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Recent Episodes With Susan & Ben!

AUG 22, 2023 - Neo Davis is going to take the FHL Stage BY FIRE!

In our recent episode of FunnelHacker TV, we were joined by Nehemiah (Neo) Davis.

As a seasoned entrepreneur with a knack for innovative strategies, Neo brings a refreshing twist to the table. He's joining us twice at Funnel Hacking LIVE, ensuring attendees leave with a TON of value!

Neo shared his experience of being introduced to ClickFunnels and attending Funnel Hacking LIVE for the first time. One year later he earned his first 2CC Award. Since then he's earned over 10 awards.

On stage, Neo will talk about how he has used social media to gain hundreds of thousands of followers and he'll share his expertise on leveraging PAID Challenges and his complete Challenge framework.

If Neo's insights have piqued your interest, then you won't want to miss Funnel Hacking LIVE IX!

Hear directly from trailblazers like him and unlock strategies to catapult your business to new heights. Tickets are flying off the shelves! Secure yours now and get ready to transform your business paradigm!

AUG 21, 2023 - The Return of Garrett J White to Funnel Hacking LIVE!

In our latest episode of FunnelHacker TV, we were honored to sit down with the dynamic Garrett J. White, the mastermind behind the Wake Up Warrior Movement.

Having authored bestsellers like the "Warrior Book" & "BE THE MAN", and hosting chart-topping podcasts like Warrior On Fire and Date Your Wife, Garrett's influence in the world of business and personal growth is undeniable.

What's even more remarkable is that Garrett stands as the only individual, apart from Russell, to grace the Funnel Hacking LIVE stage since its beginnings in 2015. And guess what? He's gearing up to return for FHL 9! Garrett is all set to unveil his exclusive framework for "the FIRE".

Garrett will be speaking on stage TWICE this year. For the first time, Russell has invited Garrett to speak on business. He'll be revealing the strategy he has been using for 2 years that blew Russell away when he first learned about it.

Now Russell is implementing this strategy into all of his coaching programs and Garrett is coming to the stage to show you exactly how to do it.

Excited to witness Garrett's energy and gain insights firsthand? There's only one place to do it: Funnel Hacking LIVE IX!. Tickets are flying off the shelves, so act fast and secure yours now! Let's ignite that FIRE together! 🔥🎟️

AUG 19, 2023 - Kathryn Jones is Revealing her JV Strategies at FHL!!!

In our latest episode of FunnelHacker TV, we had Kathryn Jones join us!!

Kathryn has been invited to speak at Funnel Hacking LIVE for the third time!

Starting with the launch of CF Design School, Kathryn faced challenges with traditional traffic sources. However, she discovered the power of Joint Ventures.

Instead of the usual tactics, she introduced a fresh, systematic approach that skyrocketed her first product to over $1MM in sales.

Whether you're at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey or deep into it, Kathryn's insights are golden.

If you're pumped to learn from the best, grab your ticket to Funnel Hacking LIVE 2023. Tickets are flying off the shelves, and those exclusive bonuses? They won't be around for long. Secure yours now before they're gone! 🎟️🚀

AUG 18, 2023 - REVEALED: Ben Hardy's Topic At Funnel Hacking LIVE!!

On the recent FunnelHacker TV episode, we were thrilled to host Dr. Ben Hardy, an organizational psychologist whose teachings on transformational psychology are simply groundbreaking.

With a plethora of books under his belt, Dr. Hardy's insights on identity transformation, leadership, and exponential growth strategies have been transformational for countless entrepreneurs.

Many dream of doubling their company's growth, but here's a surprising revelation: achieving 10X growth might be easier than a 2X bump! You might be scratching your head, thinking 10X growth equates to 10 times the effort.

However, Dr. Hardy shatters this myth, showcasing that it's all about leveraging the four key freedoms: time, money, relationships, and purpose.

If this has lit a spark in you, get your ticket to Funnel Hacking LIVE IX to see Ben and the other speakers on stage!

Secure your spot now, and get ready to skyrocket your growth! Hurry, tickets are selling out fast, and those awesome bonuses? They're vanishing soon. Grab yours and let's go 10X together!

AUG 17, 2023 - Stu McLaren is Returning to the FHL Stage!!!

Announcing Stu McLaren as a speaker at Funnel Hacking LIVE IX!

In this episode, we welcomed special guest Stu McLaren, an expert in continuity programs and long-time friend of Russell Brunson.

This Funnel Hacking LIVE will be Stu's fourth time speaking on the FHL stage.

Stu recounted the first time that Russell created a continuity offer at the direction of a video that Stu sent him. Russell took immediate action that resulted in a big jump in revenue.

Then we heard about Stu's first experience attending FHL and his thoughts on the electric energy and buzz of the event, and seeing entrepreneurs sharing ideas, networking, and learning.

Stu showed off his new Linchpin book which contains a peek at what he'll be speaking on stage about... how to get people to stay in your continuity program and ascend to your other offers.

You don't want to miss Funnel Hacking LIVE IX! Get your ticket now:

AUG 16, 2023 - McCall Jones is Speaking at Funnel Hacking LIVE!!

On our latest episode of FunnelHacker TV we talked about Linchpin, Pirates, and Heroes....

