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What is a Funnel Return On Investment?

ROI stands for “return on investment” and it refers to the amount of money you make after investing in a particular marketing strategy — in this case, a sales funnel.

To determine your funnel ROI, there will be two elements: how much did you spend on the sales funnel (your investment) and how much are you making because of it (your return).

Why is Your Funnel ROI Important?

In business, pretty much everything hangs on having a healthy ROI.

Think about it — good business is always a matter of investing money to make money. And that’s the same for your sales funnels.

If you have a healthy ROI, then you’ll be making a good deal more money than you invested (also known as profit). Since ROI is critical for business, it’s important that you know the ROI of your sales funnel… that way, you can celebrate its success or try to make necessary improvements.

How to Use Our Free Funnel ROI Calculator

Using our free online sales funnel calculator is really simple. From left to right and then top-down, fill out each section and it’ll auto-calculate how much money your sales funnel is making.

First, enter sales page views and the conversion rate of your first sales page. Then enter sales page purchases and the price of that item. Next is the conversion rate and price of your order bump. And finally, enter your OTO price and conversion rate.

If you don’t use order bump purchases or OTO purchases in your sales funnel, just leave that section empty and we’ll calculate your ROI without it!

How To Improve Your Funnel ROI (3 Tips)

Not satisfied with the ROI of your sales funnel? Here are 3 simple but effective tips for improving it!

1. Use a Proven Template

Trying to build a sales funnel from scratch is pretty darn difficult… especially if you’ve never done it before.

That’s why, at ClickFunnels, we don’t just give our members the software to build high-converting sales funnels, we also give them tested and proven-to-work templates (as well as tons of educational resources for learning how to use those templates effectively).

You can try us 14 days for free over here!

2. Start With a Bribe

If you’re driving cold traffic to your sales funnel, then you probably don’t want to go into your high-ticket offer.

It’s a good idea to start with a lower barrier to entry (either a free resource or a very inexpensive product) and then upsell them later in the funnel to the real product that you’re trying to sell.

This is what we do in our Tripwire Funnel, for example, and it’s crazy effective.

3. Consider Traffic Temperature

The way that your sales funnel works should be largely influenced by the temperature of the traffic that you’re driving to it?

Are the visitors cold traffic that know next-to-nothing about your business? Or are they people who’ve been on your email list for a long time?

Make sure that you adjust your sales funnel to serve the people who are actually visiting it!

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