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Before (496 x 330)

After (300 x 199)

How to Resize an Image in 3 Easy Steps (Without Photoshop®)

1. Upload an image from your computer or mobile device using the above tool

Important to highlight that only certain image file formats are being supported at this stage.

2. Click 'Resize Now' once uploaded

Your image has now been uploaded and is ready to be resized via our free image resizer tool.

3. Wait for delivery! Save Resized Image

When completed, you can save the resized image on your device for easy usage in your projects.

What Is an Image Resizer?

An image resizer is a software tool that easily changes the dimensions of an image. It can be used to increase or decrease the size of images. But it’s important to note that an image can’t be enlarged without sacrificing at least some of its quality. To get the best results with online image resizers, make your images smaller, not bigger.

If you need a larger image, we recommend taking a new photo or creating a new image with larger dimensions. Then you can easily decrease it to the necessary size.

How To Resize Images Online With Our Free Tool

Our free online image resizer is dead-simple to use. And you don’t have to be a ClickFunnels member to access it.

Just choose the image file from your computer that you want to resize (at this time, we support jpg, jpeg, png file types), select the new dimensions of your image, and click “Resize Now.”

We’ll resize your image as closely to your specified dimensions as possible while maintaining the quality and integrity of the image.

Download your new image and you’re good to go!

And come back any time — our tool is 100% free :)

How to Resize Your Images for Any Platform

Every online platform has different dimension requirements for images. A Facebook cover photo, for example, must be 820 x 312. And an Instagram thumbnail must be 161 x 161. The list goes on — LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter, and YouTube have their own size requirements.

We know this can quickly get confusing.

So we’ve built our free online image resizer so that it automatically resizes your image to the correct dimensions for any given platform.

From our “Size” drop-down list, you’ll see a lot of different options.

Just choose whichever platform and type of image you’re trying to optimize and we’ll do the rest.

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