First, we chatted about Russell Brunson's new (and highly-anticipated) book called "Linchpin." It's like a secret playbook that made ClickFunnels super big, super fast. Russell only told his close friends about this, but now he's letting everyone know! Get yours at

Then, we peeked into what Russell and his Category Kings and Atlas members are up to at Pirates Cove this week. They are deep into masterminding, but also having a blast together.

Next up, there's some exciting news about Funnel Hacking LIVE 2023. We showed a cool new video and guess what? In the next several episodes we'll be bringing on some heavy hitters that are speaking at Funnel Hacking LIVE (Ben dropped some names). They'll be giving more incredible bonuses but, you gotta grab your tickets soon if you want in on those goodies. Get your ticket now at

Lastly, we gave a big shoutout to some awesome #FunnelHackers. One shared an AI prompt for webinars, another launched 17 funnels, and one asked for advice to a very common objection that service providers face often... and you all showed up!

Catch it all in this episode of FunnelHacker TV with Ben Moote and Susan Leonardson!

AUG 15, 2023 - The Linchpin Book is OUT!

In this episode of FunnelHacker TV we see why Russell has left the office again and the upcoming Funnel events that you need to know about...

First, we brought back another round of Trivia & Treasures.. this time for a little trivia about Expert Secrets.

Next, Ben and Susan talk about where Russell has run off to again...
Russell's at Pirates Cove in Nevada for the annual Atlas and Category Kings mastermind! While they dive deep into their latest business ventures, it’s not all work — families join in, and it's a combo of sun, fun, and strategic masterminding!

Another event happening next week is the Magnetic Marketing: Your Inflation Survival Guide on Aug 16th Inflation proof your business. Sign up for the masterclass for free at

During Hacker Heroes, we highlight a post in the Your First Funnel Community where Mother Nature threw a curveball, and a tornado hit a fellow #funnelhacker's brick and mortar business. See the story and what happened that saved their business.

FHL Bonus Breakdown! 🎁
Thinking of securing your seat at Funnel Hacking Live 2023? Ben unveils the jaw-dropping speaker bonuses you'll snag with your ticket.

Get your ticket now ->

Dive in for an episode packed with updates and fun! 🚀

AUG 10, 2023 - Pirates Cove, Tornado's and Upcoming Events...

In this episode of FunnelHacker TV we see why Russell has left the office again and the upcoming Funnel events that you need to know about...

First, we brought back another round of Trivia & Treasures.. this time for a little trivia about Expert Secrets.

Next, Ben and Susan talk about where Russell has run off to again...
Russell's at Pirates Cove in Nevada for the annual Atlas and Category Kings mastermind! While they dive deep into their latest business ventures, it’s not all work — families join in, and it's a combo of sun, fun, and strategic masterminding!

Another event happening next week is the Magnetic Marketing: Your Inflation Survival Guide on Aug 16th Inflation proof your business. Sign up for the masterclass for free at

During Hacker Heroes, we highlight a post in the Your First Funnel Community where Mother Nature threw a curveball, and a tornado hit a fellow #funnelhacker's brick and mortar business. See the story and what happened that saved their business.

FHL Bonus Breakdown! 🎁
Thinking of securing your seat at Funnel Hacking Live 2023? Ben unveils the jaw-dropping speaker bonuses you'll snag with your ticket.

Get your ticket now ->

Dive in for an episode packed with updates and fun! 🚀

AUG 9, 2023 - Christopher Vos is Speaking at Funnel Hacking LIVE!!!

Ever think saying "thank you" could change your life?

For one attendee of Funnel Hacking Live 2018, that's exactly what happened! After diving deep into the ClickFunnels community, he began a journey of gratitude that would lead to the creation of 'The ROR Method'.

A powerful strategy that not only built him authentic relationships with industry giants but even saved his life.

From brand strategies to personal mentoring, he's utilized this method to build bridges, cultivate partnerships, and elevate businesses.

Ready to uncover the method and the magic behind it? Well, we've got the inside scoop. But the real goodies? You'll have to catch him on the FHL 2023 stage. Don't miss out, get your ticket to Funnel Hacking Live now!

AUG 8, 2023 - New Training Series, CF Radio & Teasers...

Our special guest, Laura Demetrius joined us today!

First a reminder - 2CCX award deadline is tomorrow.

ClickFunnels Ambassadors are offering a free training series this week - Build A Business in CF 2.0! Watch them create a faux business from scratch this week LIVE in the ClickFunnels Offiicial Facebook group.

Then we talk about Russell - he was in Africa and the Middle East!

Did you hear? ClickFunnels Radio has been relaunched with Laura and Chris. Hear stories and strategies from ClickFunnels users that will inspire you and help you succeed in your business.

Laura does the user Spotlight interviews too! Catch those on Youtube.

Oh and we showed off one of Tim’s hilarious feature update videos… sooooo funny!

AUG 3, 2023 - Setema Gali is Speaking at Funnel Hacking LIVE!!!

In today's super-charged episode, we're hanging out with the phenomenal Setema Gali - a Super Bowl Champion, Best-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, and a true comeback king!

