Transforming Revenue with a Webinar Funnel: Daniel Harvey and Passion.IO

Transforming Revenue with a Webinar Funnel: Daniel Harvey and Passion.IO

Welcome back to the ClickFunnels User Spotlight series! We have an outstanding story to share today., a platform that enables coaches, creators, and entrepreneurs to effortlessly create their own mobile apps, was co-founded by Daniel Harvey, and here is his story!

Daniel Harvey came to the realization that he wanted to help people live what they love after touring as a musician and learning valuable life lessons. As a result, he has now assisted over 10,000 clients in launching their own mobile apps so they can live from their passion.

Daniel and Mathias – the technical and product-minded co-founder of their company- share a similar outlook on the change they want to bring about in the world. The two key components of— content and community—help coaches, creators, and entrepreneurs monetize education in their industry. 

So why develop a mobile app?

Since we spend most of our time there, let’s embrace it! Because mobile development is technically difficult, education hasn’t advanced in this direction, but is here to serve that need. 

“if you want to impact people, make money from your skills, and you want people to use your product and stick with it; then being on the device they use the most will drive more engagement, and then you’ll grow a more sustainable business […] ClickFunnels on the front and Passion OI on the back is what most of our customers do”

They began as an agency and, although constantly wanting to release the software, were always hesitant since they felt unprepared until they attended Funnel Hacking Live. And after FHL 2018, they understood that, despite the performers on stage being fantastic, they were still just regular people like them. So, two months later, they released the software.

Daniel Harvey also shared how the CF software itself has contributed to the company’s success. He mentioned a few elements, like the OTO and webinars funnels, from which they attracted their first clients.

Like every success story, Daniel had his share of setbacks, but those only served to strengthen him. At the time of his company’s founding, it was an agency with a share revenue model and a small number of profitable clients. At that time, it also had employees and had multiple responsibilities. When their biggest customer suddenly decided not to continue, they had to think about what to do. Giving up was not an option, so they took a flight to New York to search for a new client, who ultimately saved the business. 

From being in a band and pursuing his ambition while learning everything he could along the way to being a prosperous entrepreneur and pursuing his dream while encouraging others to do the same, he says:

“We are on this planet once, we spend a great deal of our time working. If we are working on something we don’t love, we are going to spend the majority of our time doing something we don’t enjoy, and it doesn’t make any sense […] if we are all able to do what we love, the world would be a better place because we put love into everything we do”

Wow… powerful and inspirational! Daniel was a fantastic guest, and you can’t miss his interview! Be sure to watch the whole thing. 

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