PLR Funnels: The Ultimate Fast Track to Starting Your Business with Zero Hassle with Paul Counts and Shreya Banerjee

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In a recent episode of the User Spotlights, Laura from ClickFunnels interviewed Paul Counts and Shreya Banerjee, co-founders of Marketing Counts and partners with ClickFunnels on PLR Funnels. With over 30 years of combined experience in online entrepreneurship and a track record of generating over $100 million for their clients.

Paul and Shreya shared valuable insights and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. In this blog post, we’ll delve into their journey, discuss the power of PLR Funnels, and explore their tips for building a successful online business.

Getting Started in Business Together

Paul Counts and Shreya Banerjee joined forces in 2018 after realizing the need for structure and a corporate background in their respective businesses. Paul had been in the industry since 1998, while Shreya, a mechanical engineer by trade, transitioned to online marketing after the birth of her son.

Their partnership brought a unique blend of experience and expertise, enabling them to expand their training courses and even introduce their Marketing Counts curriculum to high schools and colleges across the country.

So, Paul and Shreya’s partnership with ClickFunnels and Russell Brunson came about through their expertise in PLR and their commitment to providing value in the market. Russell had been aware of PLR for years and recognized Paul’s expertise in the field.

PLR Funnels with Russell

PLR Funnels, which stands for Private Label Rights Funnels, have been around since 2004. Paul, being one of the pioneers in this space, recognized the potential of PLR and its ability to fast-track business growth. This allows entrepreneurs to purchase a license to use pre-made content, including products, lead magnets, email sequences, and more.

This eliminates the need to create everything from scratch, making it an ideal solution for those who want to start an online business but don’t have their products to sell.

Together, they brainstormed the idea of PLR Funnels, which offers entrepreneurs a complete business package with 50 ready-to-use funnels, products, and marketing materials. The partnership with ClickFunnels has allowed them to reach a wider audience and provide immense value to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Best piece of advice from Paul Counts and Shreya Banerjee

Paul Counts and Shreya Banerjee shared valuable advice for those looking to start an online business. They emphasized the importance of getting started and not getting caught up in perfectionism. Waiting for everything to be perfect or automated before launching can hinder progress. Instead, focus on providing value, being authentic, and continuously testing and tweaking your funnels.

They also encouraged entrepreneurs to prioritize building their audience through funnels rather than relying solely on social media platforms.

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