Once upon a time, Setema had it all - a Super Bowl ring, a thick bank account, and a global property portfolio. But in the 2008 crisis he lost almost everything. Yet, he rose from the proverbial ashes, rebuilt, and is now crushing it with a multi-million dollar coaching business.

Watch as Setema shares his powerful journey from being "bankrupt, depressed, and selling his prized Super Bowl ring"... to building the empire he commands today.

He is a shining example that no matter how hard you hit rock bottom, there's always a way back up.

Tune in to hear Setema's riveting story and pick up some pro tips on resilience, grit, and the art of the comeback.

And hey, don't forget to grab your tickets for Funnel Hacking LIVE 2023 to catch more of Setema's wisdom in person!

AUG 2, 2023 - Doug Boughton, Dream Car & 2CC Winner, is Speaking at FHL!!

Once a struggling restaurant server, Doug swiftly raced into the online business world and bagged the coveted ClickFunnels Dream Car Winner title within just two months of going full-time online!

And his success didn't stop there! He later generated over $100,000 in affiliate commissions, wiping out his entire student loan debt, and growing his business in a year to win the Two Comma Club Award!

Imagine handing over a student loan payoff notice to your mom - Doug made that a reality!

Now, as the CEO & Founder of Fulltime Freedom Academy, Doug is on a mission to make client acquisition a breeze for online entrepreneurs.

Join us to learn from Doug's success journey and discover how he plans to deliver an explosive talk at Funnel Hacking LIVE 2023!

And don't wait around, folks! Funnel Hacking LIVE 2023 tickets are flying off the virtual shelves!

Secure yours and gear up for insights from Doug and many more incredible speakers!

AUG 1, 2023 - Bridger & Mason are our Next FHL Speakers!!!

Today's episode is a thrilling ride with none other than Bridger Pennington, the mastermind behind 'FundLaunch', a company he runs with his partner, Mason Vranes.

Bridger's redefining the game with his unique approach to short, sharp Dramatic Demonstrations that tap into what's hot and trending in the market right now.

In this exciting episode, Bridger gives us a tantalizing sneak peek of what he's bringing to the stage at Funnel Hacking LIVE 2023. He teases how his unique approach could be synced with your product or service, creating captivating demonstrations that could skyrocket your sales.

Ready to ignite your audience into a frenzy? Then you can't afford to miss this episode!

And remember, Funnel Hacking LIVE 2023 tickets are selling like hotcakes. Don't miss your chance to see Bridger and the other fantastic speakers!

Join the launch revolution today!

JUL 27, 2023 - Andrea Peer from GeekOut Is Speaking at Funnel Hacking LIVE!!!

Today, we're super excited to hang out with the awesome Andrea Peer!

Andrea is a seasoned User Experience Strategist, Designer, and Researcher, and a co-founder of GeekOut.

With an 18-year career in user experience research, product development, and even a Ph.D. in Human Computer Interaction, Andrea is not just about the geeky stuff. She’s committed to helping entrepreneurs (like you!) create out-of-this-world customer experiences. She does this through her signature Journey Crafting Framework and the Geek Formula.

Imagine a formula made by a geek for geeks!

It's all about making ClickFunnels work for YOU and deepening those super important customer relationships.

Not only that, but Andrea and her team have centered their agency around the Linchpin framework that will be the overarching theme Funnel Hacking LIVE 2023.

Join us for this fun-filled episode, as we unravel the geeky magic behind Andrea's work and discover what's bringing her to the Funnel Hacking LIVE 2023 stage!

Don't forget, Funnel Hacking LIVE 2023 tickets are selling fast! Grab your ticket TODAY to hear from Andrea and a host of other amazing speakers in person!

JUL 26, 2023 - Ryan Lee & Brad Gibb on Movement Creation (and FHL)!!!

Today, we are thrilled to introduce Brad Gibb and Ryan Lee, Founders of Cashflow Tactics and stalwarts of the Inner Circle/Category King for the past six years, and shining examples of a remarkable entrepreneurial journey!!

Starting off as greenhorn entrepreneurs, Brad and Ryan faced their fair share of struggles. But through determination, they successfully built a significant MOVEMENT that turned their fortunes around.

In this thrilling episode, they walk us through their 'call to adventure', sharing their transformative journey from marketing novices to leading a powerful MOVEMENT in the financial sector. Their tale is one of grit, growth, and relentless pursuit of success.

Brad and Ryan's story offers a wealth of insights, whether you're just starting your business journey or navigating its complex stages.

They've been where you are and their inspiring journey is bound to resonate with you, providing valuable lessons for your next steps.

Get your tickets for Funnel Hacking LIVE 2023 to hear more from such incredible leaders like Brad and Ryan!

JUL 25, 2023 - Fighting Trolls with FHL Speaker Miranda Pearce!!!

Get ready for another episode as we sit down with the dynamic Miranda Pearce, a 7-figure e-learning business owner who has turned adversity into opportunity over & over again!

Miranda, a proud recipient of three Two Comma Club awards, is no stranger to the trials of entrepreneurship. She and her husband, Dr. Tim Pearce, launched a successful Med Spa and training school back in 2008, but like many businesses, they faced an uncertain future when the British lockdown hit in 2020.

The unexpected twist?

