7 Things That A Digital Marketer Does Every Single Day

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Do you ever wonder how digital marketers spend their day?

Do you imagine them ‘geeking’ out in the office? Or maybe on a laptop lying in a hammock in Hawaii?

I am going to give you a glimpse into their day… you’ll be surprised.

Marketers can have a great outlook on their day as they are usually creative which makes them get a bit easily excited.

The other day, for example, someone suggested (what they thought) was a silly business idea but my mind starting racing at the Facebook campaigns I could do, planning out a sales funnel and website design in my head.

Our minds can get very active at some of the smallest suggestions, but it is how some of the greatest campaigns were created.

Let’s get started on my list of 7 things digital marketers do every single day.

1. Log into Facebook to Check Our Advertising Campaigns and Try Optimize Them


Sometimes this is one of the first things digital marketers will do in the morning, especially if they started a new campaign the day before.

The excitement of a new campaign to see if it has worked or not can keep some digital marketers up at night… just like the night before Christmas!

There is nothing better than a good ‘Eureka’ moment when you log in and find that the theory you split tested has worked.

Digital marketers will then implement this change throughout other relevant Facebook ads and again, sit tight and wait for the results to come in.

2. Respond To Emails That Have Been “Flagged” or Marked “Important” For Too Long

responding to email

We’ve all been there when we have marked an email as flagged or important and thought ‘I’ll get round to that after lunch.’

Then after lunch, you forget and think ‘I’ll get round to that this evening’ and so on and so forth until there comes a time and you think ‘uh-oh that email has been sitting there a while.’

There will come a point for digital marketers when they set to work on tackling those ‘important’ emails.

I always find a good way to tackle them before they even need tackling is to respond with ‘I’ll get back to you’ or ‘I’ll send this, later on, today’, so, at least, the person sending it doesn’t think you have completely and rudely ignored them.

3. Get Excited Over A New Business Idea Or Website And Start Madly Planning It On Your Whiteboard


Image Source: Betty Kincaid

I am also a sucker for this one too as I mentioned at the start of this blog post.

There is something in our digital marketing DNA that makes us pick up that marker and start scribbling away on the whiteboard as soon as someone suggests something of interest.

This doesn’t even have to be for a new business idea or website, you will see digital marketers hitting the whiteboard for organic social media campaign ideas, conversion focused email designs and even ideas for the office Christmas party.

4. Cancel On Going Out With Friends On The Count Of Finishing Your Sales Funnel Email Sequence


Image Source: Duke Entrepreneurship

You will never hear a digital marketer be so quiet until you witness them planning a sales funnel.

Planning sales funnel can sometimes take over your life so much so that you cancel plans with friends or forget to go home.

We think of planning a sales funnel like reading a good book… we just can’t put it down till we have finished it.

I once put aside exam study the night before to plan a sales funnel.

Safe to say the exam didn’t go so well, but the funnel converted like gangbusters!

5. Having Co-Workers Walk Into Your Office To See If You’re Ok Because Your Frustrations With Tools Not Integrating Is Driving You Crazy


I have witnessed some strange goings on in the office in previous years with digital marketers almost tearing their hair out with frustration because they can’t get something to work the way it should do.

From installing a plugin to the WordPress blog or integrating a social login option on the website, sometimes things just don’t go to plan.

Even setting up nasty integrations…so be sure to check on your co-workers and friends from time to time if you start hearing high pitched yelling coming from their office.

6. Spending Way Too Long Making Landing Pages Look Pretty Before Launching Them

Digital marketers can be perfectionists and, therefore, spend way too long on the design of landing pages that needs to be spent.

I mentioned at the start of this blog post that digital marketers are a creative bunch so when it comes to creating landing pages that are the conversion net for all traffic… they can get a little crazy.

Everyone has done this at one time or another in our digital marketing careers, almost always your ugly split test will beat it by a mile.

7. Spending Money On Stationery Which You’ll Probably Only Use Once

This one I’m sure many people can relate to, including those of you who aren’t digital marketers.

I have seen digital marketers have a whiteboard on their desk, on the wall behind them and a mobile whiteboard placed nearby them.

Digital marketers are scribblers, and so a number of notebooks one digital marketer can have are never-ending.

Whiteboards and notebooks are our addiction, and we just can’t help it!

Additionally, this goes double for subscribing to software that looks good when it launches that you don’t need!

Was This What You Expected

There you have it… Seven things digital marketers do every single day. Was it what you expected?

From getting overexcited about new website ideas to getting overly frustrated with integrations, digital marketers can go through a lot of emotions every single day.

Is there anything you find yourself doing every single day?

Feel free to share these things by leaving your comments below.

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  1. So are these things a SUCCESSFUL marketer does?

    Could you suggest how a newbie low on tech knowledge and low on funds could succeed?