Our Top Selling Marketplace Funnels!

Our Top Selling Marketplace Funnels!

If you’ve been watching the changes ClickFunnels has been making to our User Onboarding, then you’re probably aware of our CookBook Marketplace where we can accurately pair your business with a “Best Performing” funnel.

These funnels are either free or paid, and typically the paid funnels come with better assets, cool graphics, patterns, designs and so much value that they’re a screaming deal.

focus on what sells

While you’re here, I want to introduce you to some of the top-selling Funnel Designers in our CookBook Marketplace:

  • “Top Earner” Chris Murray: (71 transactions)
  • Blake Nubar: (145 transactions)
  • Charles Robinson: (204 transactions)

These users are killing it in our marketplace right now, and if you pay close attention to their templates, you’ll see exactly why!

If you’re planning on listing your “Winning-Funnel” on the Marketplace, it’s important to take note of what goes into a “Winning-Listing” on the CookBook Marketplace.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s currently the best format to sell your template to other ClickFunnels users…

  1. Get an Attention Grabbing Headline!
  2. Build a Long Form PDF to SELL your template
  3. Provide statistics if your funnel is truly market-tested! (Conversion Data, Sales Data)
  4. List screenshots of your pages so that potential buyers know exactly what they’re investing into.
  5. Record a video on the installation and usage of your funnel, be sure to include the benefits of using this pre-built template rather than going and doing all of the work for yourself. (Sell using a VSL on your Listing!)

If you’d like to get your top-performing funnel listed on the Marketplace, then visit https://marketplace.clickfunnels.com, connect your account and get started selling today!

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