Just before the lockdown, Miranda had attended Funnel Hacking LIVE. With fresh knowledge and a fighting spirit, she turned their brick-and-mortar business into a thriving e-learning platform, breaking the $1m sales mark in just four months!

But her journey didn't stop there. When an online troll tried called her the worst of things, something snapped into place and Miranda tackled it head-on, sparking a powerful revelation: trolls can actually generate free traffic, providing you with a ready-made adversary to target.

See what Miranda's message will be at Funnel Hacking LIVE, and see her Special Bonus for those who grab their tickets!

Secure your tickets and bonuses today to hear the most recent, powerful strategies working for #funnelhackers today, including speakers like Miranda Pearce!

it's time to welcome in the haters and turn them into your stepping stones to success!

JUL 20, 2023 - Russell's Family is in Kenya!!

FHL coming really fast! With all of the speaker updates, the hotel rooms are filling up - so get your tickets soon!

...Oh, did you know that Russell is currently in KENYA!?!

Every time you create a funnel that gets 100 clicks to it, we donate $1 to Village Impact with Amy & Stu McLaren! So Russell usually heads to Kenya to see the schools Village Impact is building!

But this year, he's brought the whole family!

Make sure you're following him on Social Media to see where he's going next!!

We dive deep into:
 - Russell's newest podcast episodes on The Linchpin
 - ClickFunnels Radio's newest episode with Doug Boughton
 - Posts from the ClickFunnels Group
 - Award Winners
 - User Spotlights
...and more!

But we end today talking about the power of DOING and how to do it well with a special "Funnelhacking with Susan" and she shares her newest launch experience!

Don't miss all the juicy details!

JUL 19, 2023 - 🔥Ben Kjar at FHL - Unleash Your Inner Victor!🔥

We've got Ben Kjar, the man who turned adversity into triumph, hitting the Funnel Hacking LIVE stage this year!!

Born with Crouzons syndrome, Ben didn't let life's curveballs stop him. He became Utah Valley University's first-ever NCAA Division 1 Wrestling All-American, trained and a global motivational speaker.

Last year, Ben attended FHL for the first time, and Russell asked him to speak THIS year so he can share his energy, his resilience, his "be a victor, not a victim" mantra.

Hear how Ben is preparing for his time on stage, and how he's living life to the fullest (even running with the bulls just last week)!!

Secure your ticket to Funnel Hacking LIVE NOW so you can write your victory stories with us at FHL!

And don't miss Ben's bonus in the members area once you grab your ticket!!

JUL 18, 2023 - Kevin Anson on the KEYS to Video Advertising...

Allow us to introduce Kevin Anson, the master editor behind the first 100 Funnel Hacker TV episodes and our current, revolutionary video ads designer!

And Speaker at Funnel Hacking LIVE IX!!

Kevin is not just your average professional video ad creator, because his Video Ad Formula is a game-changer in the industry!

Wondering how you can possibly attract more of 'your people' to your business through engaging content that connects with and draws in your target audience?

Kevin is preparing to share his nine unique ways to create compelling video ads to help you efficiently funnel people towards your business, thereby building a loyal customer base that identifies with what your brand stands for.

The best part? They are SIMPLE to create, and rather than paying anywhere from $1,000 to $100,000 to create a video ad, these require nothing more than your own smartphone!

PLUS he's providing a bonus for all FHL Ticket Holders that will BLOW your socks off!!

Grab your Funnel hacking LIVE tickets before the room blocks sell out so you can be a part of the adventure every step of the way!

And checkout Kevin's bonus in the replay!!

JUL 13, 2023 - The Funnel Builder Webinar starts in...

We had 2 new speakers that were announced this week. Catch the replays at FunnelHacker.TV.

Later today, there’s a webinar for future Funnel Builders. Ever wanted to offer your skills to ClickFunnels users? You REALLY need to be there and learn how to become certified.

Then we went into the ClickFunnels Facebook group and showed off an awesome, inspiring post from a group member. Thanks for sharing your story, Jennifer!

Quick reminder about our Spotlight interviews on Youtube - we just released a new one! Go take a look!

Next Susan and I wanted to highlight some cool new updates to CF 2.0 - Setting up emails is WAAAAY easier now. There’s also some awesome new email newsletter templates!!! AND that’s not all - we show off several other cool new changes in CF 2.0.

JUL 12, 2023 - Dramatic Webinars with FHL Speaker Tim Shields!!!

Funnel Hacking LIVE 2023 is about to get a whole lot more dramatic with the addition of our latest speaker - Tim Shields!

He has captured the world's beauty through his lens, now get ready to witness Tim, the founder of Photography Academy, bring his vision to the FHL stage! He's turned his passion for landscape photography into a thriving online empire, earning him not one, not two, but FOUR 2CC awards and he just applied for the 2CCX award!

Tim gave us a glimpse of his journey in which he hosted the world's first live photography webinar from the edge of the Grand Canyon, and again from the Rocky Mountains, and the sand dunes of Death Valley,

At FHL 2023, Tim will be shedding light on how he puts the DRAMA in Dramatic Demonstrations which has gained him a huge increase in webinar optins and sales.

