sh*t and you need someone who knows what they are doing to make sure you

a) Know what to say

b) Get your slides right

c ) Get the Value Stack right

d) Get the buyer psychology right

e) Have the right technology to support you

There is no better person to help you with this than Russell Brunson, I would not have made a dime on my first webinar if it wasn’t for Perfect Webinar Secrets.

If you want to host your own webinar. You NEED to buy Perfect Webinar Secrets.

Otherwise, your first webinar will turn out like my second one did. A total flop.

And no one likes a total flop.

No one.

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9 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Webinars. From $30K to $0. Read and Weep.

  1. So you didn’t know anything about online marketing until March 2017 and you were able to successfully run a webinar that generated $30K in profit? Hot damn that’s inspiring!

    1. Thats right.. 🙂 I modelled exactly what I learnt through Perfect Webinar secrets… And sold an affiliate offer that I also built in extra value (read Expert secrets) that I could offer to increase the value and investment.
      It was $30K in sales, about $18K of which was profit.

  2. I loved your article. It was very helpful in case I ever want to have nerve enough to try my own webinar LOL I’m actually interested in an affiliate program does Russell have one and can you send me a link. Thanks