This is a golden opportunity to learn from a self-made success story, so don't miss out! Grab your FHL tickets now and gear up to be inspired by Tim Shields and many more outstanding speakers!

JUL 11, 2023 - Bari Baumgardner Shares FHL Secrets as a Speaker!!!

The excitement doesn't stop as we reveal another brilliant speaker for Funnel Hacking LIVE 2023!

Give it up for Bari Baumgardner, a powerhouse in using LIVE events to skyrocket high-ticket sales!
We caught up with Bari to delve into her journey with ClickFunnels and get a sneak peek of her presentation.

For the first two Funnel Hacking Lives we didn't have Bari, but the minute Bari was hired to help with the event, it changed forever. Bari is the secret as to why ClickFunnels is able to spend $5 million dollars making Funnel Hacking Live the greatest business event ever.

Bari will be unveiling her transformative LIVE Event Scale Framework at FHL 2023. You'll get a front-row seat to learn how to masterfully sell your high-ticket offers - an opportunity you don't want to miss!

Funnel Hacking LIVE tickets are flying off the shelves - secure yours today for a chance to soak in Bari's wisdom and skyrocket your sales!

JUL 10, 2023 - Webinars, CF RADIO RETURNS and much more!!

We’re SUPER busy this week! So here's how to keep ahead of the 'FOMO'...

This Thursday is our Funnel Builder Webinar for anyone who's wanting to become a Funnel Builder!

(and if you're looking for a builder, checkout our “speed dating” events every other Friday)

Also, our podcast ClickFunnels Radio is BACK!! Laura Demetrious & Chris Cameron take the mics with Russell in their first podcast - don't miss it!

Russell's been at Bear Lake with his family, but he JUST got back and he's jammin' to "The Strangest Secret", sharing stories from Earl Nightingale on the Marketing Secrets podcast and preparing for a week of value...

Because 2CCX & Inner Circle members can jump-start the newest Linchpin curriculum LIVE on Wednesday!

Plus 2.0 is getting MASSIVE support inside the community from Jaime Smith & Wynter Jones (including a "CF Classic" to "CF 2.0" transfer tool and more!!)

Plus with User Spotlights on the ClickFunnels YouTube channel, Ambassadors going live DAILY in the ClickFunnels Group with demos, tutorials and live q&a...

There's a lot you can miss - so get the scoop!!

JUL 6, 2023 - Welcome To The FHL Stage, Eric Thayne!!!

From MIP to the Inner Circle and now to FHL!!!

Eric Thayne is coming to the stage Once Again!!

After giving a KILLER presentation at MIP, Russell not only asked him to speak to the Inner Circle, but to do RUSSELL'S short form videos!

Today he's a video producer creating short form videos for influencers and business owners...

...but that's not how he started.

Get the formula to scale your visibility and sales online using short form media with Eric Thayne!!

(and just a hint, his bonus is CRAZY!!)

Hear Eric share his tips and bonus!

and don't forget to secure your ticket to Funnel Hacking LIVE!!

JUL 5, 2023 - Cathy Yoder, the "Air Fryer Queen" & Speaker At FHL IX!!!

FHL is getting closer & closer...

And today, we got to introduce an AMAZING woman who's created an audience and a movement...

(and is leveraging it all with just ONE offer!!)

Introducing Cathy Yoder: The Air Fryer Queen!

And not only does Cathy sell hundreds of cookbooks EACH MONTH, but through her funnel, Google also pays her advertising revenue - sometimes high 6 (and even 7) figures for a SINGLE video that she posts!

AKA - she's getting PAID to promote her funnel...

And she hasn't spent a DIME on paid ads!

Hear her story, how her journey with Russell began, and her biggest tips as you take one step after another in search of Momentum!

make sure to grab your Funnel Hacking LIVE tickets soon!!!

JUL 4, 2023 - Special 4th of July Episode...

The U.S. Declaration of Independence states...

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"

So on this 4th of July, we want to celebrate YOUR pursuit, remember the past and make sure you don't miss a thing...

After showing some "Funnel Hacker TV" history (3 years of 4th of Julys), we relive the groundbreaking of the Atlas Library! We were so excited to see Joe Vitale speak on the books that most moved him.

Oh, and did you miss the recent PLR webinar!?! We'll explain what PLR means and how you can use it to grow your business to new levels!

With even more news, like the most recent user spotlight with Camila Markson, CF 2.0 updates and Geru's new tricks, we had SO much fun!!

Happy 4th of July everyone!

JUN 29, 2023 - Introducing FHL Speaker Dominick Pirone!!!

We announced another speaker for FHL!

From only being able to see ONE DAY of Funnel Hacking LIVE his first year, to speaking on the stage 5 years later!

This 2CCX and Inner Circle Member shares his story with us - you’ve got to hear it!

Welcome to the FHL Speakers - Dominick Pirone!

First we talk about FHL, from his first to his now FUTURE presentation, and how impactful attending FHL has been for him.

Then, we go some POWER TIPS about how he segments his audience and how he utilizes AI for his funnels and ads.

And no joke, he is giving away an A-mazing bonus when you grab your ticket...

Funnel Hacking Live is coming real fast so grab your ticket today and stay tuned for more updates and announcements!

JUN 28, 2023 - Russell Announces FHL Speakers!!


Susan stormed the ClickFunnels HQ...

And Russell joined us LIVE to announce not just 1 or 2 more speakers...

But 8 NEW Speakers that will be in stage at Funnel Hacking LIVE this year!!!

Listen in to hear summaries about:
 - Kathryn Jones
 - Doug Boughton
 - Andrea Peer
 - Christopher Vos
 - Jody Moore
 - Tim Shields
 - Miranda Pearce
 - Dominick Pirone

FHL is coming soon and filling up fast so be sure to get your ticket if you haven't already!

(this one was FUN!! enjoy!)

JUN 27, 2023 - Funnel Hacking LIVE Speaker - Steve Larsen!!!

How exciting is this!?

During the run up to Funnel Hacking LIVE, we're speaking with EACH SPEAKER LIVE!!

And today, we announced one of the few FHL speakers who's spoken multiple times, Steve J Larsen!

Not only did he talk about HOW he got started, but he gave us an idea of what he’ll be talking about at Funnel Hacking LIVE!

(Plus - did you know Steve is co-authoring a book with Russell?)

Steve has a wealth of knowledge on offers, marketing and entrepreneurship.

Are you looking forward to hearing more from Steve? We sure are!!

Watch below and make sure to grab your tickets for FHL this year before they're sold out!!

(and grab Steve's special bonus!!)

JUN 23, 2023 - The Atlas Center Groundbreaking (FULL Behind The Scenes) event... want to see what happened!? 😉

Russell has now officially BROKEN GROUND on the Atlas Research Center!

Everyone who purchased a seat was invited!

They got a private tour of the collection...

...full access to even the most expensive items...

...meals, buses, speeches and so much more!

(and we show you the inside)


JUN 22, 2023 - Ground-Raising to Ground-Breaking!!

It’s really happening!

First, Russell JUST got back from doing a podcast IN THE AIR!!!

And tomorrow, we have the “groundbreaking” for Russell’s Atlas Research Center: a brand new library and event center here in Boise, right next to the ClickFunnels Office.

Plus, there's LOTS of new stuff heading your way, from...
 - Ambassador Weekly
 - FHL Announcements
 - and more events!!

First, in the ClickFunnels Facebook Community there's a new place to get your 2.0 questions answered by our official ClickFunnels Ambassadors!!

They go live every Wednesday at 11am MST. Put it on your schedule & join the mastermind call!

And with Funnel Hacking LIVE coming so soon, we're about to be SQUASHED with updates, so expect a change in our FHTV formats coming soon...

You don't want to miss it!

JUN 20, 2023 - LIVE with Jaime Smith as we Hack CF 2.0!!

Have you heard of CF Pro Tools?

We have Jamie Smith, the creator of CF Pro Tools with us on episode 19 of Funnel Hacker TV! He’s built over 87 coding “hacks” from CF Pro Tools directly into ClickFunnels 2.0!

You’re going to love hearing about all of the NEW features and abilities that you can use right now for CF 2.0 (and classic).

Plus, we chat about Funnel Hacking LIVE (because we're only 99 days left until Funnel Hacker Live 2023!!!)!

We reflect on our first experiences at past FHLs and we hope to see you there too!

Oh and later this week… Russell will have a groundbreaking ceremony for his NEW LIBRARY!

(make sure to comment if you want an 'after party' breakdown with Ben & Susan)

JUN 15, 2023 - Recap of Russell's last 4 launches (using the Linchpin)...

In today’s FHTV, we thought we’d start with a swag giveaway and there were several people that answered correctly!

Before we talked about Linchpin, we previewed the most recent Spotlight interview with agency owner, Ryan McCrary. It's live NOW on the ClickFunnels Youtube channel!

So, did you know that Russell has been working on a new (secret) book??? It’s called “Linchpin” and it’s a strategy that Russell has been using in his funnels.

Russell gave it to everyone who went Mastermind in Paradise this last time, and there's no timeline on when it will be publicly available...

...But what is it?

Susan and I take a look at the events we've been able to see 'behind-the-scenes' on, including Magnetic Marketing Challenge, Challenge Secrets Masterclass and Supplement Secrets funnels to explain some of the basics of the Linchpin strategy.

There’s FAR more to this strategy than we can review, but Russell will sharing it all, in depth, at FHL!

See the speakers & topics for FHL IX (which is almost 100 days away)! And remember, there’s limited space so don’t wait too long! Sign up for Funnel Hacking LIVE 2023

(and don't forget to watch the replay!)

JUN 13, 2023 - 2.0 Hack-A-Thon in Canton with Laura Demetrious!!

FunnelHacker TV is back in Canton!

In the Canton, Georgia office we had almost half of our dev team represented as the team introduced the plan for the ClickFunnels future.

With over 20 dev team members, including Product Engineers, Directors and leaders from all over the world (literally).

This entire week is a hack-a-thon and they're synergizing & building the next level of ClickFunnels 2.0!

PLUS we brought on Laura Demetrious who's been releasing multiple User Spotlights every week! We talked about everything she's touched, her current role as Director of Communications to the expanded opportunities you'll be hearing about soon!

Then, in true 'hack-a-thon' style, we had to show you what's new in 2.0!!

Watch & comment what you want MOST inside ClickFunnels 2.0! 

JUN 8, 2023 - FunnelHacker TV: Russell's Supplement Secrets

A few years ago, Susan & Ben watched as Russell dropped 40 pounds and unlocked energy and focus we hadn't seen before.

Today, Russell revealed EXACTLY how he did it!

These are his best bio-hacks, the actual facts after spending $3,500/month on supplements (not to mention even more on consultations, biohacking equipment & more).

This is an excellent opportunity to see Russell build a Linchpin-style business LIVE at

After we talked about this (in detail), we highlighted YOU - our amazing ClickFunnels community members, and gave the newest highlights for Funnel Hacking LIVE!

Don't miss all the news & details!

JUN 6, 2023 - The Marketplace with Lee Chapman!!

Have you ever wanted the secret to getting quality and verified funnel builders that deliver? To give you the keys to your next funnel builder (or funnel building gig), we've brought on Lee Chapman to show off the Funnel Builder Marketplace!

This 100% free resource is the best kept secret for ClickFunnels Entrepreneurs and Funnel Builders!

See how all of the systems work, how the get the fast-track to reaching your goals with people who are looking for you and are ready to move forward!

Plus we cover the most recent news to make sure you're on top of everything that's happened (and is coming soon)...

Watch the entire episode and find what you're looking for at

JUN 2, 2023 - Atlas Research Center Reveal

In this episode, join Ben and Susan as they delve into the Atlas Research Center Reveal, hosted by Russell Brunson. They reminisce about the moment they first discovered Russell's unique passion for collecting rare and historical books and his intriguing plans for this collection.

They relive their favorite moments from the reveal when Russell was showing several of the books in his collection, including the first book that started the obsession, the most expensive and rare book he's ever purchased, several books from his Napoleon Hill collection including an unpublished manuscript, and other books.

Next, they talked about the Atlas Research Center virtual walkthrough and what will be coming over the next few years after the groundbreaking on June 23rd.

It wouldn't be a Russell Brunson event without an offer, so ben and Susan give a brief overview of Russell's million dollar offer in a ClickFunnels 2.0 funnel designed to mimic the feel of a Kickstarter-page.

They wrapped up the episode expressing their excitement and what this project personally means to them and entrepreneur community.

MAY 30, 2023 - Russell Reveals ALL!! FHL Speakers, Atlas & More...

On this episode, Susan & Ben cover the news of all the events and announcements around the ClickFunnels community and Russell Brunson…

Starting with the Secrets of Success event coming up where Russell will show the world the project he's been working on for the Atlas Research Center, the future library/museum that will house all the incredible books Russell has been collecting.

Next we covered the Funnel Builder Marketplace Speed Dating event for those looking to hire a funnel builder or who want to be hired.

In our Community segment, we recapped Russell's wrestling video posts he dropped on his profile over the weekend that powerfully show the grit and determination needed to be a #funnelhacker.
We also highlighted some of the recent User Spotlight videos on the ClickFunnels YouTube channel showcasing every day ClickFunnels users.

We ended by highlighting the FHL Speaker Announcement live that happened on Friday, and talking about some of the FHL speakers as well as the voting campaign going on to vote for who will fill the final speaker spot.

Catch the FHL 2023 video that ClickFunnels dropped at the end of the episode. We loved the part about Garret J. White.

MAY 25, 2023 - FHL Speakers & 2.0 Funnel Migration!!

How different is 2.0's editor... really?

Susan reveals all as she re-builds the DotCom Secrets Funnel step-by-step...

Get some inside secrets on building, including chrome extensions, style guide tips and more!

Plus we cover all the things you do NOT want to miss that's happening at ClickFunnels HQ!

Checkout the full breakdown now!

MAY 23, 2023 - Community Highlights & Secrets...

The community is out-doing themselves this week (and we got to highlight YOU!)

From new 3rd party integrations like Hyros...

To the most helpful posts, comments and more!

Watch as we highlight what's new in the ClickFunnels community, reminders about things leaving soon and a couple of secrets from the inside you don't want to miss!

Watch it now!

MAY 18, 2023 - Day 3 and 4 of the Challenge Secrets Masterclass...

Doesn't matter if you're a beginner OR if you're a Challenge & Funnel Nerd...

THESE are the highlights that take you to the next level.

During the training, Bari Baumgardner said that you may be just starting or looking for that, "small hinge that opens the door wider."

Hear not only the highlights of the event...

But the secrets we're seeing to help you up-level your next event!

Let's Go!

MAY 16, 2023 - Insights From The Challenge Secrets Masterclass...

The Challenge Secrets MASTERCLASS is ON!

(don't miss it)

Watch as we discuss the highlights and insights from Day 1 & Day 2 of the 5-Day Challenge from Pedro Adao & Russell Brunson.

These are our biggest take-a-ways so far (plus insights from you as we were live)!

Watch - Comment - And Don't Miss It!

MAY 11, 2023 - Your Funnel Builder Shortcut!

Where do you find Funnel Builders?

Post in the Facebook Group and you'll be inundated with people that you can't vet (and DMs you never asked for).

While we work to make the community more comfortable and less focused on self-promotion, we've created a place Just For YOU to find people who are pre-vetted and you can trust!

Checkout the Funnel Builder Marketplace!

Plus, we update you on BRAND NEW ClickFunnels 2.0 updates and EVENTS you do not want to miss!

Get the entire behind-the-scenes in this episode of FunnelHacker TV!

MAY 9, 2023 - Russell Heads to the Canton Office!

Russell came to the Canton Office in Georgia!

Todd, Russell and the dev team leaders all met for a planning & hackathon session (and we've got the inside deets)!

PLUS hear what's new with the ClickFunnels Ambassador program (and how to get a private invite)...

We cover everything you don't want to miss, including highlights from community members who are actively giving in the FB Group!

(that could be YOU!)

Check it out!

MAY 4, 2023 - On The INSIDE Of Dan Kennedy Week!

What is Dan Kennedy like in person?

This week Dan Kennedy has been in the office for 3 consecutive days, teaching, coaching and mingling.

From Affiliate Coaching to the "Renegade Millionaire Mastermind" program from Magnetic Marketing, Dan has been busy!

Hear the inside scoop on what was taught, including the insights and the value-adds from both masterminds.

(plus a special gift from Russell to the Renegade Group)

See everything from behind-the-scenes with us!

MAY 2, 2023 - Event Updates, Community and More with Rachel Miller!

Welcome Our Special Guest: Rachel Miller!

Because there have been events-on-events and the event roll-out seems to just keep continuing, we figured we'd give you a quick overview of the past... a tease for what's coming next!

And since Rachel Miller, the Community Queen, happened to be in the room for a special Affiliate Event with Dan Kennedy, we asked if she'd be on!

(and boy did she drop a lot of gold)

Don't miss what's coming next, cool community highlights and insights from Rachel Miller!

APR 27, 2023 - Highlighting the Community with Danny Walsh!

Today’s episode had a Special Guest: Danny Walsh!

Danny talked about everything “Community” including some ideas for the ClickFunnels community.

And while we don’t do ‘interview-style’ discussions on FunnelHackerTV, we did highlight several “User Spotlights” on the YouTube channel, including Danny’s. 😉

Plus a few community highlights, from…
- Russell’s success at the Las Vegas Wrestling Tournaments…
- One man who wore his swag and got 3 high ticket clients…
- A community member who’s dedicated to win it…
- And a story from Ben about ‘Perceived Backlash’

Then we ended with an ‘accidental tease’ of what’s coming next.

Don't miss it!

APR 25, 2023 - What You've Missed IN CF2.0...

On this episode, Susan & Ben cover what you’ve been missing in ClickFunnels 2.0…

Now Russell Brunson just did a PULSE the day before with highlights from ClickFunnels 2.0 (specifically Importing Contacts, Share Funnels and much more)

In that live, Russell showed how to actually use each piece…

But there are more updates that weren’t discussed, which we brought up, including:

- 2 New ‘Site’ Themes
- 4 New 3rd Party Integrations
- Phone Validation on Forms
- Sending Customer Invoices
- Simpler Split-Test Creation
…and so much more!

But the fun of the conversation really came around highlighting a few people in the community who shared:
1. How they’d gotten their Two Comma Club Awards
2. Their reaction to opening them (WOAH!)

This ride of being a marketer has it’s ups and downs, and being able to celebrate the whole journey openly is beautiful– and we’re immensely proud of everyone who reaches their goals!

(and if you missed the new free template Russell gave away in his PULSE, check the recap article for Monday’s PULSE here:

APR 20, 2023 - Inside the Inner Circle (part 2)...

Masterminds are the sum of everyone’s BEST, shared openly and with the best of intentions.

…So the take-a-ways were beyond golden.

So we start by recapping Day 1's special surprise speaker - the Movie Script Consultant and Storytelling Genius that spoke almost 10 years ago for one of Russell’s events!

And the Master Storyteller created the perfect storytelling presentation.

(and it was SO good)

We tell you who it is and what he shared. Then for Day 2 at the Inner Circle, we (Susan & Ben) got to listen to everyone share their GIVES and their Requests and we listed out some of our top take-a-ways…

…again, this is the BEST from the Driven - those who are hustling & building because their calling doesn’t sleep (and they barely do too)...

See all of the highlights in under 17 minutes by clicking the button below!

APR 19, 2023 - Inside the Inner Circle (part 1)...

This is our first episode with Susan & Ben and we got to do it from INSIDE the Inner Circle!

In this episode, we got to summarize the first part of Day 1 of the Inner Circle event.

We tell you about how Russell kicked off and went into a brand new piece of the Linchpin.

The Linchpin is THE way, it is THE framework and THE blueprint for every business in Russell’s reach.

He revealed the full process at Funnel Hacking LIVE last year, and since then it’s been the key for every presentation inside his coaching and mastermind groups.

And he shared the stage with…
- Eric Thayne who spoke at the Mastermind in Paradise about Shorts ( good)!
- Neo Davis who shared (practically impromptu) his process to put you in the Top 5 of your niche in 90 days!

Breakouts began right after we recorded - so look for Day 2 for more!

JAN 25, 2023 - Title of the show goes here

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